Leaf is a male scavenger, and one of the three protagonists of Dragonslayer, the other two being Ivy and Wren. He despises dragons due to his sister's supposed death and wants to become a dragonslayer to avenge Wren.

Appearance Edit

On the cover, Leaf appears to have black hair and tan skin. He also appears to own a sword, but this may be loaned or stolen. He wears a white shirt with a button at the top, green pants, light brown sandals, and a brown satchel slung over his right shoulder.

Biography Edit

Dragonslayer Edit

More flying in soon...

Trivia Edit

  • It's unlikely that Leaf knows that his people were indirectly responsible for his sister's "death" since he only hates the dragons for this.
  • It’s likely that Leaf is Fluffy from The Brightest Night


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