Joy Ang is a freelance artist living in Seattle who was born in Calgary, Canada. She is the illustrator of the official artwork for the ten dragon tribes, found in A NightWing Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia and A Guide to the Dragons of Pantala, as well as the covers of the U.S. Wings of Fire books. She has drawn all of the covers for the main series books, Winglets, and Legends, as well as the bases for each tribe, both the Pantalan dragons and the Pyrrhian tribes. She has worked in the comic and gaming industry and she has recently been creating art for children's books. Her website is In addition, she has a DeviantArt account, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and a YouTube channel. Her birthday is on November 26, 1985.

Education And Careers

In 2007, Joy Ang graduated from Alberta College Of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta with a Bachelor of Design degree. She began to make art with Udon Comics and got into the gaming industry with BioWare.


Book Covers


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  • Her western zodiac Sun sign is Sagittarius, which is ironically a Fire sign like Tui's, which is Leo.
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