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"Because raccoons don't swoop out of the sky and burn up entire villages! [...] If sharks could fly and breathe fire, I think we could get mad at them sometimes, too! Plus also, we don't have bearmancers and sharkmancers and raccoonmancers; we only have dragonmancers, and isn't it because are supposed to be all smart and mystical and magic? I mean, what are dragonmancers even FOR if they can't keep our village safe?"
—Leaf to his parents about dragons, Dragonslayer

Leaf, referred to as Fluffy by Sunny, is a young male scavenger and one of the three main protagonists of Dragonslayer. He was raised in Talisman and trained to be a Dragonmancer early in life, but after the supposed death of his sister Wren, he began training to become a dragonslayer in order to avenge her. It is likely that he has feelings for Ivy.

Appearance Edit

On the cover, Leaf appears to have curly black hair and tan skin. He also appears to own a sword, but this may be loaned to him or stolen. He wears a white shirt with a button at the top, green pants, light brown sandals, and a brown satchel slung over his right shoulder. He also appears to be taller than Wren and Ivy.

In Dragonslayer, he is described as having thin hair.

In The Dragonet Prophecy, he is described as tiny and being smaller than the scavengers Clay had seen. He has a "thatch of black fur" on his head and smooth skin nearly as brown as Clay's scales.

In The Dragonet Prophecy (Graphic Novel), he appears to have tan skin and black hair, and wears a blue tunic with a cloth tied around his waist. He also wears long brown pants and black boots.

In The Brightest Night, he is described as having short, fluffy hair and a shaggy head. Sunny thought he was "too small to be [a] treasure [thief]", and noted that he wasn't full grown. He also carried a lamp, but threw this at Sunny in self-defense.

Biography Edit

The Dragonet Prophecy Edit

When Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Sunny are escaping from the Sky Kingdom with Peril, Clay rescues Leaf (although not mentioned by name) when he climbs near the castle. Clay notices that he was one of the prey scavengers that the SkyWing party had, but then escaped.

The Brightest Night Edit

At Jade Mountain, a scavenger, later revealed to be Ivy, contacted Sunny using a dreamvisitor. Sunny realized that the only way the scavenger could have gotten the dreamvisitor was by stealing it, and so she traveled to the scavenger ruins in hopes that the rest of the SandWing treasure would be there.

Sunny approached Ivy and Leaf, but was forced to trap them on the remains of a scavenger building due to them not being cooperative and trying to attack her. She referred to Ivy as "Holler" because she was being very loud, and Leaf as "Fluffy" because of his fluffy hair.

After Sunny asked for the dreamvisitor, Ivy and Leaf began to argue, presumably on whether to give it to her or not. Eventually, Ivy produced the sapphire and gave it to Sunny. Sunny then asked for the rest of the treasure by drawing a pile of it in the dirt with her claw. And after watching the two scavengers discuss it for a while, she decided to take Leaf off of the wall, assuming that he would bring the treasure in return for Ivy. 

After Leaf gave Sunny a sack full of treasure, Sunny noticed that the Eye of Onyx was not in there, although the Lazulite Dragon was. Sunny questioned the scavengers, but they did not appear to have it. As she was about to leave, Sunny considered keeping Ivy and Leaf as pets, but eventually decided against it. 

Moon Rising Edit

Sunny mentions him and Ivy (or Holler) indirectly when talking to Winter about scavengers and what to do with Bandit.

Dragonslayer Edit

Leaf is one of the three protagonists in Dragonslayer, alongside Wren and Ivy. Leaf's first appearance in the book is the 2nd chapter of Dragonslayer. Leaf questions to himself who is worse; the dragons or the dragonmancers. When he got home from hunting with his uncle, his parents tell him that Wren was eaten by a Dragon. Instantly from that moment Leaf knew he hated dragons more as they ate his favourite sister, Wren.

Rowan then tells him about the dragonslayer, and Leaf decides that it is his goal to slay a dragon, and to make them pay for what they did to Wren. More flying in soon...

Quotes Edit

"Ribble yibble." - To Ivy, percieved by Sunny.

"EEEEEEEEK!" - When picked up by Clay, percieved by Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy (Graphic Novel).

"Gone? [...] She ran away again?"

"She wouldn't, [...] You're wrong. Dragons wouldn't dare eat Wren."

"I'm not, [...] I'm not scared, I'm... I think I'm mad. Why aren't you mad?"

"No! [...] At the DRAGONS WHO ATE HER!"

"Maybe I want them to try! [...] So I can punch them in the face!"

