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Jewel Hive is the easternmost of the nine Hives of Pantala, located between Bloodworm Hive and Wasp Hive on the shore of Dragonfly Bay. Jewel Hive is on the "leg" of the dragon-shaped continent. It is also considered to be the most artistic and musical Hive. It was ruled by Lady Jewel before she became the queen of the HiveWings.


Jewel Hive is described as pretty, even from the outside.[1] As of The Hive Queen, it is covered in pink graffiti against Ex-Queen Wasp. Jewel implied that pink paint is extremely difficult to get out of treestuff, and that she would have pink smudges all over her hive forever now.

Notable Features


The dragons of Jewel Hive host many lavish parties, in which there are drinks served, dancing, and often music playing. Here is a list of known drinks served at said parties.

Known drinks served

  • A bubbly drink that tastes like limes. Cricket remarked that it made her sleepy, indicating that it may have some form of alcohol in it.[2]
  • Dark purple[3] and fuchsia fruit punch.[4]
  • Pale green tea.[5]
  • A fizzy coconut-smelling drink[4]

The dragons of Jewel Hive often bring along their prettiest SilkWings. However, Cricket noted SilkWings were dancing and talking with the HiveWings at a party, showing that the SilkWings and HiveWings in Jewel Hive are more integrated than in the rest of the hives. Due to these parties and celebrations, HiveWings sleep until midday.[6]

Dressing Up

The residents of the Jewel Hive, including the SilkWings, wear fancy, wild outfits. These outfits include capes, headdresses, necklaces, rings, body piercings (earrings), arm sheaths, veils, shawls, and scarves.[7] Cricket, Blue, Swordtail, and Sundew use this to their advantage while they are sneaking around the Hive. Blue leaves strands of his flamesilk as payment for the clothing they take from shopping stalls in the Glitterbazaar.

The Glitterbazaar

The Glitterbazaar is dedicated mostly to shops and shopping. It takes up the entire first three Hive levels, plus an extra area outside the Hive entrance home to shops and tents that had no room inside. The outside area is covered by a silk canopy to keep the wares dry in the rainy season. It is not very sparkly,[8] which is ironic due to its name. Cricket noted that the shops are not organized in any way, merely squeezed into whatever space available.

In the middle of the first floor, there is the Salvation Statue, which is similar to the Salvation Mosaic in Cicada Hive. It depicts a triumphant statue of Queen Wasp, carved in stone with ruby eyes, holding an unrealistically shiny Book of Clearsight to the sky while impaling a LeafWing — an abstract male LeafWing known as "The Enemy" — through the heart (the carotid artery) with one of her wrist stingers. The Salvation Statue stands in the center of a neat circle of grass. It is two times the size of an actual dragon.[9] The Jewel Hive Chrysalis uses it to communicate via a message on a leaf tucked into a crack in the base.[10]

Known Shops

  • Raindrop Scales, owned by Pinacate and featuring "a trillion innovative ideas each year."
  • A music stand selling curved black metal harps and zebra-hide drums
  • A stand with a selection of fruit juices (On the cover)
  • Flamesilk lantern stand (without the flamesilk) selling lanterns shaped like snails, leopards, and birds
  • A stand with capes in shades of sunflower yellow and rose gold with sparkling indigo beetles; translucent scarves and arm sheathes with glittering black markings
  • A jewelry stand with long necklaces of little gold leaves, a "gold-and-jade headdress with so many points and squiggles and sparkles", bejeweled head coverings, a bright blue "shawl-veil-tiara thing", bracelets with dangling leaves, and a pearl necklace
  • A fish shop with sharks (On the cover)
  • A lamp shop (On the cover)
  • A fabric shop with bolts of cloth and rugs (On the cover)
  • A bookshop (On the cover)
  • A bar or restaurant (On the cover)
  • A spice shop (On the cover)
  • A grocery shop selling vegetables and fish (On the cover)
  • A shop selling bracelets and necklaces (On the cover)


The kitchens of the Hive contain counters, potato barrels,[11] and stacks of lemons.[12]


The Library is said to be the biggest library in all the Hives, as it covers a whole Hive level, a few levels above Cadelle's neighborhood, and just above Jewel Hive Nest.[13] It has a large double door entrance, with a small plaza just outside it with a statue of Clearsight reading, surrounded by benches.[14] The library has a central desk with shelves radiating from it and second-floor balconies with aisles of more books. Famous characters are depicted on the walls, and glass and wire sculptures of dragons reading were hung from the high ceiling. Blue silk tapestries with quotes about reading take up the rest of the wall space, and there are columns on the first floor with book drops in them.[15] Blue noted that the library is not as sparkly as the rest of the Hive.[16]

Jewel Hive Nest

The Jewel Hive Nest is a large white dome[17] where all of the HiveWing eggs are kept. Pebbled paths and benches circle it. Inside, green bioluminescent mushrooms are the only source of light.[18] Four tall columns and two cross beams give the dome support, as it is as old as Wasp Hive.

Dragonfly Square

Dragonfly Square is where Cadelle lives. Although it is not the wealthiest neighborhood in Jewel Hive, it is still respectable. It is eight floors above the Glitterbazaar and named after Dragonfly, a hero of the Tree Wars, and there are blue and green dragonfly statues of varying sizes around the streets. There is also a rusty water tower across from Cadelle's house.[19]

Lady Jewel's Palace

Lady Jewel's Palace is known for her prison at the heart of the palace, where dragons mysteriously disappear, and there are rumors of terrible torture. The prison is dark with no windows and a black stone threshold ominously scratched by prisoners being dragged away. It is a large mansion.[20]

The rest of the palace is quite bejeweled with emeralds, tapestries, and glittering ballrooms.

Art Scene

Little is known about the art scene, but Luna always talked about it with Swordtail. It may be an art gallery.


Lady Scarab mentions a ballroom owned by Rootworm, inside the palace. Another ballroom is later mentioned.[20]

Jewel Hive University

Little is known about Jewel Hive University, but Cadelle was mentioned to have taught history there.[21]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen

Cricket, Sundew, Blue, and Swordtail snuck in Jewel Hive and stole a multitude of accessories to disguise themselves. They then walked past a guard and a HiveWing who suggested going to Raindrop Scales, saying that "Pinacate has a trillion ideas." Afterwards, they passed the Salvation Statue and found a clue left by the Chrysalis. Cricket passed by her mother's square, where she briefly remembered how Cadelle taught history at Jewel Hive University. They eventually used the clue to find their location and become their allies. The climax of the book took place at the Hive's nest, where Cricket finds the queen's secret (poisoning the eggs with the breath of evil through her tail stinger) and rescues Bumblebee.

The Poison Jungle

Bryony thought about how less enthusiastic she would have felt burning Jewel Hive rather than Bloodworm Hive.


  • There was continuously a competition about who hires the prettiest SilkWing.[22]
  • Residents of Jewel Hive often speak in a high, slow way.[23]
  • Lady Jewel was less strict about the "no trees allowed" rule.
  • HiveWings living in Jewel Hive might have see SilkWings as equals, since they invited SilkWings to parties.



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