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"And I'm hoping she sees that dragons mostly want to take care of each other and love and be loved and not fight all the time or hurt anyone. [...] At least, I hope that's what most dragons are like. Sometimes I'm not sure. I mean... I'm not sure about HiveWings, I guess."
— Luna to Pineapple, The Flames of Hope

Luna is a female SilkWing dragonet and the main protagonist of The Flames of Hope. She is a flamesilk dragon and is in a long-time relationship with Swordtail. She currently resides in the LeafSilk Kingdom.


Luna has pale,[1] pearly,[2] bright green scales[1] like of an elegant caterpillar color[3] that are lined with golden flecks along her back and tail.[4] Before her Metamorphosis, she had whorls of cobalt and gold in her wingbuds,[5] and a pale green tail.[1] She now has pale green wings[6] that look beautiful, like cascading petals of green sunlight.[7] She has long, furling antennae and scales like sliced gems.[8] From afar, she appears as a pale green shape with bits of white, gold, and blue.[9] She is smaller and lighter than Pineapple.[10]


Before her Metamorphosis, Luna had always felt ready for life with her wings and the change that would come with them.[11] Her half-brother, Blue, always considered her to be the smartest dragon in their family.[5] Luna is described as reckless,[12] unworried,[13] fierce,[14] bubbly,[15] and cheerful.[16] She yearns for change and independence, and is aware of how unfairly the SilkWings are treated. She is often difficult and impertinent towards dragons she dislikes,[17] and it is unlike her to apologize to them.[18] Sundew describes Luna as great,[19] that she gives off a survivor vibe and is able to take care of herself despite having known her for less than a day at that time.[20] However, like her brother, she does think and care about how her actions would affect other dragons, such as when Chafer hurried Blue and Luna out of a candy store in Cicada Hive, Luna gave a pair of scales for their honey drops despite Chafer telling them to simply leave.[21] She cares about dragons who are in danger,[22] and she is not easily frightened.[8] Moonwatcher noted that Luna's mind is somehow more entangling than other dragons, and that she is slightly intense.[8] Luna wanted a world where dragons loved who they wanted to love, took care of each other and were happy.[23] She wanted to make tapestries that made others happy,[24] and believes sad, true stories such as the cause of The Scorching should be told, but she does not want to be the one to tell them.

As much as Luna thought the idea of setting someone on fire with her flamesilk was fun, she always found the idea of hurting a real dragon extremely scary.[25] She felt guilty for days when she accidentally hurt Jerboa III with her flamesilk.[26] Some days, she feels she has endless energy, when she knows how to fix the wrongs of the world. She describes these as "sunny season days". On other days, her "rainy season days, a kind of fog weaves around her thoughts, making her want to hide away from everyone and not be a dragon for a while. On those days, she often tries to hide what she is really feeling so that the dragons around her do not worry.[27]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons
In the epilogue, Luna was being tended to by Jerboa III, injured from a storm that blew her from Pantala to Pyrrhia. She was lying on a bed of palm fronds and was noted to sit up and eye Moon and Qibli warily as they entered. She was said by Jerboa III to be the first visitor from the Lost Continent.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Luna first appeared when she woke Blue, excited to get her wings. He told her she technically had a few days until her wings grew, and she responded by turning Blue's hammock over, dumping him onto the webs. Luna spent the day with Blue, apparently enjoying herself, although he noted that her silk glands were glowing very brightly. She mentioned to Blue that they hurt a bit. He worried that this was not normal and tried to make her see a doctor. She argued back, saying that every Metamorphosis is a bit different and she did not want to waste her "perfect last day" getting examined by a HiveWing doctor that thought SilkWings were "weird and revolting." Blue relented, and they traveled to the Mosiac Garden, where they visited the Salvation Wall. They had a brief discussion about the mosaic, then played hide-and-seek and went to an art gallery until Luna said they needed to get to the Cocoon as quickly as possible, because she was starting to enter her Metamorphosis trance. Upon arriving at the Cocoon, they met with Swordtail, Io, and Burnett who all came to support her, but took notice of her glowing glands and became concerned. She was much less rebellious than usual when the guards told her she was late though she was on time, and she began to spin her cocoon with flamesilk, a scarce ability. The guards surrounded her immediately, and, despite Swordtail's best efforts, she was taken away.

