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There are different languages spoken by the creatures in the Wings of Fire universe.


Dragon, or Dragonspeak, is the language spoken by Pyrrhian dragons, and later by Pantalans as well. It was formally named in The Lost Continent.

There is an old language as well, but the name of the old language is unknown. In The Lost Continent prologue, when Clearsight arrives, it is stated that the Pantalan dragons speak the old language and only a few Pantalan dragons speak the "Dragon language." As Luna and Jerboa could understand each other in the epilogue of The Lost Continent, it is confirmed that Pantalans speak Dragon.

Wren is the only scavenger known to speak Dragon, which she uses to communicate with Sky, her dragon friend. She later teaches Rose how to speak Dragon. According to her, the written language of Dragon has the appearance of a bunch of fire, claw, and moon symbols.

Known Words

  • Rrrrrr rrrrrmble rrrrrgle rrrrrbpity rrrrrflte = And stay away from dragons from now on.
  • Grumble growl roargle grawrf = Deathbringer
  • Roar roar roargle = Don't run away.
  • ROAR roar ROAR! = I said don't run away!
  • ROAR! GROARF! = Hey! Come back!
  • ROARITY ROAR ROAR ROAWR! = I won't eat you, I promise!
  • Orgle roargle roarfy growl = There. Now you can't run away.
  • Roarble groarf? = So. Where is the treasure?
  • ROARBLE roargrr argh roarf = All right, you're adorable, but that's enough.
  • Groar? Owrl? Roar? = Dreamvisitor? Treasure? Now?
  • Boarf = Thank you.
  • Roarble roarble? = Where's the rest?
  • Roarble roarble! ROAR! = The rest of the treasure. That you stole. Where this came from.
  • Roar roar growl roar roar = You're very cute, but you're all a lot of trouble.
  • Roar? Roar roargrr roar? = Oh. Do you want a ride? Are you sure?
  • Roarble roarble = All right. Hold on tight.
  • ROOOOOAAARRR roargrrrrROARGRRROAR! ROAAARGH? = This isn't all of it! Where's the Eye? Why isn't it here? You must have it! Where else could it be? I need the Eye of Onyx. It's my one chance to end the war! How am I supposed to end the war without it?
  • GRRRRMPH = Well said. That's very helpful.
  • Roarmorgrrroarble = You're brave and cute. I wish I could keep you. If Glory can have a sloth, I don't see why I can't have a scavenger or two. But it's too dangerous. I'd feel terrible if one of you got hurt.


Aquatic is the secret language used by SeaWings to communicate underwater where they can't communicate clearly without going to the surface to talk. Instead of spoken words, Aquatic uses a series of talon gestures and the flashing of the bioluminescent stripes along the SeaWing's body. Because only SeaWings possess these stripes, the language is not spoken by dragons from any other tribe. Tsunami is a rare case of a SeaWing who does not understand Aquatic very well at all, being raised in a cave by the Talons of Peace. Webs didn't teach Tsunami Aquatic, possibly because he didn't think she would escape with the other dragonets. Riptide and Anemone taught her some Aquatic when she came to the Sea Kingdom. The way Whirlpool taught Aquatic to Tsunami was by having her copy Whirlpool by lighting up her bioluminescent stripes. The way Riptide taught Tsunami was by showing her simple words and phrases and having her copy them.

In Talons of Power, a story was also mentioned of a dragonet who had been raised by orcas and didn't know Aquatic.

Known Signs

  • Making a circle with index claw - "Not right now, we'll finish this later."
  • An undescribed claw gesture - "Inform the Queen."
  • Three flashes on the tail stripes - "Squid-brain."
  • Snout stripes - questions (who, what, where, when, why, or how).
  • Stripes along the dragon's side and talon gestures - "I will protect."
  • Some tiny stripes on the snout - "Hello."
  • Spreading webbed claws - "I don't know."
  • Pointing and stripes on the side - "All right?"
  • A stripe on wings (speculated royal pattern only) - "Silence."
  • Stripes on the sides of the body flashed twice fast - "Shut up!"
  • Scales flashing along part of wings - "Why are you acting like an indecisive jellyfish right now?"
  • Scales under wings - "She/He said to meet him/her at the sunset beach of the Island Palace[1]."
  • Scales under wings - "I'm sorry."
  • Flashing stripes from snout to tail made accidentally by Tsunami while trying to interact with Riptide - "Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your snout was a herring so I could eat it and also your wings sound like sharks snoring."
  • Some tiny stripes on the snout - "I love my/our egg."
  • Some tiny stripes on the snout - "Love."



Pantalan was the original language spoken by the residents on the continent of Pantala. It appears to be based on Latin in some aspects (such as "Luna", meaning "moon" for Pantala's residents), as well as most words being based off of plant parts. The language is not used in modern Pantala. Clearsight taught the Pantalan dragons how to speak Dragon. They use the old language for naming, such as Luna's name ("Moon" in Pantalan).

It was referred to as the ‘old language‘ in the prologue of The Lost Continent when Clearsight arrived on Pantala.

Known Translations

Pantalan Pyrrhian Translation
Luna Moon
Leefromichou Where are you from?


Treeharm Harms the trees
Twigheartlot Dragon/Dragons

Damaged and broken falling trees


Where is your home?


Human is the language spoken by scavengers. From a dragon's perspective, Human sounds like squeaking and chirping noises, while Dragon sounds like growling and roaring nonsense to humans. Sky is the only dragon known to partially speak Human.


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