Kinkajou is a young female RainWing dragonet and one of the supporting characters in The Hidden Kingdom. She is a student attending the Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Jade Winglet, but is currently somewhere in the Rainforest. She is shown to be chatty, very friendly, bubbly, happy, jumpy, rambunctious, and highly enthusiastic, similar to Princess Sunny. During Moon Rising, she quickly became great friends with her NightWing clawmate, Moonwatcher, although she holds a slight grudge against other NightWings because they tortured her and her tribe. She is brave, kind, rather caring, seems to have a million best friends at once, and her favorite color is bright yellow. Prince Turtle has a crush on her, and Kinkajou was enchanted by Princess Anemone to love him as much as he loves her, although this spell was removed at the end of Darkness of Dragons. At the end of Darkness of Dragons, she was unsure about her feelings for Turtle because she thought he was cute, but was conflicted as to if this was an after effect of the spell. 

Appearance Edit

Kinkajou is a small RainWing dragonet. As a RainWing, her scales change colors depending on her mood; she is often described as having hot-pink scales with lighter yellow underscales. It's common for her to look like that because of their symbolism of happiness and excitement, some of her typical expressions. The underside of her wings is an ombre of pink shades as well as her ruff/frill. The overscales on the top of her head are violet/purple. In The Hidden Kingdom, during the challenge for the throne, RainWing venom hit her wing and left three small holes in her wing membrane, although she lost these scars due to Anemone healing them in Talons of Power. She has dark green eyes.

Personality Edit

Kinkajou is very talkative, bubbly, happy and hyper. She appears to be childish, likes to have fun, and describes herself as "smart, but annoying", although she does have the occassional somewhat serious side. She was also described by Winter as annoying. When she was captured by the NightWings, she learned to communicate with the other RainWing prisoners by observing the shifting colors of their scales. She is also shown to be very dedicated and loyal to those she believes deserves this loyalty, such as when she quite enthusiastically backed Glory's challenge to become queen of the RainWings and often expressing her loyalty towards the queen. She was devaststed towards her near loss in the Royal RainWing Challenge, showing she cares very much about helping others as she apologized to Glory for causing her not to gain the throne.

She is also very curious, and enjoys learning about new things and having new experiences. When she is really excited, she finds it difficult to keep her scales from turning neon yellow and pink, just like the other members of her tribe. When her scales are normal, they are also often pink and yellow. Kinkajou is also seen to love making friends, such as Moonwatcher, Tamarin, Glory, etc. She is shown several times to worry about her friends leaving her, even wondering if Moon liked Sora better than her after Moon left the Prey Center to go to the library with her later. She also believes that she is always last to know everything, like Turtle's animus powers and Moon's mind reading and foresight abilities, although this is not always true. Kinkajou was excited when she arrived at Jade Mountain Academy because she had never been anywhere but the rainforest and the now destroyed NightWing Island. She was enchanted by Anemone to love Turtle, but she didn't act any different than normal, besides showing extra affection and adoration towards Turtle. She seems to have a slightly snarky side to her, as she refers to Darkstalker as "King Bossy".

Kinkajou, like most other RainWings, has a serious dislike for eating meat and will only eat fruit. She is also disgusted by the thought of blood and death, and the thought of creatures in pain, such as using her venom on other dragons. Her concern for living creatures is shown when she jumped in front of an innocent sloth during her venom shooting contest with Ex-Queen Grandeur, getting hit instead during the process. This earned her a triangle shaped venom scar on her wing that was eventually cured by Anemone's coma and injury deduction spell. 


