"I am not a monster. It seems history has painted me that way, but perhaps that's what happens when you disappear before you can tell your own story, and only your enemies are left to finish it."
—Darkstalker to Moonwatcher, Moon Rising

King Darkstalker, before his transformation into Peacemaker, was an ancient NightWing-IceWing hybrid who was born with animus magic, precognition, and mind-reading powers, making him the most powerful dragon in known Pyrrhian history. He was in a relationship with Clearsight until the conclusion of Darkstalker, in which she and Prince Fathom trapped him within Agate Mountain, fearing he would destroy Pyrrhia.

Approximately 2,000 years later, Darkstalker was unintentionally freed from his underground prison by Peril. After casting several dubious spells, including a plague that was intended to destroy the entire IceWing tribe, Kinkajou used Darkstalker's own talisman to transform him into a one-year-old dragonet with no knowledge or memories of his past life who now lives in the NightWing Village with Foeslayer, now known as Hope.


Darkstalker had black scales, with a line of cold silver IceWing scales where his wings met his body[1] and eyes as black as underground caverns.[2] He had a long and frighteningly thin body with a narrow, handsome face and long twisted horns.[2] By the events of Escaping Peril he was at least three times as tall as the largest dragons,[3] his wingspan as wide as Agate Mountain[4] Unlike his sister, Whiteout, it was difficult to tell he that was a hybrid. He wore a half-hoop earring of bone, which was most likely enchanted, in his left ear.[5]


Darkstalker was a charismatic, kind, and witty individual, but also extremely ambitious and power-hungry. He was compassionate towards dragons close to him and would go to great lengths to do what he thought was best for them. His passion for protecting these dragons also manifested in a cruel, vindictive need to avenge any perceived wrongs towards himself or those he loved-this penchant for vengeance manifested itself in anger at his father, and, by extension, the entirety of the IceWing tribe. This persisted through his 2,000-year sleep, and he emerged from Agate Mountain with intent to wipe out the entire IceWing tribe.

Darkstalker was charming, thoughtful, intelligent, and even sweet at times, but ultimately let his ego combined with his desire for revenge and malice control him, often without either considering the repercussions of his actions or simply just choosing to ignore them. He was incredibly self-assured and ambitious, always believing that the best future was one with himself in a position of power.

Darkstalker had a great deal of willpower, being able to shield his mind from other mind-readers at will, and was a notably intelligent and sly dragon. He was very manipulative, such as when he persuaded Moonwatcher that he was simply a misunderstood and kind dragon who needed to be freed from the mountain. Darkstalker had few moral boundaries, and seemed to abide by 'the ends justify the means.' He was willing to do anything to achieve the 'perfect' future he foresaw-this included a total willingness to manipulate, mind-control, indirectly, and directly harm other dragons. He didn't see anything wrong with his own actions throughout the books and stood by his ability to create the perfect future until the end, refusing to give up his animus magic willfully.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
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The Dark Secret
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The Brightest Night
After Sunny escaped from Strongwings, Fierceteeth, and Preyhunter, she hid herself in a tree. Later, while the NightWings were asleep, Sunny stole the trio's Obsidian Mirror and wrote in red mud that resembled blood: "TURN BACK. YOU FLY TOWARDS YOUR DEATH." When they woke up, Fierceteeth yelled at Preyhunter for losing the mirror, while Strongwings was paralyzed by fear, saying it was the work of The Darkstalker, a legendary NightWing monster. Preyhunter added that The Darkstalker played with his prey until they were paralyzed with fear before attacking. Fierceteeth disregards this and the trio continues flying.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Darkstalker began to speak telepathically to Moonwatcher when she arrived at Jade Mountain Academy, firstly as an anonymous character in her head before revealing his name. Later, as Moon suffers from a dream of a dark future, Darkstalker pulls her out of the vision and teaches her how to block out prophectic thoughts. He was devastated when he learned that over 5,012 years had passed since the Scorching.

Later, while Moonwatcher read a scroll on animus history in search of information on dreamvisitors, she came across the legend of Fathom and Darkstalker. Darkstalker then admitted that he was the same mind-reading, prophetic animus dragon from the legend. He claimed that history had gotten it wrong, and he wasn't a monster. After two thousand years, the bracelet that Fathom enchanted to make Darkstalker sleep for all eternity had snapped (because of the tremors caused by the Orb in the Sky), allowing him to wake up.