Luna's cocoon was discovered by Blue when he was thrown into the flamesilk factory, and she soon woke up, marveling at her new wings. She used her silk for the first time and accidentally lit a stack of her father's, Admiral's, letters aflame. Shortly after she emerged, Blue notified her that their friends were there to rescue them. After failing to convince Admiral to come, she escaped with Blue, and they, along with Cricket, Sundew, and Swordtail, escaped from the Hive down the LeafWings' tunnel.

When they reached the end of the tunnel, she and Swordtail decided to go flying for a bit, only to run into some HiveWing soldiers. They began to fight, and Luna attempted to use her flamesilk on one of the soldiers, only for the wind to catch and tangle it, creating a sail of sorts that got swept up in the winds of the approaching storm, carrying her off over the sea.

When Jerboa III found her in the epilogue, Luna had just awoken, injured, and half-covered by sand on a Pyrrhian beach. She asked Jerboa III who she is, and Jerboa III was relieved that Luna could speak Dragon. Jerboa III took Luna to her hut, where she met Moon and Qibli. She was shocked by how much Moon looked like Clearsight and then learned that Moon could see the future, like Clearsight, and says that her tribe needed her. She then thought, "We're coming for you, Queen Wasp. And now we have a dragon who can really see the future. The reign of the HiveWings is over."
The Hive Queen
In the prologue, Luna walked over to sit next to Moon in the sand. Luna was extremely excited about meeting a NightWing, as she thought very highly of their powers. Luna also had very high expectations of what this power could do to the HiveWings and how it would help them on their quest to stop Queen Wasp. She told Moon that in the old language her name meant "moon." She also told her that she was worried about Blue and Swordtail. As Moon talked about The Lost Continent Prophecy, Luna noted that she knew the secret in the Book of Clearsight, and guessed what some of the lines meant. She was also very anxious to get home and was strongly disappointed when Turtle and Tsunami's arrival suggested hesitation towards the next step. Luna also presented many solutions to the problem of Queen Wasp, which were more or less rejected by Moon and the others for their excessive levels of nastiness.
The Poison Jungle
Swordtail asks the PoisonWings if they saw any SilkWings around. Swordtail hoped to find Luna at the SapWing village, but found Io instead. Although he was pleased to be reunited with his sister, he still missed Luna. They also learned from Tsunami and Turtle that Luna had ended up in Pyrrhia.
The Dangerous Gift
Luna was briefly mentioned by Swordtail, who thought about how he wanted to fly over the ocean to her. She later appeared when Snowfall and the Pantalans arrived at Jerboa III's hut. She first mistook Snowfall for a SilkWing, then noticed Sundew and Cricket and was delighted to see them. She hugged Sundew and then asked where Blue and Swordtail were. When Sundew said that they were not there, Luna put her face in her talons and was about to burst into tears until Willow told her that they are still alive. Sundew added on that they can still save them, and Luna was cheerful again, declaring that she was ready to travel across the ocean to save them. Sundew told her that crossing the ocean was not the hard part of saving them, and Luna then hugged Bumblebee and told Sundew, Cricket, and Willow to tell her about what happened. Luna was later seen using her flamesilk to cut the SilkWings' wristbands off. Some time later, Snowfall came over to Luna and asked her to use her flamesilk on her ring. Luna lifted her chin, asked if she was the one who kicked her tribe out of the Ice Kingdom, and Snowfall replied that the SilkWings would not be here without her. Luna rolled her eyes and used her flamesilk on the ring, which did nothing. Luna said she was sorry that it was not working. At the queen council, Tsunami explained how Luna had came to Pyrrhia, and then Luna had jumped in and explained the political system on Pantala. Luna was mentioned later to have convinced Hazel to let her be the SilkWing representative on the journey to Pantala.
The Flames of Hope
Luna is first seen thinking about Pantala's injustices when Jerboa III interrupts her thoughts. The Pyrrhia-Pantala Representatives are on a beach near Jerboa III's hut, and are about to leave for Pantala, but must wait for Lynx. Luna gives Jerboa a crude wooden carving of the two of them as a thank you gift, before being requested by Tsunami, who has let Cricket use a dreamvisitor. Tsunami tells Luna how to use the dreamvistor and Luna contacts Swordtail with it. She learns that Swordtail is in Cicada Hive and Io has been captured. She agrees to meet with Swordtail at the Mosaic Garden after the mind-control problem has been fixed, and they talk for a while before Swordtail has to wake up.