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Kinkajou was one of the seventeen missing RainWings held captive by the NightWings on the NightWing Island, although she holds no resentment toward the NightWing tribe whatsoever. Kinkajou met Glory when she was knocked unconscious and brought through the animus-touched NightWing Tunnels to the Night Kingdom. Kinkajou's venom was so weak that the NightWings didn't even bother binding her snout shut. She claimed that she was the youngest dragon there, and confirmed that there were seventeen missing, three of them already dead. When the NightWings were coming after them during their escape, Glory asked Kinkajou to camouflage herself to look like a NightWing dragonet. Kinkajou fooled the guards for long enough so that she could escape. With her help, (as well as Clay and Deathbringer's) Glory and Kinkajou, both were able to escape, and warn the rest of the RainWings about the upcoming danger that they had been ignoring. Most of them continued to ignore them and follow Ex-Queen Magnificent's example.

Kinkajou participated in the venom contest during Glory's challenge for the RainWing throne and proved to be exceptionally better than what Bromeliad had claimed. During Grandeur's turn, a sloth tumbled out of the trees and landed in front of the targeting board. When Kinkajou leaped to move it away, Grandeur's venom accidentally hit the young RainWing's wing, causing the venom to start burning through her wings. After a quick and panicked venom test with Grandeur, Glory put some of her own venom on Kinkajou's affected wing in an attempt to stop the venom from eating through her scales. It proved successful. Grandeur forfeited, realizing that Glory should be the rightful queen, especially because Glory was related to Grandeur. Kinkajou thereby was awarded victory for the venom targeting, and Glory became the new queen of the RainWings.

The Dark SecretEdit

Kinkajou had dreams about Glory and was shown to look up to her. She was terrified that she might lose the ability to fly after the venom scarred three black spots on her wing and badly burned her. Kinkajou was the first dragon that Starflight visited while using the dreamvisitor he found, visiting a nightmare of hers.

The Brightest NightEdit

Near the beginning of the book, Sunny spied on Starflight with the Obsidian Mirror. As she watched, some healers were mumbling to each other about prefferring to be Kinkajou rather than him, believing Starflight's injuries to be worse than Kinkajou's.

Kinkajou was mentioned when Peril asked Sunny if Clay had talked about her. Sunny remembered that Clay hadn't mentioned her in a while and that they had both been watching over Kinkajou after her venom accident when he finally did.

In the epilogue, Glory mentioned her as a possiblity when the dragonets discussed students for a new school on Jade Mountain. She said that Kinkajou and Tamarin needed real teachers, not just the scraps of the time she had for them.

Moon Rising Edit

Kinkajou was a friend and clawmate of Moonwatcher (the main protagonist and point of view of Moon Rising). When Moon first saw Kinkajou, she noticed there were three ink-like drops on Kinkajou's wing that didn't change color like the rest of her body. In the prey center, Kinkajou introduced Moon to her former "friend" Coconut, whom she held a little resentment for, considering he didn't even realize she was missing when she was captured. She also handed Bandit, Winter's pet scavenger, a blueberry when Winter said that he wouldn't eat anything that Winter gave him. She was considered annoying by their clawmate, Carnelian, and she seemed to have a crush on Winter. When Moonwatcher revealed her powers, Kinkajou didn't know what to think and was shocked and a little angry. Later, after Qibli, Winter, and Moon had fought Icicle, Winter's sister, Kinkajou forgave Moon, saying, "Well, yeah, but that was yesterday", and all of the Jade Winglet (excluding Umber, who ran away with Sora, and Carnelian, who died in the explosion) set off to find Winter. Kinkajou was also given a piece of skyfire by Turtle.

Winter Turning Edit

Kinkajou set out with Winter and the others to go find Prince Hailstorm and travel to the Rainforest, where she saw Glory again. While in the Rainforest, she, Winter, Moon, and Qibli were discovered by a NightWing Patrol, and Kinkajou recognized Bromeliad after calling out to her, thinking the older dragon was Orchid, leading us to believe the dragons may have bonded during their time in the NightWings' prison. Bromeliad was with the NightWing Obsidian. Obsidian lead them to the NightWing village while Bromeliad flew off to tell Queen Glory that they have arrived. After a brief stint in the hatchery, Kinkajou and the others retrieved Icicle. Queen Glory's guards knocked her out with a sleeping dart. Later, while searching for Scarlet, Scarlet's ally, Chameleon, attacked Kinkajou in the form of Shapeshifter, knocking her into a tree with his tail and putting her in a coma until she was woken up with animus magic from Princess Anemone and Turtle in Talons of Power.