After an explosion that killed two students at Jade Mountain Academy, Carnelian and Bigtail, and injured Tamarin, Darkstalker helped Moonwatcher figure out who had caused it, without telling her things that he knew would lead to her death. After they discovered the real killer, Sora, and the deadly secret that Princess Icicle had been hiding, he was afraid to let Moonwatcher leave, because he was afraid that if she left him too long, he would go insane from being alone. 
Winter Turning
Darkstalker narrates the epilogue of Winter Turning, in which he reads the minds of Ex-Princess Onyx, Princess Anemone, and Peril.
Escaping Peril
Darkstalker is noted at the end of the book as the true owner of the animus touched scroll. Moon reveals to her friends that it is Darkstalker's, and not for them to use. She then tells them that they should return the scroll to its rightful owner. The other dragonets disagree with this, but Moon sneaks away in the middle of the night to give the scroll to Darkstalker anyway. The dragons try to follow, but Peril, who got there first being a SkyWing, is told by Moon that Darkstalker had written the enchantment, "Enchant Arctic the IceWing to obey my every command" and forced Arctic, his father, to disembowel himself. Moonwatcher cries out that dragons aren't things that you can enchant like objects, and Darkstalker tries to apologize - Moon refuses to listen to this. Winter and Qibli later catch up, beginning to argue over the animus touched scroll. Peril ends the discussion by burning up the scroll, which results in the release Darkstalker (in accordance with the enchantment, "if the scroll is destroyed, all of [Darkstalker's] power will return to him") in a giant, magic-induced earthquake. When the mountain they are next to begins to crack, Darkstalker emerges, spreading his wings. He thanks Peril for helping him escape, giving a sinister smile to the Jade Winglet.
Talons of Power
Darkstalker appears in the first chapter, picking up right where Escaping Peril left off. Eventually convincing the Jade Winglet that he is actually not evil (and casting a spell to help convince Winter), he travels to Jade Mountain to see the original dragonets of destiny, and pick up any information on Clearsight or Fathom. He then has a conversation with Anemone, Princess Tsunami, and Moonwatcher about animus power. Darkstalker reveals that he knows that Anemone killed Whirlpool. Afterward, he tells Moon he will make something else to keep his soul safe, as well as Anemone's. To this, Moon responded that it might not matter since Darkstalker still caused his father's death with an untainted soul. In his defense, Darkstalker argues that Arctic was about to betray the tribe and tells the dragonets about what happened. He then makes a statement about Moon possibly being Clearsight's descendant. After Moon and Tsunami leave, he enchants both Anemone's and his talismans to keep their souls safe. Afterward, Darkstalker speaks to anyone who comes to him, and searches scrolls for references of Fathom and Clearsight. Flame passes by, and Darkstalker offers to heal his face. Flame is suspicious, and tells Darkstalker not to lie to him, as Stonemover had said that he wouldn't, or couldn't, heal his face. After convincing Flame that he can heal him without any strings attached, Flame agrees, and Darkstalker enchants a flower to heal his face. After being healed, Flame bolts away without thanking Darkstalker. Mightyclaws, Mindreader and Fearless are then introduced to Darkstalker by Moon. He tells them about the old NightWing Kingdom, and agrees to enchant an object for each to give them any power they wish.

After speaking to the NightWing students, Moon and Darkstalker sense danger for Stonemover. They fly off to save him from an attempted murder, and find him with his throat slashed, laying in a pool of blood, though miraculously, still alive. Darkstalker heals Stonemover with a stalactite, simultaneously removing the stone enchantment on his scales. Stonemover then wakes, reacting with fear at the name 'Darkstalker' before beginning to yell that his claws aren't his. Darkstalker says he could enchant him to calm down, with Sunny and Stonemover quickly saying that he shouldn't do that. This ends in Darkstalker begrudgingly reverting him to stone. Anemone enters with Flame following, and he admits that he tried to kill Stonemover because he lied about being able to heal Flame's scars. This leads to Darkstalker opening Flame's pouch, finding the third dreamvisitor inside. Darkstalker then declares that Flame is both the darkness of dragons and stalker of dreams, causing Flame to protest that he isn't any of that, asking what it would mean. Mindreader then hears that Flame had help from a dragon with a weird name (similar to "Ogre" and "Okra"), assumed to be Ochre. Darkstalker then enchants Flame's library card to turn it into an iron band and chain, trapping him in place.

Later, when Turtle casts the spell to protect Qibli from Darkstalker's enchantments, he comes down the hall to Qibli's cave. He asks if Anemone was there and if she cast a spell. Qibli denies that, but Darkstalker tests him for animus magic (by telling Qibli to enchant his scroll to roll up). After confirming that Qibli didn't cast the spell Darkstalker comments on his intelligence, saying he would be a great animus. When he leaves, Turtle and Qibli realize that he must have cast a spell to sense when animus magic being cast.

The next day, Darkstalker, Anemone, Turtle, and the NightWings at Jade Mountain leave for the Rainforest Kingdom. When they arrived at the Night Village, a few NightWings flew away in terror but most held their ground. Darkstalker convinced them he wasn't the monster from the stories of the past, as previously shown by Preyhunter's fear in The Brightest Night. Darkstalker then challenges Queen Glory for the throne of the NightWings, but she declines with a different idea: The NightWings that choose to go with Darkstalker can leave, and the NightWings that want to stay can stay. Darkstalker decides to stay in the Rainforest Kingdom for a day. Few NightWings seem interested in spending time with Darkstalker, knowing his history, but after offering superpower enchantments-and casting his 'like me' spell on them-they begin to warm up to him. When Turtle gets Anemone to wake Kinkajou in the RainWing village, Darkstalker flies there, telling Anemone not to use her magic without permission-confirming that he has cast a spell to detect animus magic.

Darkstalker also saves Glory's life. When he looks into the future, he sees Fierceteeth leading a band of escapees from Queen Thorn's prison sneaking into the Rainforest and assassinating the queen. He decides to stop this, likely to earn more trust to the RainWing, since he technically is stealing half of her tribe. Darkstalker captures the criminals (Except for a SandWing who he sends to Vulture, asking for an alliance with the Talons of Power as revealed in Darkness Of Dragons) and puts them in a prison created with his magic.

