"I am the way life has made me. Take it or leave it."
—Kestrel to Peril, The Dragonet Prophecy

Kestrel was a large, fierce adult female SkyWing. She was the mother of Peril and Sky, one of the guardians of the dragonets, and a member of the Talons of Peace.

She was killed by Blister.


Kestrel had jewel-hard,[1] bright[2] red-gold scales[3] the color of rust[4] and flames,[5] orange-yellow eyes,[6] as well as a red tail,[7] wings[8] and talons.[9]

She was enormous,[10] bigger than Scarlet,[11] and twice the size of Sunny,[12] and had a burn scar on her right[13] cheek[14] as well as some scorch marks burned across her palms.[15]

During her imprisonment in Scarlet's palace, her talons became blunt and her scales scraped and chipped.[16]


Because she had lost both of her dragonets and was exiled from the Sky Kingdom, Kestrel was usually bad-tempered, grumpy, and hot-headed, though only a little more than normal SkyWings. She was initially assumed to be just cruel and mean naturally at first, but it was later revealed that this was because she was bitter about being lied to and subsequently losing her dragonets. She often bullied and abused Glory, as Glory wasn't a SkyWing, and a SkyWing dragonet was required in the dragonet prophecy. Kestrel seemed to hate all the dragonets of destiny, and she thought they were useless, but has shown a certain affection towards Peril. She seems to have a small protective side, which is shown when Morrowseer and Blister tricked her into believing that the Dragonets were in danger and she arrived immediately to 'save' them, hinting she has had some protectiveness over the Dragonets.



Kestrel and her dragonets

Years before the series began, Kestrel was one of Queen Scarlet's most loyal soldiers. Under Queen Scarlet's orders, she entered the SkyWing breeding program and produced one large egg containing twins, which is a rare occurrence. One of the dragonets, the female, hatched with twice the amount of fire she should have had while her brother had almost none, causing guaranteed death.

Since such dragonets were always killed for the danger they caused, Kestrel attempted to escape to save them but was caught at the Diamond Spray River. Scarlet told her that if Kestrel killed one, she would not be held responsible for her disobedience. In addition, the other dragonet would live. Kestrel attempted to kill the dragonet without any fire with her own claws, yet the dragonet secretly survived.


Kestrel having to abandon Peril

Scarlet went back on her word and ordered her guards to attack, forcing Kestrel to flee for her life. Kestrel attempted to save her daughter but burned her palms on the dragonet's scales. She was forced to leave her surviving dragonet behind, and could not return to her, as she knew she would be killed by Scarlet.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
In the prologue, Kestrel was the dragon who found Hvitur's dead body and the shattered SkyWing egg at the base of a mountain after he had been murdered by Burn and had a short, snappy conversation with Webs before the prologue ended, speaking of Webs retrieving an egg from the Rainforest. It also included the news of Asha's death, where she got caught in a skirmish and was killed, but not before she got Clay's egg to the Talons of Peace.

Kestrel teaching Clay to fight

She acted as a guardian and fighting instructor for the five dragonets of destiny, a task she loathed because it reminded her of her lost dragonets. She was also fiercely annoyed by Glory because the SkyWing dragonet never made it, and Glory was the replacement for it. She was one of the reasons the dragonets were so desperate to escape the cave, although Sunny wasn't bothered by her constant temper. This is likely because Kestrel was not as cruel to the hybrid, as well as the fact that Sunny was a better spirit than the other dragonets, and perhaps helped make her feel better.

Later captured and imprisoned again by Queen Scarlet, she was set free by Peril, Clay, Tsunami, and Sunny when the dragonets escaped with the aid of Peril. She was seen as Peril hid behind Clay, wondering about the trial she was forbidden from watching, and when her daughter burst from hiding, she was stunned by the revelation. Scarlet appeared to find their relationship amusing, and Peril offered to go through the challenge of the Champion's Shield to rescue her mother. She later parted ways with them and her daughter, but Peril believed she'd have time to talk to her mother after making sure that Queen Scarlet was dead.


Blister and Morrowseer disposing of Kestrel's body after killing her

In the epilogue, Blister and Morrowseer betrayed her. First, they told her that the dragonets were in danger, to get her to come. Then Morrowseer said that neither the dragonets, Blister, or himself needed the SkyWing; Blister then slashed Kestrel's throat and stabbed her in the chest with her venomous tail barb. Morrowseer proceeded to fling her off the cliff and into the ocean.
The Lost Heir
A SeaWing guard, possibly Urchin, found Kestrel's body upon a boulder at the base of a cliff near the Summer Palace. She was murdered violently before the arrival of the dragonets of destiny at the Summer Palace, having her throat slit and her heart stabbed by a SandWings's tail - earlier found to be killed by Blister in the epilogue of The Dragonet Prophecy. At first, only Tsunami and Coral's court knew about the murder, although the other dragonets eventually found out. Sunny was very upset over Kestrel's death, even though Tsunami assured her that Kestrel, with her foul temper, did not deserve Sunny's grief.
The Hidden Kingdom
Glory thinks about how she is angry at Kestrel and Dune for mistreating her, and at Webs because he agreed to let Kestrel kill her.
The Dark Secret
Kestrel appeared in Starflight's flashback. She stormed into the study room and destroyed the scroll about the prophecy that Starflight and Sunny were reading, yelling at Webs for "filling their heads with questions and ideas."
The Brightest Night
Sunny told Peril of Kestrel's death. Peril seemed devastated and deeply shaken, even though she had shown distaste towards her mother.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
More information flying in soon...
Escaping Peril
Kestrel was mentioned several times in Escaping Peril, including when Peril and Turtle talked to Cirrus and the Talons of Peace.
Darkness of Dragons
When Sunny told Qibli to go to history class, Qibli said that the class was "torture". Sunny responded by saying that he was lucky that he didn't have to do battle training with Kestrel.


