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"If losing your treasure is the worst punishment you get for everything you've done, you'll be more lucky than you deserve. Let's go home."
— Lark to Heath, Dragonslayer

Lark is an adult female human who appeared in Dragonslayer. She is Ivy's mother and Heath's wife.


Lark is smart and practical, as she had the idea of digging a tunnel to ensure that they could get water without having to go above ground.[1] She loves working on projects to improve Valor,[2] and can be stern when she needs to. Lark dislikes animals and dragons, as she believes they do not have feelings.[3]




The first time Lark appeared was when Ivy asked her mother if Heath was famous. Lark answered yes, and the two went on to have a conversation about dragonslaying, which Ivy mistakenly called 'dragonstaring.' She appeared again in Ivy's flashback when she told her daughter the story of the dragonslayer as a bedtime story. She was mentioned several times throughout the book, mainly by Ivy, and her name was one of the passwords that Ivy and her friends tried when attempting to open the box of jewels and valuables which Heath stole from the sand dragon queen. Lark also helped Leaf to collect the Dragonslayer's treasure. She appeared again in the final chapters, turning in Heath's treasure. Though she is angry at Heath, she told him to go home.



Heath is Lark's husband, although their relationship does not seem to be a very romantic one. Lark has a lot of respect for Heath and had always seen him as a hero,[4] but as time goes on she seems to become more aware of his flaws and lies. Ivy noted that her mother's projects had been taking up more of her time in the last few years, as though "[she] was happy to stay busy and away from Heath."[2] Ivy often had to help her and Heath make peace after their fights.[5] Lark appeared to be upset that Heath never seemed to trust her as much as he trusted everyone else.[6] Ivy mentioned that sometimes, she and her mother hid in rooms whenever Heath threw his destructive tantrums. Lark visibly shivered at the prospect of Heath finding Ivy sneaking out, which heavily implies that she is afraid of her husband. However, she stands up to him after she points out how he was lucky enough to be alive for committing his atrocities after he complained about losing his treasure. It is unknown what effect Heath's deceit has on their relationship currently, but it was clear that whatever stability was in their marriage began to falter as Lark witnessed the true side of her husband.


Lark cares greatly for her daughter. She answers many of her questions, although with some difficult ones she has trouble coming up with answers for them. Lark understands Ivy to some degree, telling her that if she needed to go elsewhere for a little while due to Heath, she would understand. When Leaf returned to Valor to get the stolen treasure, Lark asked him to tell Ivy that she loved her, and that it was not safe to come back yet.

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"Yes, he's very famous, dear. Probably the most famous person in the world."
― to Ivy, about Heath (Dragonslayer, page 36)

"Dragonslayer, Ivy. Yes. Well, partly because he's the lord of the town, but mostly because he's the only dragonslayer alive today. And it wasn't that long ago."
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 36)

"No, you don't. We're safe down here, far away from all the dragons. Your father keeps us all safe."
― to Ivy, after she said that she wanted to see a dragon (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"It's an animal, Ivy. It doesn't have feelings. And your father is a hero. Now shhhh."
― to Ivy, about the dragon Heath killed (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"Ivy can stay home by herself, dear, […] She's fourteen! She's almost a full Wingwatcher."
― to Heath (Dragonslayer, page 275)

"Slay dragons, of course, […] He's the lord of the Indestructible City. […] Anyway, the last couple of messengers have been more … persistent that the ones before. Your father is worried about what they might do. I think he's afraid they might even kidnap one of us. […] Not to mention all the unrest in Valor, […] So many angry people, all wanting your father to fix everything."
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 277-278)

"I wouldn't be gone long, […] It is pretty important … if I go, do you think we could keep it between ourselves?"
― to Ivy, about attending a meeting (Dragonslayer, page 278)


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