The next morning, Darkstalker leaves for the Lost City of Night with the majority of the tribe, leaving only 40-50 NightWings in the Rainforest. Darkstalker also frees Fierceteeth and Strongwings from the RainWing prison, bringing them with him. Darkstalker begs Moon to join him, but Moon says that she wants to stay with Glory, but will visit the Lost City with Turtle and Kinkajou, as the Lost City is supposed to be found in order to stop Jade Mountain being destroyed in the Jade Mountain Prophecy. Anemone sees Darkstalker begging and says to Moon that she's not special and doesn't deserve his attention. The tribe flies the whole day and rests next to the ocean. In the middle of the night, Darkstalker suddenly leaves his tribe to fly somewhere, and Turtle is forced to follow him. He goes past a mountain range, later to be realized as Darkstalker's Teeth by Winter. When he arrives at his destination, Turtle realizes it to be the Lost City of Night. Darkstalker goes over to his rugged, abandoned school and finds a painting made by Clearsight. He begins to cry, and Turtle feels pity for the monster and wonders if he can even afford that.In an attempt to get Darkstalker talking, Turtle picks up a marble and places it next to his feet. He picks it up, asking if Clearsight to speak to him if she is still there. He then asks her to listen, apologizing for everything he did and promising that if she comes back they can rule the NightWings together. Eventually he admits to himself that Clearsight isn't here, that she cant be, and flies back to his tribe.

The next day Darkstalker leads all the NightWings into the old kingdom. While the tribe adjusts to the new territory, he shows Anemone to Fathom's old suite. After 2,000 years it stands in disrepair, but when Anemone complains about this she is told to clean it up with her magic. Anemone decides to take out her anger and jealously on Moon by enchanting a broom to whack her until she cleans up the room herself. She also enchants jewels to distract Darkstalker and make him forget about Moon. Darkstalker is not fooled by the jewels, returning to Anemone's room banish her from the Lost City. He cites her as a true descendant of Fathom, and 'just like him'. Darkstalker tells her to kill her mother, if she wants, or anyone else who stands in her way.

Darkstalker senses the spells being cast during Anemone and Turtle's battle, and summons all the living Animus dragons in Pyrrhia into his throne room (Turtle, Anemone, Stonemover, and Jerboa II) He then asks Stonemover how many dragons are in the room. The old NightWing says four, and Darkstalker finally realizes that somebody has been sneaking behind his back, hidden. Anemone tells Darkstalker that the dragon was brave and didn't trust him from the beginning, and king casts a spell on her to obey his every command and shut up. He casts another spell to bring in the dragons loved one (in Turtles case, Kinkajou) and says that if he doesn't appear, she will die. Turtle throws his magic stick to Anemone who catches it and his free from Darkstalkers knowledge, he doesn't remember her or remember that he cast a spell on her. Darkstalker then strips Turtle of his animus power and places him in his dungeon.
Darkness of Dragons
Darkstalker first appears in an event previously in Talons of Power where he is soaring away with Moon, Turtle, Anemone, and the NightWing students to see the NightWing tribe and become their king. Qibli observes that the NightWings are letting Darkstalker lead the way even though he most likely does not know where the NightWings live in the rainforest. When Qibli gives Sunny and Tsunami copies of his enchanted earring using a bowl Turtle left him, it proves that Darkstalker had set a spell to make every dragon in Pyrrhia to like him and not think he is evil. 

After Qibli gets captured in the Scorpion Den by the Talons of Power and faces his grandfather, Vulture and confesses that Onyx is the granddaughter of Queen Oasis, a SandWing rushes in and says that Darkstalker is willing to help Onyx and Vulture's Talons of Power take over the SandWing tribe, also stating that Darkstalker is now the NightWing King to some of the tribe. This SandWing was most likely the SandWing prisoner that Darkstalker claimed he killed during Talons of Power. 

After Qibli escapes the Talons of Power's talons he goes to the SandWing Kingdom to warn Queen Thorn about Vulture and his army. Once he enters Typhoon, SeaWing-IceWing hybrid, explains the IceWing Plague that is affecting the whole tribe. This was a spell cast by Darkstalker as part of his revenge for kidnapping his mother 2000 years ago. After Qibli uses the Obsidian Mirror to spy on Queen Glacier, Winter is frightened of all the IceWings getting sick and starts to take off to ask Darkstalker for help, proving that Darkstalker did enchant Winter specifically to like him, moreso than the enchantment place on other dragons. Winter remains unaffected by the plague because of Darkstalker's promise to Moonwatcher that he wouldn't hurt her friends.

Later during the book, Qibli looks into the Obsidian Mirror again and looks at Moon first. Kinkajou and Moon are fighting about if Darkstalker is evil or not. Kinkajou says he is evil but can't tell Moon why because then Darkstalker will know and Moon believes he is a good dragon. They also spy on Darkstalker himself and find him giving powers to the NightWings on a limited account.

When Qibli gets to the lost city of Night and talks to Moon, he gives her the earring and she says nothing has happened, stating Darkstalker has not put the spell on Moon because he likes her as a friend. Darkstalker walks in the library where Moon and Qibli are noticing the earring Moon is wearing.  Darkstalker walks in later with Fierceteeth, enchanted to look and act like Clearsight.