At first, Wren sees Kestrel shortly after finding Sky. She hides and wonders if Kestrel was Sky's mother and if she was making sure Sky was dead or looking for him. Eventually, Wren spots the burn marks made by Peril as well. Kestrel appears unnamed with the younger dragonets of destiny, watched by Wren and Sky from the smoke hole at the top of the dragonets' main cave. When Sky trembled in fear, Wren wondered if that was because Kestrel was the same Mountain Dragon (Scavenger term for a SkyWing) who was going after Sky a year earlier. Wren had thought that Kestrel was there to make sure that Sky was dead.



Clay always was the one to be picked out of all the dragonets to learn how to fight because of his ability to breathe fire and size. She knew that MudWings can only breathe fire when they are warm enough. Unknowingly, he was developing his special fireproof scales, which causes his scales to heal from any burn within a few seconds.

Clay did not think of Kestrel quite as strongly as the other dragonets, but it is revealed that he thinks of her as hot-tempered and mean when he stops an argument by saying that they are "mini-Kestrels".


Tsunami appears to dislike Kestrel, and Kestrel feels the same way due to the ancient SkyWing grudge at the SeaWings due to the Royal SeaWing Massacre. She even bit off a scale from her to prevent Kestrel from forcing Clay to fight. Kestrel severely punishes Tsunami to the point of chaining her up when she disobeyed an order in The Dragonet Prophecy.


Kestrel hates Glory due to the fact that she is a RainWing and not a SkyWing, like the prophecy called for. She often refers to her as lazy and weak. Kestrel physically and verbally abused Glory much more than she did the other dragonets. Kestrel was supposed to murder Glory for the prophecy in the first book, but thanks to the aid of the rest of the dragonets, Glory managed to escape.


Kestrel would often burn Starflight just like all the other dragonets, especially because he could not fight.


Kestrel seems to dislike Sunny the least. The optimistic dragonet was most likely treated better by the guardians, including Kestrel. Sunny noted that she had stopped to grieve for Dune and Kestrel at night sometimes. In The Dragonet Prophecy, however, Kestrel calls Sunny "defective".


Dune helped Kestrel and Webs raise the dragonets of destiny while hidden in the caves. Kestrel seemed to be neutral with him.


Webs helped Kestrel and Dune raise the dragonets of destiny whole hidden in the caves. Kestrel seemed to be neutral with him, like Dune. In the Graphic Novel, she is shown to yell at Webs for bringing a RainWing egg instead of a SkyWing egg repeatedly, but it was only thanks to her suggestion that Webs managed to escape Queen Scarlet's attack in the caves.


It is most likely that she cared about her daughter, as she tried to flee with her but got burned. When she found out Peril was alive, she told her, "I thought you were dead." In addition to that, after Glory injures Queen Scarlet, she invites Peril to come with her - however, Peril declines, ending their relationship (due to Kestrel supposedly "killing" Peril's brother and abandoning her with Scarlet) and Kestrel is killed shortly afterward. Despite her grudge against Kestrel, Peril was devastated upon learning of Kestrel's death since she never got the chance to know her mother.


Kestrel seemed to care about Sky before his supposed 'death' as in Dragonslayer when Kestrel roared and flew over the lake, looking for Sky.

Family Tree



"We await the wings of fire, [...] Not that it'll do us much good now, [...] Hvitur is dead."
― to Webs (The Dragonet Prophecy, prologue)

"Of all the horrible ideas. RainWings are wretched creatures. Nothing like SkyWings."
― about Webs' plan to replace the broken SkyWing egg with a RainWing egg (The Dragonet Prophecy, prologue)

"I'm your teacher. Nothing I do is cheating."
― to Clay, after stomping on his tail (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 3)

"Where's the monster I saw when you hatched? That's the dragon we need for the prophecy!"
― to Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy (graphic novel))

"Tsunami. Aren't you sweet? Protecting a dragon who tried to kill you in your egg."
― to Tsunami, about her protecting Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy (graphic novel))

"We'll tell you what you need to know about the prophecy, [...] You don't need a pile of gossip and rumors and speculation cluttering up your tiny little minds."
― to Sunny and Starflight (The Dark Secret, page 92)

― to Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 3)


  • Kestrel is the third named dragon to appear in the series, as well as the first SkyWing to appear.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy, she reveals that she was part of the breeding program in order to supply the SkyWing army with soldiers.
  • Kestrel is the first known dragon to have survived being burned by Peril.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy, it is stated that the burn marks from Peril are only on Kestrel's talons. However, in both the graphic novel and Dragonslayer, there is also a burn scar on her face.




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