The group then left the Claws of the Clouds mountains, each of them taking turns to carry Kinkajou. Eventually, they reached the town of Possibility, where Mayfly diagnosed her with broken ribs, skull fracture, and a bruised spine. She was in a coma and would not be able to move for at least a month if she ever woke up at all.

Escaping Peril Edit

Kinkajou was mentioned once Turtle and Peril reached Possibility. She was still in a coma, and Turtle went to go visit her with Moon and Qibli, leaving Peril to wait outside of town.

Talons of Power Edit

Kinkajou was woken up by Anemone, who was casting a spell on her with Turtle. Anemone enchanted Kinkajou's skyfire to heal her, and later added a spell to "make her love Turtle as much as he loved her". Turtle hated this but couldn't change the spell because it had already been cast, and he thought that it might risk hurting Kinkajou. The healing spell erased Kinkajou's three venom scars, and she seemed a bit disappointed about that. Turtle secretly enchanted the skyfire at the same time to protect her from any spells by Darkstalker. Darkstalker would also not notice her, not be able to read her mind and regard her as unimportant if he ever spotted her, or if she was in any of his futures. Soon after she was woken up, Darkstalker showed up. He created a prison for the dragons coming to kill Glory, and Kinkajou didn't think that was good. As soon as he left, Kinkajou told Turtle "He's definitely evil". Turtle told her his suspicions of how evil Darkstalker really was, and she agreed to help him spy on Darkstalker. When Darkstalker left with the dragons who wanted to come with him to the old Night Kingdom, Kinkajou followed him, along with Turtle. When they got there, Moonwatcher was attacked by the mop Anemone enchanted to hit her until she was done cleaning Anemone's room for her, and that she wouldn't be done until Anemone told her that it was done. Kinkajou told Anemone to stop and called her an "overripe melon" and a "jackdaw". She said she was being a horrible dragon and told her to stop using her magic for bad things. Then Darkstalker came in. He put Moon under a trance, and Turtle signaled to Kinkajou for her to pretend she was under the trance, too. Then, after Anemone was told to leave and she did, Moon came out of the trance and Kinkajou pretended to too. Turtle had to go after Anemone. Kinkajou flared her wings, turning them pink at the edges, and gave him a sweet smile. After that, she left the room with Darkstalker and Moon.

Later, Kinkajou was brought to Darkstalker's throne room by a sword that he enchanted to find someone the hidden animus dragon (Turtle) cared about. She told Turtle not to mind her and to stay hidden, but he refused and gave his enchanted hiding stick to Anemone. Darkstalker then tried to kill Turtle, but Kinkajou melted his eyeball, hindering him temporarily. Turtle then, quickly, gave Kinkajou his pouch of animus objects, and Kinkajou was sent out of the room as Turtle's animus powers were taken by Darkstalker. Darkstalker tried to enchant her to forget about everything that happened, but because of the spell Turtle put on her, it didn't work, though she pretended to leave under Darkstalker's spell. Turtle, while being brought to the dungeon, thought of her when he thought of the dragons that could still save him and the world.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Kinkajou was mentioned in a note from Turtle to Qibli, telling him that she was awake.

Later, when Qibli was visiting the old Night Kingdom to rescue Turtle, Qibli ran into Kinkajou, who was camouflaged, spying on Chameleon in his MudWing form of Bog. Once seeing Chameleon change into his NightWing form, Shapeshifter, she noticed that Shapeshifter still had the same jewelry that was on Bog, but she then noticed that he was wearing another earring, and Kinkajou guessed that the scroll pieces were in it. They devised a plan to steal Chameleon's pieces of Darkstalker's Talisman. Qibli acted as a distraction, and Kinkajou managed to camouflage and steal the earring, reverting Chameleon to his original lime-green RainWing state. They persuaded him to go back to the Rainforest Kingdom.

