"Perhaps there's a way to reach a diplomatic accord. Maybe by dividing the Kingdom of Sand among the three of you, for instance."
—Gill to Blister, Assassin

King Gill was an adult male SeaWing who ruled alongside his mate, Queen Coral, until his capture by the SkyWings during the War of SandWing Succession.

After having been deprived of water for a long time by Scarlet, he was killed by his daughter, Princess Tsunami, during a battle at the SkyWing Arena.


King Gill was a large, powerful SeaWing with pea-green scales[2] and, according to Coral, had brave, dark green eyes.[3] His claws were curved and sharp, like fish hooks.[3] He was twice the size of Tsunami,[3] and he wore gold bands around his wrists. In Queen Scarlet's arena, he was driven mad from lack of water as punishment for a prisoner revolution he had attempted to start. As a result, his eyes were bloodshot and hooded, his tongue swollen and purple, and he looked skinny and completely dehydrated, as if someone had left him sleeping in the middle of the desert for three years. His snout was flecked with blood, and he may have tried to drink from his own veins. According to Clay, he looked completely insane.


Little is known about Gill's personality, although Coral remembered him as 'being the perfect king', describing him to be smart, strong, persuasive, gentle, and of a noble family. However, she did think of Whirlpool as a perfect future king, too, which may mean this description is inaccurate. In Assassin, he is shown to be a good king, wanting to compromise rather than fight to end the War of SandWing Succession. He was said to have a way with words, such as when he was able to convince prisoners to stop fighting in Scarlet's arena. Gill was said to have adored Coral's writing.[4]

He also seemed to care about SeaWing princesses very much, as he was devastated and furious when two of the female eggs were smashed in the prologue of Talons of Power. Though reasonable as he is, he was also prone to jumping to conclusions. This was shown when he blamed Turtle for not finding Snapper in time, but never had the chance to apologize when the truth came out.


King Gill led the SeaWing army in the War Of SandWing Succession for a short period due to Queen Coral's commitment to keeping Princess Anemone's egg safe, refusing to leave it in the royal hatchery. During one mission, he was captured and brought to Queen Scarlet's arena. He refused to fight for her amusement and attempted to start a prisoner revolution. For this, he was deprived of any drinking water for months, driving him to insanity.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Gill fighting Tsunami

Gill was pitted against Tsunami after Scarlet had captured the dragonets of destiny, and was showing them off to Princess Burn to celebrate her hatching day. He was punished after trying to start a prison revolution and stop all the dragons from fighting each other in the arena. Due to Queen Scarlet taking away his water for months, Gill had gone insane due to dehydration. Tsunami had no choice but to fight him. She had defeated Gill without killing him, but it caused Queen Scarlet to mock her. In retaliation, she snapped his neck, glaring at Scarlet with an expression that said: "I'm imagining this is you." For all of her time in the Sky Kingdom, Tsunami did not know that Gill was her father.
The Lost Heir
After finding out that he had been taken to the SkyWing Arena and subsequently killed, Queen Coral wondered why he would fight, saying that he would have simply talked the other dragons out of attacking. Tsunami then explained that Gill had been punished for doing so and that Scarlet had taken away all his water until he became extremely dehydrated, which had driven him mad. Tsunami asks why is she so troubled by this and Coral then told Tsunami that he was her father, overwhelming her with guilt. Coral was extremely saddened after the death of Gill and dismissed her council that day to mourn this death. Tsunami also mentions that she thought Shark had guessed the truth. Tsunami feels extremely guilty for killing Gill, both before and after learning he is her father. Blister also knew Tsunami had killed King Gill, threatening to reveal this to Queen Coral if the dragonets attempted to leave.
The Dark Secret
When Starflight entered Tsunami's dream with a dreamvisitor, he saw her strangling the skeleton shape of Gill. Anemone then arrived, and Tsunami tried explaining that she'd had no choice in killing their father. Anemone then strangled Gill herself while Tsunami was trying to hold her back. That was when Starflight decided to exit her nightmare and find another dragon's dream.
The Brightest Night
More information flying in soon...