Later Moon and Qibli spy on Darkstalker and they overhear him casting spells on the fake Clearsight to recreate her which he fails. Later during the spell casting, there is a glimpse of Darkstalker's good side suggesting he isn't completely evil. When Moon shows herself Darkstalker notices the skyfire she is wearing and asks if they are really friends. Moon responds saying it is hard to be friends with him because he lied to her and did terrible things she also suggests that the fake Clearsight idea was terrible and should be turned back to whoever it was. Darkstalker asks if she will be his friend forever if he changes fake Clearsight back into whoever it is. Moon refuses to promote it because of the IceWing plague and Darkstalker reveals that an IceWing-NightWing battle was going to take place at Jade Mountain because of his return. When the vision returns he turns fake Clearsight back into Fierceteeth and prepares the NightWings for war, granting them superpowers along the way.

During the battle, Anemone uses a spell (suggested by Qibli) on the NightWings asking them to retreat in Darkstalker's voice telepathic which fails as he shows up and says it's a fake, also throwing a boulder at Anemone and Turtle which doesn't kill them due of Turtle's spell he used in Talons of Power, similar to Darkstalker's own spell, to make his scales invulnerable.

When Anemone uses the next spell (suggested by Qibli) that links the minds of all the IceWings and NightWings for 100 dragon heartbeats. Darkstalker grabs Qibli with a swift movement (using an assumed speed spell) and carries him to the spot where he burst out from his underground prison after being trapped there for 2000 years. He states the similarities between Qibli and himself and offers a deal to make Qibli an animus if he can put a spell on him to make him not try to harm him. He also states that he needs Qibli's mind to make the right choices and that he just wants friends. He even summons Vulture and casts the signature "Make this dragon obey my every command" on him to make him be quiet and shows how he can change Vulture into the grandfather Qibli wanted. When Qibli refuses the deal Darkstalker threatens that he will have to kill him otherwise, but when Qibli suggests that it is evil to kill him Darkstalker suggests ripping his earring off and putting a powerful spell on him. Before he can do so Qibli pulls out the soulreader and points it at Darkstalker revealing that he is more evil than good. Darkstalker gets terrified by this revelation and thinks it is broken so re-enchants it and points it at Vulture showing Vulture is just as evil as shown with Darkstalker. He does it on himself again and gets even more terrified on how he is evil if he protected his soul. Qibli suggests it was because of his actions and not his magic. Darkstalker suddenly gets a strange vision and reveals that he knows Moon is watching them. Moon and Kinkajou show up and they ask him to come with them. He decides to and finally meets up with Foeslayer, his mother.

Darkstalker first happy to see his mother tells her about what the soul reader stated. Foeslayer agrees that his choices were evil and then Moon tells Darkstalker her vision of a dragon who is obsessed with strawberries, gets married, has two dragonets, and lives happily for the rest of his life. Moon suggests this dragon is him but with a spell to restart his life. Darkstalker refuses to do so because he wants to remember Clearsight and keep his powers. He says that with his power he can create a good future. Foeslayer, Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli all agreed it was better if he did not do that. Foeslayer hands him a strawberry and suggests that he does it because it will make both of them happy. After considering a little, he then eats the strawberry, saying that no animus magic will work on him, but Kinkajou then tells him that his own magic will. As he slowly turns into a RainWing-NightWing dragonet he begs to keep his powers and memories. Qibli says he had his chances and chose the wrong choices, as a 1-year-old part-RainWing-part-NightWing dragonet named Peacemaker is created from Darkstalker.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
In the prologue of The Lost Continent, Clearsight thinks about Darkstalker a couple times: How she couldn't return to Pyrrhia until she wasn't tempted to wake him from his eternal slumber, how she would still miss the dragonets she would have had with Darkstalker, and how she saved Fathom and the NightWings from Darkstalker and could continue saving dragons from harm in Pantala. Later, when Blue and his group read the Book of Clearsight's introduction, Clearsight mentions how she could not control the future as much as she thought she could, and that she should have learned that a long time ago with her first love on Pyrrhia. She is, indirectly, referring to Darkstalker.
The Hive Queen
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The Poison Jungle
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Darkstalker made his first appearance as he was still in his egg, hatching on a Brightest Night under three full moons. His parents, Arctic and Foeslayer, were having an argument about Darkstalker's name; Foeslayer, his mother, saw it as a hero that chased back the darkness, while his father, Prince Arctic, saw it as a villain that crept through the shadows. Darkstalker foresaw that he could make his sister's egg hatch on the Brightest Night as well, but he decided against it out of selfishness and the desire for all of his mother's love.

He next appeared at his home, where his parents were arguing. He learned by reading his parents' minds that Queen Diamond, Arctic's mother, had made an offer to her son through a carved stone tablet: if Arctic killed both of his dragonets and brought her proof, then she would call off her forces and accept him back into the Ice Kingdom. He later snuck into their room to read the letter to himself.

After school had started, Darkstalker defended his sister from an angry trio of NightWing students. Calmly explaining to Whiteout that she had knocked over their marbles, he used his mind-reading to embarrass and infuriate all of them. He then met his destined love, Clearsight, and took her to the beach the next day in the pouring rain. After Clearsight led him to an ocean cave to shelter from the storm, they talked about Darkstalker's animus power. They then unexpectedly met Current, a SeaWing prince that had survived The Royal SeaWing Massacre. Darkstalker was displeased at the amount of worry that Clearsight had felt when she realized that the murderer, Prince Albatross, had also been an animus, and had most likely gone insane from usage of his power. After taking Current to Queen Vigilance, Darkstalker knew what he had to do to restore Clearsight's faith in him.