After Darkstalker's discussion with Qibli, Kinkajou used the pieces of Darkstalker's talisman to turn him into Peacemaker, making herself the hero of the second arc.

At the beginning of the Darkness of Dragons epilogue, Kinkajou was mentioned by Moon, who pointed out that she kept her accomplishment in defeating Darkstalker secret. Kinkajou was also seen accidentally scaring away the scavengers Winter was trying to catch for the Scavenger Sanctuary he and the other Talons of Peace planned to build. Winter pointed out to Kinkajou that she could help catch one of the scavengers, as she could camouflage herself. After a quick talk with her about Moon and leaving Jade Mountain Academy for Queen Snowfall and the other IceWings, they set off to catch one.

Kinkajou also appeared later in the epilogue, when it was Turtle's point of view. She said that she liked the story he wrote for a class at Jade Mountain Academy, and how she felt very confused after having a love spell on her. She also revealed Anemone's crush on Tamarin, which was a bit of a shock to Turtle.



Moon and Kinkajou are both very close friends and they get along fairly well, as shown several times in the second arc. Kinkajou also tends to think Moon likes other dragons better than her. Kinkajou used to hold a slight grudge against her since she was a NightWing, but after Moon told her about Secretkeeper hiding her egg in the rainforest, they've been best friends ever since, especially after she discovers Moon isn't at all what she thought of. In Darkness of Dragons, Darkstalker mentioned that Moonwatcher was very fond of Kinkajou.

Queen GloryEdit

Kinkajou was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom alongside Tamarin, Jambu, Orchid, and Mangrove. She proved to be fierce and helpful while helping Glory escape the Night Kingdom, though a NightWing hit her with the blunt end of a spear. She views Glory as her role model, and it is shown that Queen Glory thinks of Kinkajou as a friend rather than a subject, as she mentions in Winter Turning and some of the other books. She also didn’t hesitate to find a blood relative to Ex-Queen Grandeur to save Kinkajou from an accidental venom strike.

Prince TurtleEdit

During Talons of Power, Princess Anemone casts a spell on Kinkajou to heal her, as in Winter Turning she was severely injured by Chameleon (as Shapeshifter). Anemone, however, also cast a love spell on Kinkajou, making her love Turtle as much as he loved her. By the end of Darkness of Dragons, Anemone removed the love spell on her. This made Kinkajou slightly confused, as she no longer knew how she felt about Prince Turtle, though she does think he is "adorable", somewhere between baby sloths and Anemone's crush on Tamarin.

Prince WinterEdit

It seems like she might have had a crush on Winter, with thoughts appreciating the shiny quality of his scales, though it might just be an aesthetic appreciation.


Bromeliad is Kinkajou’s venom trainer, and Kinkajou and Bromeliad appear to have a genuine dislike for each other. She even quotes that “Bromeliad is a slow old baboon”, showing her dislike for her.

Quotes Edit

"That's because Bromeliad is a slow old baboon." - To Queen Glory

"I'd follow Queen Glory anywhere!" - To Ex-Queen Magnificent

"It's MORNING! Isn't that WONDERFUL?" - To Moon and Carnelian in Moon Rising

"Have you explored yet? There's the most amazing library - not that I can read yet, but oh my gosh, I'm working on it really hard. And an art cave! It's full of all these colors of paint, like, like, like a couple of RainWings just EMOTED all over it! You guys, we should make amazing paintings and then decorate our cave with them. WOULDN'T THAT BE AMAZING?" - To Moon and Carnelian

"How can you not love it here? Don’t you come from a place with no colors and no life?" - To Winter.

