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Jerboa III's hut is located on the northwest coast of the Kingdom of Sand. It is a hut belonging to Jerboa III.


Jerboa III's hut is made of wood and has a palm frond roof,[1] and is tucked into a small cove where the water is calm and clear.[2] The territory surrounding the hut is consisted of pebbly beaches that slowly give way to a coastline of yellow-white sand, and the temperature is typically fairly warm.[2] In the shallows of the cove live seaweed,[3] small[4] and silvery[5] fish, and crabs, and the hut is surrounded by palm trees bearing dates[6] and coconuts.[7] The cove is also studded with rocks that protrude out of the water.[8] The beach has a space where bonfires can be lit, and the hut is surrounded by several jars that contain palm oil.[4] There is a large boulder that rests in a shaded space near the tree line,[9] and under the hut, Jerboa is frozen in a block of ice.[10] The wooden flooring above Jerboa is weathered due to Jerboa III replacing the floor several times.[11] It contains a bed of palm fronds, and has a dark interior.[12]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

Jerboa's hut is first seen in the epilogue when Qibli and Moonwatcher travel there due to Moon's vision and meet Luna.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Luna is seen in Jerboa's hut, where Moon and Qibli met her.

The Hive Queen

In the epilogue, Luna and Moon reside in Jerboa's hut, discussing her visions of Pantala.

The Dangerous Gift

Before going to Sanctuary, the LeafWings, SilkWings, and other Pyrrhian dragons stopped by Jerboa's hut for a day.

The Flames of Hope

The Pyrrhia-Pantala Representatives briefly stay at Jerboa III's hut waiting for Lynx before heading to Pantala to fulfill The Lost Continent Prophecy.



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