The next day, after school, Darkstalker took Clearsight to his house, which was empty; both of his parents were at work. He showed her a blank scroll, also known as his talisman, that was wrapped in black leather casing, and explained that he had put all of his animus power into it so that he wouldn't lose any of his soul when he used his magic. Any time a dragon wanted to use the scroll, they only had to write down their specific enchantment and it would happen, just like natural animus power. Darkstalker enchanted four things with it that day: an inkpot, a blanket, a moonstone bracelet, and one of his history scrolls. However, they were caught in the act by Arctic, who angrily scolded his son, warning him not to waste his animus power. He enchanted more items that included an earring that made him look especially charming and handsome, a goblet that he planned to give to Fathom which was enchanted to make him forget Indigo, forget about his oath, and use him animus power freely, Clearsight's moonstone earrings to make her see only happy futures, a pebble that made Indigo turn into the SeaWing carving that Fathom made, sneaky enchantments on other students at his school, and many more.

Arctic later tells Queen Vigilance that Darkstalker has animus powers, and arrangements are made for Prince Fathom, who was also an animus, to come and befriend Darkstalker. This was done in the hope that Darkstalker would be more cautious with his powers since no one besides Clearsight knew about his scroll at this point.

Darkstalker formally meets Fathom at the SeaWing welcoming party the NightWings had thrown. Darkstalker thinks that Fathom looks uncomfortable at the party, and possibly terrified since the SeaWing Royal Massacre had happened at a party as well. So, Darkstalker tries to make him more comfortable by inviting him and his guard, Indigo, to go on a flight with him. However, Indigo is suspicious of Darkstalker, and shows this when she attempts to kill him once they are all outside. Although Fathom convinced Indigo to not kill him, Darkstalker wants to get revenge on Indigo from then on, and makes plans to get rid of Indigo, for both personal reasons and that he thinks that Fathom would be better off without her.

After the party, Darkstalker thinks about how Indigo could have killed him right then and there. He doesn't want anyone to ever murder him or even accidentally kill him, so he decides to enchant his scales to be invincible, hiding the enchantment from Clearsight by writing it in invisible ink.

Soon, Darkstalker goes with Clearsight for her to meet Fathom. Darkstalker shows Fathom a new item he enchanted, a soul reader that proves how much soul a dragon has left. Clearsight, Fathom, and Darkstalker start to become better friends. After some time, Darkstalker suggests that they all celebrate Clearsight's fifth birthday in the woods by the Night Kingdom. There, Darkstalker presents the dreamvisitors to his friends, much to Fathom's dismay. However, his protests about Darkstalker using his magic are cut off as Clearsight has a vision about Darkstalker's mother, Foeslayer, being enchanted by Queen Diamond and sent to the Ice Kingdom.

Darkstalker receives the same vision, and, anxious at this, decides to interrupt the party to go and try to save Foeslayer. When he gets home, Darkstalker reads in his father's, Prince Arctic's, mind that Arctic and Foeslayer had a fight. After this fight, she took off an earring that Arctic had enchanted to protect her, which allowed Queen Diamond's magic to get through to her. Darkstalker tries every enchantment he can think of, but nothing works. Later, when Queen Vigilance is with Clearsight, Vigilance sends an assassin after Darkstalker.

When Darkstalker arrives, he starts to share some of his ideas for what they could do to the IceWings with his magic. Most of them were brutal and Clearsight was horrified by all of his ideas that lead to the IceWings' genocide. Eventually, Darkstalker settles on the idea of a shield that kills only IceWings.

Darkstalker continued to mourn the loss of his mother for a few weeks. Eventually, Darkstalker asks Fathom if he wants to fly up to the Royal Tower and watch the lightning storm with him. Fathom gives Darkstalker a statue of a SeaWing that he had requested, which he takes and offers Fathom a goblet made of shimmering sea-green glass. Indigo smashes it before Fathom can take it, fearing that it is enchanted. Still fearing for Indigo's safety with Darkstalker around, Fathom decides that Wharf should come with him instead of Indigo.

Later on, Clearsight and Listener go to a festival being held in the Great Diamond. Clearsight and Listener meet up with Darkstalker, Fathom, and Whiteout who are all playing a board game. They invite Thoughtful, who is playing alone, to come join them. Before Listener can introduce herself to Thoughtful, Clearsight introduces Whiteout first, who takes Thoughtful's talon and looks at his palm before saying "Words and glass, spun in flutes and verse. Waterfalls of language in fire-blown claws," and then told him that he was the one who made the Cascade of Dreams. Thoughtful was surprised and amazed that she had noticed his art, and said, "No one -- you really saw the pieces of the scroll inside the waves?" Whiteout then confirmed this, and due to the strange grammar Whiteout was using and Thoughtful's ability to understand it, the whole conversation left Listener bewildered. However, before anyone could explain what happened to her, a spear was thrust into Darkstalker's heart.

Thanks to his invincible scales, he survived the attack, although he tells his friends that the assassin must have missed. Lionfish tackled the assassin, killing him quickly. The assassin turns out to be Quickdeath, an assassin for hire. Darkstalker wants to find out who tried to assassinate him and Fathom starts to become suspicious of Darkstalker. Later on, Darkstalker goes home and uses his scroll to find out who tried to assassinate him. He finds out, and then deems that whoever did it "has to pay".

