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"The HiveWings did this. They do this to all the SilkWing dragonets. It's one of the ways they keep track of us."
— Lappet to Snowfall about the letters carved into his palm, The Dangerous Gift

Lappet is a male SilkWing who was introduced in The Dangerous Gift. He is a member of the Chrysalis and his last known location was Sanctuary.


Lappet has pale gray and brown scales with hints of purple[1] and is smaller than Snowfall.[1] He has a triangle of old, deliberate scars carved into his palm, with the largest being an L.[2]


Lappet is cautious,[3] agreeable,[2] nervous,[4] sleepy, and slow to answer questions.[1] The first strong emotion Snowfall saw him display was anger towards the HiveWings.[2]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Lappet and Snowfall were having a brief conversation while she was talking to him about the strange visions she was having. Snowfall was also bothering him with many questions about the Chrysalis, and he was shown to be extremely suspicious of her actions.


"The big one is an L for my name. Which is Lappet, if that's not too much information. Then the two little ones are my parents' initials."
― to Snowfall about the scars carved into his palm (The Dangerous Gift, page 102)

"They did. But we were going to fight them. We've been planning to change things, we just — didn't know how."
― to Snowfall about the Chrysalis (The Dangerous Gift, page 102)



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