"Because raccoons don't swoop out of the sky and burn up entire villages! [...] If sharks could fly and breathe fire, I think we could get mad at them sometimes, too! Plus also, we don't have bearmancers and sharkmancers and raccoonmancers; we only have "dragonmancers", and isn't that because dragons are supposed to be all smart and mystical and magic? I mean, what are dragonmancers even FOR if they can't keep our village safe?"

"But they failed! [...] They were supposed to protect us and they didn't! They're stupid liars!"

"I don't want to study dragons, [...] I want to stab them with swords and shoot them with arrows and kill as many of them as I can."

"A real dragonslayer? Someone who's still alive? Who is it?"

"AHA! [...] So you know this story! It IS true!"

"I'm going to be a dragonslayer too, [...] I'm going to be a hero of men and kill dragons to save people just like him."

"No! Their horrible rules didn't save Wren! [...] It's not fair that dragons get to eat people we love and we can't do anything about it!"

"I won't be scared of them! I swear on this sword, one day every little sister in the world will be safe. Because I shall be the next and greatest dragonslayer of them all!"

"Oh! [...] What? Really?" - When Rowan brings two wooden training swords in secret

"You're going to teach me to fight?"

"But I'm going to learn to be a great warrior. Hah! Hiyah!"

"What? [...] There's more than one kind? I thought they were all the same."

"You said six or seven-- what else is there besides the swamp kind and the mountain kind?"

"I wonder if any of them are easier to fight than the others, [...] But we're closest to the mountain dragons, right? The red and orange ones. Those are the ones I have to slay to protect the village-- the ones who ate Wren."

"I miss Wren."

"How could it be? [...] You mean, like if someone pushed her off a cliff, and then the dragons found her and ate her?"

"Then no, [...] I would hate that person instead. But I think I'd still have to slay the dragons to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else. Right? [...] Don't tell anyone, but I a little bit hate the dragonmancers for not seeing the dragon coming that day. They're always telling us to hide in the shelters, or when to avoid the forest, or that we need to spend an entire day gathering some particular fruit as tribute for the dragons. But on the most important day, when it's the most important person... [...] But Mom and Dad say it's not their fault, [...] I guess they told everyone to avoid the river that morning, and Wren went anyway. [...] Let's go again."

"Wren thought they were, [...] She once said they were just grumpy old folks ordering everyone around."

"He's not smarter than Wren! [...] I mean. He's OLDER than Wren. So he KNOWS more things. But that's not the same."

"No way! [...] I want to keep learning how to stab dragons, not be locked up in a hut with some musty paper and even mustier old people teaching me how to bow and scrape."

"I don't want to be a dragonmancer."

"YES! [...] Wait, no. This is a trick. How much studying are we talking about? Like years stuck inside with those grouches? Aaaaaargh. Can't you do it?"

"Pffft. You're too scrawny. They wouldn't like you. I bet you taste like chicken feet." - To Butterfly about being eaten by dragons.

"That is completely stupid, [...] Is there one super-delicious rabbit in the woods that we're all looking for when we go hunting?"

"No! We catch whatever rabbits we can, silly. Same with dragons. They eat whatever they can get. They're not hunting for you especially."

"I guess, [...] You don't have to be super scared of them, though. Be smart scared instead."

"Like, it's a good idea to hide from them, especially when you're little. But is this the best, smartest hiding spot?"

"No, it isn't. The best hiding place is in a shelter, with a big strong warrior like me guarding the door."

"Bigger than you, [...] I bet I could carry you on my back all the way outside."

"AND down to the shelter, [...] WHILE singing about dragons."

"Oh, dragons are totally stupid! And dragons are totally bad! [...] The way they keep eating our... makes me so terribly mad! [...] Whenever I see a dragon, I want to shout, 'Go away!' But since I'm polite, and never start fights, I just hide for the rest of the day!" - Improvised singing to calm Butterfly

"I will come back to you. And I'll help free your friends." - To Ivy

Trivia Edit

  • A leaf is a part of certain trees that provides food to it from the sun via photosynthesis. In the fall, leaves tend to change color and fall off the tree, leaving trees bare in the winter, before the trees regrow new leaves in the spring.
    • This name foreshadows a significant change in Leaf.
  • Ivy and Leaf had some of the SandWing Royal Treasure, but not the Eye of Onyx, proving the popular theory that it was Rose who hid it in Queen Oasis' mouth.
    • This is also partly because it happened 20 years ago, and the Dragonslayer is Ivy's father. 
  • It's confirmed that Leaf does not know that they sacrificed Wren until later in the book.
    • it is said that Leaf has 4 sisters other than Wren. In Wren's POV chapter, Camellia is mentioned. She is another sister, along with Rowan and Bluebell, plus another unnamed sister.

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