Clearsight then encounters Queen Vigilance and Allknowing in the garden. Allknowing shares her vision, Hatched of ice and hatched of night. Cursed with moons all shining bright. Longs for power not his own. Comes to steal your very throne. Clearsight takes off her earrings after the Queen accused her of being enchanted by Darkstalker. Visions, all of which were dark and bad, came rushing back to her, and she realizes that Vigilance sent the assassin. The guards attempt to imprison Clearsight, but she escapes, with the goal of stopping Darkstalker before he reached the queen. When she finds him, Darkstalker revealed that he enchanted her earrings to keep her focused on the bright, positive futures and block out any of the dark ones.

Clearsight then has a vision that depicts Arctic taking Whiteout north to the Ice Kingdom. To track them down, Darkstalker enchants a beetle to bite off Arctic's shielding earring and then he enchants a dagger to lead them to Arctic and then stab him in one of his legs to render him immobile. Darkstalker starts to write something down in his scroll as Arctic explains that if she offers Whiteout's talons in marriage, then Diamond will release Foeslayer. Whiteout claims that she's going to be an "IceWing princess and have lots of baby IceWings". Whiteout then says that she wants to go back to Ice Kingdom before proclaiming that she didn't like Darkstalker in perfectly normal, understandable, and coherent sentences, instead of her normal way of talking.

Then, Darkstalker enchants his father to obey his every command. He orders him to stop talking and to release Whiteout from the spell he put her under. Arctic then crushes Whiteout's shell necklace in his talons, freeing her from his magic. Darkstalker then orders Arctic to follow him back to the Night Kingdom, where he makes his own father cut his tongue out after announcing how he had tried to betray the NightWings and was going to offer a detailed map of the kingdom so the IceWings could infiltrate it. Then, Darkstalker tells Arctic to "take his talons, rip open your stomach, and show us all what you're really like on the inside. Pour out your life on this stage". Arctic killed himself with his own claws, fulfilling Clearsight's prophecy that "your claws will betray you in your final hour."

While Darkstalker was distracted with Arctic, Clearsight stole his scroll. On her way to see Fathom, Clearsight warns Listener about Darkstalker and tells her to escape far away with her family. Then, she has Fathom enchant a bracelet for her, as they are too suspicious of the scroll to use it. When Clearsight leaves for Agate Mountain to meet Darkstalker, Fathom takes the scroll and holds it over a candle. Fathom discovers spells written in invisible ink, one of which trapped Indigo in the wooden SeaWing statue Fathom had made. Fathom releases Indigo from the statue with his own magic.

Meanwhile, Darkstalker sits next to Clearsight in front of a cave on the side of Agate Mountain. Clearsight tells Darkstalker that there will be an earthquake that'll make the whole side of Agate Mountain collapse and make Jade Mountain the tallest mountain instead. Clearsight mentions that Darkstalker had gotten out of control and was turning out like Arctic. Furious, Darkstalker grabs and twists Clearsight's wrist painfully, and while he's doing so, she slips the bracelet onto his arm. Before Darkstalker falls asleep, he sees how much Clearsight truly loved him and how much she worried about him.

A simple sleeping spell on the bracelet had taken the invincible, immortal Darkstalker down and as long as the bracelet remained on him, he would stay asleep. Clearsight moved him into the cave before covering the entrance with rocks before going to another mountain and waiting for an earthquake she predicted to bury him further. She then flew away from the mountain, heading towards Pantala, never to be seen again by the dragons of Pyrrhia.

The book draws to a close as Fathom and Indigo are portrayed with their dragonets, Clearpool, Cowrie, and Ripple. Their dragonets ask them to tell them a story about how bad guys became bad guys. This reminds Fathom and Indigo of Darkstalker. Indigo reassures Fathom that "it's safe to be happy" and he responds with "I know".

Then, in the post-epilogue, the timeline skips 2000 years, it describes another earthquake coming after the Orb in the Sky flashed by. The rocks shifted up against the bracelet, breaking the copper wires and awakening Darkstalker.



Clearsight was Darkstalker's soulmate (at the time). Darkstalker loved her without reserve or hesitation, mostly reciprocated. He was enthusiastic about their love and bent over backwards to make her happy. Notwithstanding, the tragedy of Foeslayer's presumed death shattered him and he became indifferent towards her free will and happiness, although later apologizing to her imagined spectre. He tried to keep her focused on the happy futures where they had dragonets and he did not take over the whole tribe by enchanting her earring, but when she found out, she was mad at him instead of being happy like he had hoped. Although Darkstalker lied to himself about this attempted manipulation of Clearsight being the best thing for her, it was really about keeping her from knowing about his schemes. However, Darkstalker still loved Clearsight more than anything, questioning what he's doing all this for if he doesn't get to be with her again in Darkness of Dragons. Despite his malice, he wanted to be with Clearsight more than anything, turning Fierceteeth into various aspects of Clearsight, but unable to "get her in the right form". Clearsight was one of the only dragons he truly loved according to her, along with Whiteout, Foeslayer, and possibly even Fathom.

