(Not to be confused with Queen Lagoon, a SeaWing in Darkstalker (Legends).)

Lagoon is a plump, turquoise[1] female SeaWing introduced in The Lost Heir. She serves on Queen Coral's council and is in charge of preparing food for the council meetings. She was imprisoned by Queen Coral along with Shark for neglecting the Dragonets of Destiny of food. She probably wasn't punished severely, according to Tsunami's guess in The Lost Heir. It is hinted that Queen Coral told Lagoon to feed the dragonets in front of Tsunami, but in truth might have ordered Lagoon not to feed them. When confronted she sends Lagoon to the dungeon rather than face the blame and when Lagoon tries to protest Queen Coral silences her in Aquatic thinking that Tsunami wouldn’t understand.

Biography Edit

The Lost HeirEdit

After the dragonets were imprisoned, Queen Coral told Lagoon to make sure they were very well fed. However, she neglected them, and only fed them tiny crabs and other breakfast leftovers from the feast that was served during the council meetings. However, when Tsunami found out during her visit to the Dragonets of Destiny she told her mother, Queen Coral and sent her to prison. She also suspected the her uncle, Shark or even Queen Coral of being the one who gave the order for Clay to be chained, though it is still unknown who actually did this. Queen Coral seemed to be shocked and angry because they disobeyed her commands and had the two of them imprisoned, but Tsunami knew that they wouldn't be punished harshly and that they'd be soon released due to their status and role in the SeaWing government.

Trivia Edit

  • It is suspected that she had been eating the leftover food that she was supposed to be feeding to the dragonets.
  • She shares a name with Queen Lagoon, the queen before Queen Pearl, who also shares a name with a present day SeaWing, Pearl.
  • Lagoons are bodies of water that have been separated from the ocean by coral reefs of shallow water.


References Edit

  1. The Lost Heir, page 81

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