"Ooooo. How does it feel to be related to someone famous? Probably a bit like being best friends with a queen. Which I am, just incidentally, so, I mean, I totally get it!" - To Sora

"I say anyone who is gross enough to eat something that's alive and wriggling deserves to get pecked. You should take those dragons out hunting with you and leave the rest of us here to enjoy our quiet sensible fruit in peace." - To Clay

"This is the most beautiful part of Pyrrhia. Other dragons would be lucky to live here!" - To Winter

"You were totally hallucinating. Too many smokeberries." - To Qibli

"Oh, they're crazy. I had some while the RainWing healers were working on my wing injury. They gave me the wildest hallucinations - flying panthers, quetzals the size of dragons, scavengers with superpowers. You name it, I saw everything." - To Qibli

"We're eating together! You haven't even finished your hairy smelly carcass thingy! Sit!” - To Moon

"OOOOOOOO, totally invisible to Darkstalker! That is an excellent spell. Another great idea, see? We'll be an awesome team. You can be the idea dragon and I can be the WHAM BAM SHOVE A PINEAPPLE UP HIS SNOUT dragon!" - To Turtle

"He looks like he's posing for a portrait. Pompous Sneerdagard the Magnificent Awaits His Legions of Doomed Enemies." - To Turtle, about Darkstalker

"You overripe melon!" - To Anemone

"I've never cleaned my room either! Well, I don't have a room. But I have a hammock! Sometimes I shake it to get all the leaves and bugs out. Does that count?" - To Anemone

"I love you, Turtle." - To Turtle

"Ball of fluff? I just melted your eyeball! I'm totally terrifying!" - To Darkstalker

"Go away, Bromeliad. You smell like FISH and I don't WANNA train today." - To Turtle

"Don't worry, I know you can't talk. I'm the only one without a gag. They decided my venom wasn't strong enough or I couldn't shoot far enough to be dangerous, or something, I guess, which is a little unfair because if someone just train me properly, I think I'd be super-great at it and then these horrible dragons would be super-sorry for putting me in a cage." - To Glory about the NightWings.

"Someone must have been looking for me." - To Glory

"We're going to have a proper queen for once."

"Yes, without me. I know you can. Oh, monkey brains - does this mean I'm the hapless sidekick? Blorg, that is so lame. Better than the wailing victim who needs rescuing, though. Make sure nobody writes me that way when this story becomes an epic poem, all right? And I would definitely like to be the hero next time, please. I my next life, I guess." - To Turtle.

"Hello, King Bossy." - To Darkstalker

"Oh, you're mad at me. I'm used to that." - To Glory

"Yes, but I think lots of things are adorable, so don't get too excited. I mean, you're somewhere between baby sloths and Anemone's crush on Tamarin on the adorableness scale." - To Turtle

"Hey!" "Are you awake?" - When she first meets Glory.

"This is...super-cool." - To Glory when she won.

"Then I'm going to the rainforest. I'm not letting her kill my awesome queen." - To Moon, Winter, Turtle, and Qibli about Icicle.

"I would have." - To Moon about her powers.

"Never saw me coming! Taken down by a ball of fluff. Who's insignificant NOW, frog-face?" - To King Darkstalker before he changes into Peacemaker.

"Oh, I knew he wouldn't. But I couldn't tell you my awesome plan, obviously." - To Moon about Darkstalker

"Your own." - To Darkstalker

"Arrrrgh, I think I'm making a stupid love spell face. ANEMONE." - To Anemone about the 'love Turtle' spell she put on her

"Isn’t this exciting? I’m so excited I can hardly STAND IT. that’s why I’m this color, by the way. I have been trying all morning to turn myself something more dignified and I can’t DO it; my scales are all like, YAY WE’RE REALLY HERE! And will not listen to me" - To Moon about school

"Who's that? You want my venom, I'll show you ven- oh, hi, Turtle." - Kinkajou when waking up

"Qibli told me what happened. I can't believe I missed it all! I can't believe I wasn't there to protect you! You're totally heroes, saving us all from back guys! Although, I'm kind of confused about who's that bad guy and who I should be mad at, because SORA WHAT but also Icicle was totally scary but then SAVING HER BROTHER ACK so I get it but still, attacking my winglet! My best friend! Not OK!" - To Moonwatcher

