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"No! Of course not. I don't know why. But why doesn't matter — what matters is how to protect you so no one realizes it doesn't work on you. You'll have to stay alert for when it happens. We'll find places for you to hide. The good news is she doesn't do it often. I'll keep you safe, Cricket, I promise."
— Katydid to Cricket about Wasp's mind-control, The Hive Queen

Katydid is an adult female HiveWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She is Cricket's mother, the former partner of Malachite, and the daughter of Cadelle. She currently resides in Cicada Hive.


Katydid has a kind face[1] and yellow-orange scales that are freckled with black spots.[2]


Katydid is often sad,[3] but cares deeply for her daughter. Katydid is also protective, as she kept Cricket's secret from her mother and father. She is willing to do most of the housework and is shown to keep her promises, as she took Cricket to the eye doctor to get her glasses when she was three.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Katydid first appears when Queen Wasp originally mind-controls all of the HiveWings into hunting down Blue. Blue and Cricket are hiding in a tunnel connected to a trapdoor in Cricket's school library when Katydid enters, along with Bombardier. Blue notes that Cricket was watching her the whole time and asks who she is. Cricket explains that she is her "sister and best friend." Cricket also references her several times when Blue asks about mind-control, saying that Katydid does not mind it and can remember everything she does while affected. Cricket mentions that Katydid worries about Cricket, unlike the rest of her family and peers.
The Hive Queen
In Cricket's flashback, Cricket says that Katydid is mainly responsible for taking care of her.

Katydid is somewhat of a rule-follower, as she says that Cricket should want to do what the queen says. However, she seems to be willing to break the rules for her "sister," and protects her for four years. Cricket states Katydid would tell her if there was something she should know about and that she would never do any of the bad things she does while under Queen Wasp's influence.

A young Cricket also says that if her life were a book, she would love to read about why Katydid was always sad and how she could fix it.

Katydid is seen talking to Cricket about Scarab, telling her that the lady had burst into her house and taken Katydid away with her to Jewel Hive. She also yelled at Cricket and asked why she had to know everything. She told Cricket that Cadelle and Cricket's father are not her birth parents but not explaining who her parents actually are.

Later, when Cricket and the others are at the party, guards are seen storming Lady Scarab's house, under the impression she has Cricket. Lady Scarab defended herself and said she is not harboring a fugitive but had a guest upstairs sleeping. After a fight nearly broke out, Katydid presented herself and was taken away through the mind-control of Queen Wasp. Cricket later discussed with Scarab about Cricket's origins. Cricket found out that Katydid was her mother and that Wasp wanted to hurt Scarab by forbidding her secretary, Malachite to be with his lover Katydid.
The Poison Jungle
Katydid was briefly mentioned by Cricket, stating that Hawthorn could use his "antidote" to save her mother.



Though Katydid is her daughter, the two did not seem to have a loving relationship with one another. The two grew more distant after Cricket's hatching, with Cadelle moving away from them to avoid punishment.


Katydid is Cricket's mother, and she and Cricket share almost everything with one another.[4] Katydid is the only dragon Cricket loved before escaping Cicada Hive with Blue, and Katydid was the only one of their family who took care of Cricket. Cricket looks forward to seeing her mother, as she is kind to her.[5]


Malachite was Katydid's partner. Queen Wasp forbade their marriage before she took Malachite away and before he knew Cricket existed. Malachite now serves directly under Queen Wasp and is kept under constant mind-control.


Katydid and Lady Scarab have an odd relationship. It is implied that Scarab helped Katydid to get revenge on Wasp, but it seems that deep down, Scarab cares about Katydid, actively defending her from Wasp's soldiers.

Family Tree



"I'm sure she had her reasons! But you're in so much trouble now, Cricket! I don't know how to help. I don't know how to fix it!"
― to Cricket worriedly (The Hive Queen, page 110)

"The queen has been mind-hopping all over the Hives, looking for clues about you. I'm afraid she must have figured out she can't get into your head."
― to Cricket about Queen Wasp looking for her (The Hive Queen, page 111)

"I think you're exaggerating a little. Let's talk about this somewhere safer."
― to Cricket about talking about Queen Wasp (The Hive Queen, page 112)

"Cadelle is not your mother. […] And Father is not your father, either."
― to Cricket (The Hive Queen, page 117)


  • Katydid is a good artist.[6]



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