"Do you think you're done? Do you think you'll ever be done atoning for what you did to Sapphire? It's not going to end, Albatross.You'll always be mine."
—Lagoon to Albatross, Darkstalker

(Not to be confused with Lagoon, Coral's cook who was introduced in The Lost Heir.)

Lagoon was a female SeaWing queen introduced in Darkstalker. She and her husband, Humpback, ruled the SeaWing tribe until they were killed in the Royal SeaWing Massacre


Lagoon has sapphire-blue scales[1] and blue wings[2]. She often wears a crown[3] and sapphires matching her scales[1].


Queen Lagoon has been shown to be haughty and full of poise, referring to Indigo as a "low-born purple dragonet." She is also rather selfish, as she attempted to use both Albatross's and Fathom's powers for her own needs. She kept Albatross under her control for many years, forcing him to create whatever she desired with his magic, which is likely the main reason why Albatross went insane. It was said in Darkstalker that she ordered Indigo to hunt in the middle of the night because the palace had run out of her favorite snack, displaying her selfish and lazy nature. She also talked to Indigo as if she was a servant. However, she was also said to be skilled at negotiating peace[4].



Queen Lagoon was next in line to rule the SeaWings, along with her sister, Princess Sapphire. She often liked to tease her younger brother, Prince Albatross. One time, while teasing Albatross with Sapphire, Albatross accidentally enchanted a clam to bite all of Sapphire's claws off. Angered by this, after learning of his animus powers, Queen Lagoon forced Albatross to use them for her own reasons, telling him he would never stop atoning for what he did to Sapphire.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

She was mentioned by the book that Moon read to have died in the Royal SeaWing Massacre.

Talons of Power

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Queen Lagoon was first seen at a beach near the Island Palace with Albatross for the purpose of testing all of the two-year-old SeaWings for animus magic. She sternly reminded Indigo not to disrupt the process, as she was playfully flicking sand onto Fathom. After a brief quarrel with Albatross, she watched as her brother pulled several coconuts out of nearby palm trees with his magic, instructing the dragonets to pick up their coconuts. After ordering their coconuts to fly through the air to Albatross, Fathom was confirmed an animus as his coconut struck his grandfather in the chest. She congratulated him in a rather sly manner, as she wanted to use his power for her own needs instead of her kingdom.

She was later shown hosting a fancy party intended to negotiate with the SkyWings, as there had been conflict over their shared border. She welcomed the two SkyWing delegates, Sunset and Eagle, displaying an enchanted fountain as proof of her tribe's animus power. After Albatross finally appeared, she scolded him for being late, and in response he slit her throat, killing her moments later.



Lagoon did not seem to care about her brother and only used him for his magic. She sees him as expendable and less presentable than the new animus, Fathom. She uses Albatross maiming Sapphire as an excuse so that Lagoon could use his power. Their relationship was strained before her death, in which Lagoon was killed by Albatross's enchanted knife.


She is shown to have respect for her sister despite having turned insane. Lagoon was the only royal SeaWing to visit Sapphire, who was living far away from the family.


Lagoon did not express appreciation for the dragonet because she was not of royal origin. She plotted to keep Indigo far away from Fathom, as their relationship was seen as a threat to her.


When Lagoon first found out that Fathom was an animus, she was very happy because she now had two animi. However, she only wanted to use him for her own purposes, much like she had used Albatross.

Family Tree



"I'd prefer sooner. If we find another animus in the tribe, that would make us twice as powerful, which would be quite useful given how the MudWings and RainWings have been behaving lately. And the earlier we find her, the sooner you can start to train her, and the sooner I can start to use her. Besides, I think we would all prefer to discover our next animus in a less . . . dramatic fashion than you were discovered. Don't you?"
― to Albatross about testing dragons for animus powers (Darkstalker)

"You are done complaining about this. The animus tests will continue. You will administer them whenever I tell you to. You will train any dragonet we find with powers like yours. And you will never question my decisions again."
― to Albatross (Darkstalker)

"But I'm the queen."
― to Albatross, her last words as Albatross kills her (Darkstalker)



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