Prince Fathom

Former mentor and best friend, he was very close to Darkstalker, even leading him to enchant a bell to ring whenever Fathom was feeling sad or lonely. However though, when the NightWing-IceWing hybrid showed no signs of understanding the dangers of animus magic, Fathom and Clearsight grew troubled about him. In the end, this caused Clearsight to convince Fathom to betray him. Fathom enchanted Clearsight's mind-reading shield bracelet that was to put Darkstalker into an "eternal" sleep. In Talons of Power he shows that he has not forgiven Fathom by conjuring a ghost of Albatross to scare his descendants. He believes that Fathom convinced Clearsight to betray him, and still never forgave him, demonstrating vindictive behavior toward Turtle because he resembled Fathom in Talons of Power.


Indigo is shown not to trust Darkstalker at all, going to such lengths as to destroy the glass that he gave to Fathom, (rightfully) thinking that it might be enchanted. Darkstalker sees Indigo as a threat to him and Fathom's friendship and turns her into a small wooden dragon so she won't turn Fathom against him. However, she was later freed by Fathom, who turned against him anyways. Indigo seemed to irk and irritate Darkstalker often. 


The first dragon Darkstalker had talked to since his imprisonment was Moonwatcher; he seemed to be very fond of her, caring for her and not wanting anyone to harm her. During the time she was the only dragon he could talk to, and he mentored her. He took a rather friendly approach, and it seemed that he enjoyed teaching her how to deal with her powers effectively. However, it is later revealed that he may have been manipulating her for his own benefit. In Talons of Power, he seems to really care about Moon and keeps mentioning how she is alike to Clearsight. He wants her to trust him, and she was mentioned to be one of the very few dragons he truly cared about, not putting any spells on her and trying to convince her to understand him.


Foeslayer is Darkstalker's mother. Darkstalker loved his mother and wanted to protect her in every way possible. He had an immense care for her and often enchanted everyday items to bring her more comfort in her life. Foeslayer was one of the only dragons Darkstalker that he truly loved according to Clearsight, along with Clearsight herself and Whiteout. When she was taken by the IceWings, Darkstalker offered to kill every IceWing in order for revenge. Even though she escaped from the IceWings, Darkstalker still thought she was dead until he found out she was still alive in Darkness of Dragons.

Prince Arctic

According to Darkstalker, he was trained by him both in using his mind-reading and animus powers, even though Arctic couldn't read minds. Darkstalker practically hated Arctic when they first met. The only thing that kept Darkstalker from killing him at first was his father's shard of love for his mother. He killed his own father, backing this up by saying "I saved the tribe from him," although Winter thought it was so that the IceWings would lose their entire Animus heritage. He was said to be taught his animus magic by him, but Arctic really did not care for him, and he was mentored by Fathom instead. At the ending of Escaping Peril, it is revealed that he enchanted Arctic to do anything he (Darkstalker) told him to do, admitting that he used this spell to force Prince Arctic to rip his own tongue out and to disembowel himself. In Darkstalker, it is revealed that Darkstalker forced Arctic to publicly admit all the treachery and treason that he had been planning (to go to the Ice Kingdom, give Queen Diamond all the NightWing secrets and plans that he had learned of while living with the NightWings, then lead an attack on the NightWing tribe [all in exchange for getting Foeslayer back, although Darkstalker did not mention that]), and then ordered him to admit that Darkstalker was the greatest animus of all time, before forcing him to apologize for being a bad father, and then finally making him cut his own tongue out and disembowel himself. 


Whiteout was Darkstalker's only sibling, and he was extremely protective of her. He made sure she was always content, this is shown when he used his magic to return her favorite doll to her whenever it got lost. He thought she was the prettiest dragon in all of Pyrrhia, besides Clearsight, and he would stand up for her when others picked on her for her strangeness. Whiteout was also one of the only dragons Darkstalker truly loved according to Clearsight, along with her and Foeslayer. He was extremely paranoid and furious when Prince Arctic tried to take her to the Ice Kingdom, causing Darkstalker to see Arctic as a threat so much that Darkstalker forced him to mutilate himself publicly.

Prince Turtle

Darkstalker seems to dislike Turtle. This causes Turtle to enchant a stick, making it so that Turtle is removed completely from Darkstalker's awareness. The most probable explanation of Darkstalker's disliking towards the SeaWing animus is that according to Darkstalker, Turtle looks exactly like Prince Fathom, who was a SeaWing animus as well who also tricked and betrayed him. In the last chapter of Talons of Power, he thinks Turtle is too unpredictable and takes away his animus magic.

Princess Anemone

Darkstalker acts as a mentor to Anemone. Her first reaction to his return is joy to meet another animus, rather than fear like Turtle expected. She is delighted to have someone understand her, and they form a bond, where Darkstalker helps her enchant objects to protect their sanity. He encourages her to use her magic, but tries restricting her to only use them with his permission. Due to her naturally rebellious personality and hatred of Moonwatcher, he eventually sends her off to the Kingdom of the Sea. Later on, once she (and the other animus dragons of Pyrrhia are summoned) to Darkstalker, he affirms his view of her as a tool by suggesting he runs tests on her and Stonemover to learn more about animus limits, even suggesting driving her insane. Anemone hates Darkstalker after the events of Darkness of Dragons.


