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"Don't tell anyone, but I a little bit hate the dragonmancers for not seeing the dragon coming that day. They're always telling us to hide in the shelters, or when to avoid the forest, or that we need to spend an entire day gathering some particular fruit as a tribute for the dragons. But on the most important day, when it's the most important person…"
— Leaf to Rowan about Wren's "death", Dragonslayer

Leaf, referred to as Fluffy by Sunny, is a male human and one of the three main protagonists of Dragonslayer. He was raised in Talisman and trained to be a dragonmancer early in life, but after the supposed death of his sister Wren, he began training to become a dragonslayer in order to avenge her. He has romantic feelings for Ivy.


Leaf has short, fluffy[1] dark hair[2] and big[3] brown eyes.[4] He is smaller than Rose.[5] He is tall[6] and thin but muscular. His skin is described as being browner than Ivy's, as if he had "spent a lot more time in the sun than she ever had."[7] Sky describes him as having "evil breath."[8] He is left-handed.[9]


Leaf is an expert at following the rules, very much like most of his family.[10] He also disliked dragons for most of his life,[11] but after Wren was "eaten" by dragons, Leaf swore revenge and became stronger, his past personality gone as he trained to become a dragonslayer.[12] He soon came to doubt the rules and go his own direction, especially since they did not save Wren.[13] His desire to become a dragonslayer motivated him to do things he normally would not do, such as studying.[14]

After he found out that Wren was alive and was reunited with her, he changed his view of dragons and became a more open-minded person.[15]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
When Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Sunny were escaping from the Sky Kingdom with Peril, Clay rescued Leaf when he climbed near the castle. Clay noticed that he was one of the prey scavengers that the SkyWing party had, but then escaped. He told Leaf to "stay away from dragons from now on."
The Brightest Night
At Jade Mountain, a scavenger later revealed to be Ivy contacted Sunny using a dreamvisitor. Sunny realized that the only way the scavenger could have gotten the dreamvisitor was by stealing it, and so she traveled to the scavenger ruins in hopes that the rest of the SandWing treasure would be there.

Sunny approached Ivy and Leaf but was forced to trap them on the remains of a scavenger building due to them not being cooperative and trying to attack her. She referred to Ivy as "Holler" because she was being very loud, and Leaf as "Fluffy" because of his fluffy hair.

After Sunny asked for the dreamvisitor, Ivy and Leaf began to argue, presumably on whether to give it to her or not. Eventually, Ivy produced the sapphire and gave it to Sunny. Sunny then asked for the rest of the treasure by drawing a pile of it in the dirt with her claw. And after watching the two scavengers discuss it for a while, she decided to take Leaf off of the wall, assuming that he would bring the treasure in return for Ivy.

After Leaf gave Sunny a sack full of treasure, Sunny noticed that the Eye of Onyx was not in there, although the Lazulite Dragon was. Sunny questioned the scavengers, but they did not appear to have it. As she was about to leave, Sunny considered keeping Ivy and Leaf as pets, but eventually decided against it.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Sunny mentions him (as Fluffy) and Ivy (or Holler) indirectly when talking to Winter about scavengers and what to do with Bandit.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Leaf was briefly mentioned when Sky jokes about him having evil breath, especially in the morning.


Leaf questioned to himself who is worse: the dragons or the dragonmancers. When he got home from hunting with his uncle, his parents told him that Wren was eaten by a dragon. Instantly, Leaf knew he hated dragons more as they 'ate' his favorite sister, Wren. Rowan told him about the Dragonslayer, and Leaf decided that it was his goal to slay a dragon and to make them pay for what they did to Wren.

Rowan agreed to train Leaf in secret and pretended she was helping him to study for the dragonmancer exams. While training with Rowan, she asked him if he would hate dragons so much if he found out that it was not their fault for Wren's death, but someone else's fault. Leaf said that he would hate that person instead, but still want to slay dragons so nothing like it could happen again. He admitted that he hated the dragonmancers a bit for not seeing the dragons coming for Wren that day. He and Rowan resumed training and discussed Leaf becoming a dragonmancer apprentice untill the warning bell rang. Leaf helped Butterfly to one of the shelters. He met Grove, who agreed with Leaf that the world needed more dragonslayers.

At the age of fourteen, Leaf became a dragonmancer apprentice to Master Trout. He had started having conversations with an imaginary Wren inside of his head to get himself through his apprenticeship. Leaf and Grove snuck into Trout's study to find out what the dragonmancers were hiding. After finding the map of the mountain dragon palace, Leaf began to copy it, the imaginary Wren telling him that he had to do it for her.