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power
In the prologue, Gill went to check on Abalone, who was guarding the eggs in the SeaWing Royal Hatchery, but Abalone had fallen ill and was growing worse. He had a strange, growing tumor on his neck. Gill then swam into the courtyard of the deep palace to ask for help, and he found Turtle with his hatchmates, Cerulean and Octopus. Turtle volunteered to help and tried to get Snapper. Gill returned to Abalone and noticed the tumor growing, and Gill went for help. After the healers returned with Gill, they found the two broken female eggs. Gill went into a rage and finds Turtle being made fun of by his brothers in the garden. He was angry with Turtle and scolded him fiercely. Gill then left to talk to Coral, who had both Abalone and Snapper executed. Grieving over their lost daughters, Queen Coral decided to name their next daughter Anemone.

However, in Talons of Power, Gill is shown to have a more violent side (this is triggered by the stress of losing his daughters). When he sends Turtle to find Snapper, he waits with Abalone, who is getting even sicker. He gets angrier and angrier while waiting for Turtle, but he finally leaves the Royal Hatchery to get Abalone's help. After he returns with the healers, Abalone is found unconscious (because the tumor burst) along with the two smashed female eggs. He roars in fury and orders the other SeaWings in the hall to get Turtle. Gill finds Turtle and grabs him by the wing, telling the prince that he was disappointed in him for failing to find Snapper on time. Though he does have a pang of guilt while punishing Turtle, he does not relent his anger while scolding him. He appears to hold a grudge because he avoided Turtle before he found out Snapper's location.

It is later shown that he forgave Turtle because Snapper was not even in the Deep Sea Palace that day, (but sadly Gill got captured by the SkyWings before he could tell Turtle).


King Gill met with Princess Blister when deciding what move to make next in the war. He tried to talk everyone into peace, even though he failed. After news of Tempest's assassination reached him, he was shown grieving while still trying to keep the peace among the infuriated dragons around him.


Queen Coral

Gill had a loving relationship with Coral during his life. She thought highly of Gill, and also wrote a scroll on why she chose him. Coral knew he was trustworthy, and wanted him to run the kingdom while she stayed with her egg. Gill said he would do anything for her.

Prince Turtle

He was angry at Turtle for not finding Snapper in time, which resulted in his daughters' deaths. Gill was resentful of his son from the incident, but was sorry to have found out Snapper went off. According to Queen Coral, Gill forgave Turtle for the incident when he was a dragonet, but he never got to tell Turtle before his death.


Abalone was a good friend of Gill's. When he was inflicted with a growing tumor, Gill sought help quickly for him.


Tempest appeared to have a relationship with Gill, as he sobbed heavily when she died.

Family Tree

Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet
12 deceased daughters


"Yes. We're starting to wonder if this war is really worth it for anyone involved, [...] Perhaps there's a way to reach a diplomatic accord. Maybe by dividing the Kingdom of Sand among the three of you, for instance."
— to Blister (Assassin)

"What are we going to do without her?"
— mourning Commander Tempest (Assassin)

"All right, stay here. Watch the eggs and don't fall asleep. I'll grab someone and send for help."
— to Abalone in Aquatic (Talons of Power, prologue)

""It's too late, [...] Your new sisters are dead, and it's your fault."
— to Turtle (Talons of Power, prologue)

"You shouldn't volunteer for things you're incapable of doing, [...] You shouldn't offer to help if you're going to be useless."
— to Turtle (Talons of Power, prologue)

"I sent him for help, and instead he flapped around looking in all the wrong places and goofing off."
— about Turtle (Talons of Power, prologue)


  • He is one of the three known SeaWings to be named after a part of fish anatomy, the other two being Webs, and his son, Fin.
  • Gill wasn't originally Tsunami's father. This element was added in during the writing of book two.[5]



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