Throughout the book, Darkstalker shows signs of suspicion towards Qibli, seeing as he could get in the way of his plans, starting in Talons of Power when Turtle casts a spell in the room Qibli was in and Darkstalker came to see what happened. Darkstalker and Qibli are also very alike in the ways they think and Darkstalker points out that the only thing different about them is who has animus magic. Towards the end of Darkness of Dragons, Darkstalker thought Qibli would be able to lead him onto the right path and act as his conscience. He trusts Qibli enough to do this and even offers him animus magic but in the end, Qibli declined.

Family Tree

Animus IceWings
(Frostbite†, Penguin†)
Queen Diamond
Princess Snowfox
Prince Arctic
Unnamed Daughter†


"This is my mother. Those are my full moons. This is my world now."
— some of his first thoughts (Darkstalker, page 17)

"Don't worry about it. She was cheating anyway, all he can think about is his crush on her sister, and he is thoroughly sick of both of them and wishes he knew anyone interesting. Have fun with your marbles, friends."
— to the NightWing group after they yelled at Whiteout for messing up the marbles game (Darkstalker, page 105)

"Don't worry about the future. Just be here, with me, in this moment, when we are both as happy as we've ever been in our whole lives so far."
— to Clearsight mentioning the futures (Darkstalker, page 108)

"Don't be mad at me for things I might do one day, all right? I'm not evil now. I haven't done any of that. And I probably won't. Will you focus on that, please? Stay in the present with me?"
— to Clearsight mentioning the futures (Darkstalker, page 118)

"It was just—this toy of Whiteout's. It's a little carved scavenger. She loves it in kind of an obsessive way. Once it got lost and she cried for a whole day, until we finally found it again. So after that, I enchanted it to always return to her. No matter where I hide it, or where she loses it, it always turns up on her pillow by that night. It's just a little thing."
— to Clearsight about one of his enchantments (Darkstalker, page 119)

"Oh—that's a drawing of you. I drew it before we met, from my visions, so it's not very good. I didn't want my father to see it or know about you... but I needed to have it, to look at. You know, to remind myself that things were going to get better."
— to Clearsight about a drawing (Darkstalker, page 139)

"I could see the future, but not just any future- all the possible futures. Do you understand what that means? I could have guided the tribe along the best path to safety and glory and power and everything else. At each crossroad, I would have known the right thing to do. I loved my tribe, Moonwatcher. I would have been the best ruler they'd ever had. I know it; I saw the futures where I was king, benevolent and beloved, married to Clearsight with six little dragonets of our own. Those were possible. They could have happened if anyone had had faith in me."
— thinking to Moonwatcher (Moon Rising, page 129)

"You are coming flying with us, because I have made you a present, and because there's a pack of delicious wolves running through the forests of Borderland Mountain, and because tomorrow is your hatching day, so Queen Vigilance can snort a bucket of worms for all I care."
— to Clearsight when she said Vigilance wanted more vision work done (Darkstalker)

"I'm nothing like my father. I don't need saving. I can choose my own future, and I like the one I see, and you're going to learn to like it too. Where is my scroll?"
— to Clearsight (Darkstalker)

"Now. Take your talons, rip open your stomach, and show us what you're really like on the inside. Pour out your life on this stage."
— commanding Arctic to kill himself (Darkstalker)

"If you come back to me, I promise I'll never enchant your mind again. I promise I'll listen to you this time. We can choose the best future together. I could use your help with what you've left me. A ruined city, a weak and broken tribe. You'd be their Queen Clearsight, doesn't that sound all right now? When you can have the crown without anyone having to die? It was just waiting for us, Clearsight."
— to himself, believing Clearsight was still there (Talons of Power (Book))

"Clearsight, I - I keep looking at all my new possible futures. Millions of possibilities, but they're all empty. They're empty without you. I have no one, Clearsight. All I can see around me, as far as the future unrolls, are slaves and soldiers."
— to himself, believing Clearsight was still there (Talons of Power (Book))

"I was exaggerating. It was simple honor suicide. Even he knew he deserved it"
— to Moon and Anemone about Arctic's death (Talons of Power)

"Didn't I save dragons too? But I'm not evil! I'm not..."
— his last words (Darkness of Dragons, page 353)

"What, did you think I'd taste a strawberry and decide, mmm, wow, that's worth giving up my magic for?"
— to Moon, Foeslayer, and Kinkajou (Darkness of Dragons, page 351)


  • Darkstalker's name can be perceived two ways: one is of a hero's perspective — that he chases away the darkness, while the other is that he stalks through the darkness as a villain. This is also a reflection of his own moral status—one can see him as both a hero and a villain if they look at both sides of the story.
  • Darkstalker was the first ever Pyrrhian king to be in charge of a tribe fully, as even though Gill ran the SeaWing tribe while Queen Coral was guarding Anemone, her authority superseded his.
  • Both Darkstalker and Sunny dislike sleeping; they both feel like as though they are missing something when they sleep.
  • Tui has confirmed Darkstalker's theme song is I Love Me by Meghan Trainor.[6]
  • In Moon Rising, Darkstalker states that his father taught him how to block out other dragons' thoughts. However, in Darkstalker, it is shown that his father is an IceWing, meaning he can't have taught Darkstalker how to do that, and he states that he learned the trick from a special class at school. 
  • Darkstalker is the second dragon to have his mouth closed on a book cover.
  • Darkstalker is the first dragon to be immortal.
  • Darkstalker is the first dragon to have enchanted scales.



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