Leaf finished the copy of the blueprint months after he had began drawing it. He told Rowan that he did it for Wren. Leaf left Talisman along with Rowan, Cranberry, and Thyme to catch up to Mushroom after he stole the copy. They arrived at the palace. Leaf thought that he would try to claim at least one dragon life for Wren's, even if it meant certain death. After catching up with Mushroom, Leaf was caught by the mountain dragons with Rowan, Cranberry, and Thyme as Mushroom ran away. Leaf was chosen for the feast, along with Thyme. Leaf began to see human emotions in dragons during his attempt to escape the palace. He helped Thyme find a hiding spot during the feast, and was rescued by a swamp dragon while he was climbing the cliff. Leaf went to find the Dragonslayer after Rowan revealed the truth behind Wren's death.

Leaf was saved by Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet from some mountain dragons on his way to Valor. He explained why he wanted to kill a dragon to Ivy, telling her about Wren. Leaf met Heath, who became paranoid and angry after Leaf said that he was a messenger from the Indestructible City. Leaf stayed with Stone while he waited for a chance to explain himself to Heath. Stone told him the truth about Heath, which caused Leaf to become disappointed and lose respect for Heath.

Leaf went back to Valor when he bargined with Sunny for Ivy. With Lark's help, he managed to bring the treasure back to Sunny. He, Stone, and Ivy headed to the desert palace. After learning that Wren might be alive from Rose, he decided to ride Sweetface to catch up to her. Ivy gave him the invisibility chain and promised to help him look for Wren if he did not find her. After he left, he spotted Wren and Sky in the distance. He tried to reach them but fell off of Sweetface after he tried to get her to turn around. He reunited with Wren and met Sky, and agreed to meet up back at the mountains.

Leaf headed back to Talisman with Wren, Sky, and Ivy to expose the dragonmancers. He, Cranberry, Thyme, and Ivy helped free Grove and Rowan from the jail. Leaf suggested that Rowan, Cranberry, Grove, and Thyme could make a new village with their treasure, and make it a place safe for people. Leaf said he would come back to help them build their town after finding Sunny.



Leaf has liked Ivy since he first met her. They first encountered each other when Leaf was running away from SkyWings, and he has romantic feelings towards her, shown when they kiss before he rides Cereus to find Wren.


Leaf respected and admired his older sister as she trained him to be a dragonslayer to avenge Wren's "death." He, Cranberry, Thyme, and Rowan went to the dragon palace to steal treasure. When she told him that the dragonmancers were the ones responsible and that she had been lying to him for seven years about who caused Wren's death, Leaf became angry and ran away to find the Dragonslayer. Leaf eventually freed his sister from the dragonmancers' prison after they had liberated Valor from the Dragonslayer.


Wren was his favorite sister and best friend. When he was told that she had been eaten by dragons, Leaf was devastated and he decided to become a dragonslayer to get revenge. Throughout his life, he kept hearing her voice in his head, and always spoke about her in the present tense. When he found out she was alive, he risked his life and rode a dragon to find her.

Family Tree



"I'm not. I'm not scared, I'm… I think I'm mad. Why aren't you mad?"
― to his parents, after Wren's "death" (Dragonslayer, page 29-30)

"Because raccoons don't swoop out of the sky and burn up entire villages! […] If sharks could fly and breathe fire, I think we could get mad at them sometimes, too! Plus also, we don't have bearmancers and sharkmancers and raccoonmancers; we only have 'dragonmancers,' and isn't that because dragons are supposed to be all smart and mystical and magic? I mean, what are dragonmancers even FOR if they can't keep our village safe?"
― to his parents, after they told him not to be angry with the dragons because they were just wild animals (Dragonslayer, page 30)

"But they failed! […] They were supposed to protect us and they didn't! They're stupid liars!"
― about the dragonmancers (Dragonslayer, page 31)

"I don't want to study dragons, […] I want to stab them with swords and shoot them with arrows and kill as many of them as I can."
― to his parents about killing dragons, (Dragonslayer, page 31)

"I'm going to be a dragonslayer too, […] I'm going to be a hero of men and kill dragons to save people just like him."
― to his family, after hearing about the dragonslayer (Dragonslayer, page 34)

"I won't be scared of them! I swear on this sword, one day every little sister in the world will be safe. Because I shall be the next and greatest dragonslayer of them all!"
― to his family (Dragonslayer, page 35)

"Then no. I would hate that person instead. But I think I'd still have to slay the dragons to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else. Right? […] Don't tell anyone, but I a little bit hate the dragonmancers for not seeing the dragon coming that day. They're always telling us to hide in the shelters, or when to avoid the forest, or that we need to spend an entire day gathering some particular fruit as a tribute for the dragons. But on the most important day, when it's the most important person … But Mom and Dad say it's not their fault. I guess they told everyone to avoid the river that morning, and Wren went anyway. Let's go again."
― to Rowan, about Wren's "death" (Dragonslayer, page 70-71)

"No way! I want to keep learning how to stab dragons, not be locked up in a hut with some musty paper, and even mustier old people teaching me how to bow and scrape."
(Dragonslayer, page 72-73)


  • Leaf originally planned to keep a kitten he found in the woods when he was young. However, his parents had not agreed to the decision.[16]



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