"SPELL? You healed me with magic? That is AMAZING!" - To Anemone

"I'm going to study him, so we can figure out what he's enchanted to hypnotize everybody, and then we're going to steal it or break it, and then everyone will be all, 'AAAAAH THERE'S A MONSTER DRAGON TRYING TO MANIPULATE US!' and they'll rise up and stop him. Done! The day is saved!" - To Turtle

"To be invulnerable to pineapples?" - To Turtle, about Darkstalker

"He’s a HERO! With a REALLY KIND HEART! And I CAN’T EVEN TELL IF I REALLY THINK THAT because of YOU. I am so mad at you I could drown you in venom!" - To Anemone, about Turtle

"She's a grumpy old cow." -to Glory, about Bromeliad


  • A kinkajou is a species of mammal that consumes nectar and is also a pollinator.
  • Her favorite color is yellow, which she displays on her scales the most often.
  • She views Glory as her hero. Evidence suggests that she sees Glory as larger-than-life in her dreams, Glory is depicted as impossibly large and impossibly gorgeous. She once passionately stated to her fellow RainWings, "I'd follow Glory anywhere!", despite the fact that Glory threatened to kill to become queen. She was also seen dreaming about Glory when Starflight visited her dreams via the dreamvistor.
  • Many dragons are annoyed by her sometimes overwhelming optimism.
  • She is one of Tui T. Sutherland's favorite characters, as stated in one of her blog posts.
  • She is not related to Grandeur as shown in The RainWing Royal Challenge when her venom made the plank melt faster after Grandeur sprayed her venom on it.
    • By extension, she may not be related to Glory.
  • Tui thought of giving Kinkajou her own book but decided against it, replying in a chat that she used books to evolve characters and make them better, but Kinkajou was already great. She also stated that Kinkajou was a lot like Sunny on the inside, who already had a book.
  • Kinkajou sees herself as Glory, Tamarin, and Moon's best friend and Coconut's ex-best friend, though as Moon stated in Moon Rising, Kinkajou may be the kind of dragon who gets a new best friend every three minutes.
  • Due to the fact that she was one of the RainWing hostages, she holds a small grudge against most NightWings she doesn't know.
  • In Winter Turning, Kinkajou is mistakenly called him instead of her.
  • Despite being unwilling to hurt other dragons, she had no problem melting Darkstalker's eye when he tried to kill Turtle, who mistakes him for Fathom. This may have been because of the love spell; she was extra protective of Turtle, and of course at the time if she loved him, she would not hesitate to hurt his would-be murderer. She was the first dragon to actually hurt Darkstalker after he came out from Jade Mountain, despite many other's attempts. Kinkajou also attacked Princess Icicle after she threatened to hurt Queen Glory.
    • She also expressed the desire to use her venom on Anemone and Chameleon, but never actually did so.
  • She is one of the 'fun and fierce protagonists' in Darkness of Dragons, along with Anemone.
  • She is technically the hero of the second arc since it was her idea and her doing that transformed Darkstalker into Peacemaker.
    • This is ironic because she never even got her own book, and as told by Tui, never will.
  • In Darkness of Dragons, in the epilogue of Turtle's point of view, Kinkajou explains to Turtle that she is still confused that whether her feelings for him are or are not real, because she remembers feeling them during the spell. And she says "More like, let's keep hanging out and see what happens? And I'll try to figure out which feelings are real after a little more time has passed? I think that's what we should do." Technically, she is stating in this sentence that by "let's keep hanging out" could mean that they are possibly dating and spending time with each other, but this is not yet confirmed.
  • Even though most RainWings can't count, she stated there being seventeen missing RainWings. She was able to count at age three, unlike the other dragonets shown in the nursery in Winter Turning.
  • In the minigame Speed Wings on Scholastic's Home Base, Kinkajou is a playable character, along with Exquisite, Magnificent, Mango, Tamarin, and Grandeur.



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