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The Kingdom of Sand is the home and territory of the SandWings, a desert-dwelling dragon tribe. It occupies the southwestern portion of the continent, stretching from the Claws of the Clouds Mountains of the Sky Kingdom, to the edge of the Ice Kingdom, the previous NightWing Kingdom, and the bordering parts of the ocean.


The Kingdom of Sand is a vast,[1] endless[2], and empty[3] expand of sandy desert, surrounded by open sky and rolling dunes as far as the eye could see in every direction.[4] It is large, wide, and flat,[5] and is dotted with many oasis towns,[3][6] due to the lack of water. It is covered in warm sand,[7] and is dotted with several small desert pools[8] and oases that have been described as tiny springs.[9] The sand has been described to ripple like a pale ocean,[1] and it is large and empty.[3]

The Kingdom of Sand is full of brightsting cactus,[10] the only known antidote to SandWing venom, and has many of it sold by almost every merchant in the Scorpion Den.[11] There are several cities and oasis towns spread throughout the kingdom.[12]

Notable Features

Disputed Tundra

The far side of the Ice Kingdom's tundra is disputed territory between the Ice Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sand.[13]

Jerboa III's hut

Jerboa III's hut is located on the northwest coast of the Kingdom of Sand.[citation needed] It is the home of Jerboa III, daughter of the original Jerboa.

SandWing stronghold

Queen Thorn's stronghold is used as a palace for the SandWings. SandWing royalty lives in the stronghold. It is designed to be less vulnerable to attack more than beauty and appearance. The stronghold used to look more menacing, with enemy heads on spikes and Burn's weirdling tower, but these features were removed in Thorn's reign.

Scorpion Den

The Scorpion Den is a famous city in the Kingdom of Sand. It is inhabited by lowlife SandWings and SandWing hybrids. The Scorpion Den is known to be full of assassins, thieves, con artists, and more, making it a dangerous place to live.





The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Glory found an animus-touched tunnel in the Rainforest Kingdom that leads to the Kingdom of Sand. She described the desert as "always hot and clear with no rainy days." The tunnel is hidden by sand right outside of Burn's stronghold, and the wind blows sand to cover it up every single day, which is why Burn had not discovered the tunnel entrance. The NightWings had wanted the tunnel there so that when Blister became queen, she could help them seize the rainforest.

The Brightest Night

The Kingdom of Sand was where Sunny met Thorn and her Outclaws in the Scorpion Den, Smolder in Burn's stronghold, and where the next SandWing queen was chosen.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Escaping Peril

Peril wanders around the border of the Kingdom of Sand while trying to find her meeting place.

Darkness of Dragons

When Qibli and Winter went to go and rescue Ostrich, they flew to both the Scorpion Den and Thorn's stronghold.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

In the epilogue, Snowfall met Jerboa III at the edge of the Kingdom of Sand, close to the border into IceWing territory.

The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall and the other Pantalans flew across the Kingdom of Sand to get to Sanctuary.



Scorpion allowed the NightWings and IceWings to battle there, in return for large piles of treasure from both tribes. Later on in the story, Darkstalker followed Arctic into the desert along with Clearsight and Fathom in order to stop him from turning in Whiteout to Queen Diamond.


Wren followed Sandstorm's army to the Kingdom of Sand in order to rescue Sky. Later, Ivy, Leaf, and Stone travelled to the Kingdom of Sand in attempt to bring Rose back to Valor.



Six-Claws grew up in the Sand Kingdom. Oasis's death occurred sometime after, causing the three SandWing heirs to compete for the throne and begin the War of SandWing Succession. Blister also stole the majority of the SandWing treasure when Oasis was away.


  • If Blaze had won the war, the Kingdom would be smaller, as the IceWings would now own the disputed northern land; Blaze promised them that piece of land if they won the war.



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