After Lynx arrives, Luna and the other ten representatives fly to Pantala, but two days before they arrive, they find an island with HiveWing guards. Sundew made Luna and most of the ten dragons and Wren invisible to give them an advantage while fighting. A SilkWing under the mind-control soon arrives and Luna does not get caught, but Moon, Qibli, Tsunami, and Pineapple do. Most of the HiveWings and the SilkWing leave, except for one named Earwig and four unconscious others. After Earwig is knocked out, on Cricket's request, Luna burns a map into a leaf so that they can find their way back to Pantala. The remaining members of the stealth team decided to split off into two teams; one to rescue their captured comrades and the other will wait on Pantala for the others. Luna, Wren, Sky, Bullfrog, and Cricket were all a part of the latter group and headed on their way to Pantala. They waited near a cave where they encountered their first Pantalan human, Axolotl. After three days of waiting for the others, they decided to venture into the underground cavern to find the abyss themselves. Luna and Cricket figured out a way to tell Sundew where to meet if they come looking for them. They are lead further into the underground cavern by Pokeweed where they encounter SilkWings refugees from Bloodworm Hive, Jewel Hive and Mantis Hive. Lady Jewel, Tau and the missing LeafWings were also there.

Luna made non-burning flamesilk strands for the refugees there, where she met a nervous dragonet named Dusky, who mentioned hearing voices from the caverns. She later told Tau, Jewel and the LeafWings about what happened in the Poison Jungle and Pyrrhia and explained the different types of flamesilk she could make. Tau told them that they knew that there was a lake where humans visited and offered to show them it tomorrow. Luna met Whitespeck, who explained to Luna that Dusky's mother was missing, and that his father died when he was young.

More information flying in soon...



Despite having very different personalities, Luna is shown to love and care about her younger half-brother. On Luna's Metamorphosis Day, Blue is the dragon that she chose to spend her time with. Blue often allowed others to push him around to keep the peace, which was something she loved about him but also drove her up a wall.[28] She also notices almost right away how much Blue had changed during the time she was in her Cocoon, saying, "Wow, […] It really was a long five days, wasn't it?" When Luna emerged from her Metamorphosis in the Flamesilk Cavern, Blue cried with joy because he had missed her very much.[29] She is affectionate towards him[30][31] and has always been able to read him.[32]


Luna was initially distrustful of Cricket. Though Luna knows that Cricket is a safe HiveWing, she still gets a small shiver at the sight of the HiveWing.[33] A small part of her was angry that Blue and Swordtail had fallen into Queen Wasp's Hivemind and not her.[34] When Cricket tried to get close to Luna to try and talk to her, Luna usually found an excuse to fly with the other representatives instead.[35] Luna was surprised when Cricket opened up about her feelings, as it was not a "HiveWing thing" to do.[36] Luna later recognized that Cricket was her own individual dragon, instead of just another HiveWing.[37] At the end of The Flames of Hope, Luna introduces Cricket to her moms as a member of her family.[38]


Luna cares for Dusky, enough to fly into the abyss to save him. She allowed Dusky to stay with her so he would not get lost.[39]

Jerboa III

Jerboa III is the first dragon Luna met when she came to Pyrrhia. Jerboa also helped Luna when she was wounded, so Luna sees her as a friend.[40] At the beginning of The Flames of Hope, Luna gave Jerboa III a gift as a thank you for taking care of Luna.[41] Jerboa III did not react much to the gift as she was not accustomed to normal dragon interactions[41], something Luna related to.[41] When Luna tried to take the gift back, Jerboa III batted her away, insisting it was her weird-looking art fail.[33] Luna promised that she would make a better gift for Jerboa III once the world is fixed.[33]


Luna thinks Lynx is "too smiley."[35] However, she still trusts her enough to rely on her while they are invisible.[42]


She seemed thrilled to learn about Moon's ability to see the future, and believes Moon is the secret weapon the SilkWings and LeafWings need to destroy the HiveWings.[40] She got startled when she first saw Moon, thinking she was Clearsight.[40] During their flight back to Pantala, Luna thought negatively of Moonwatcher as she did not fit Luna's image of an intimidating, mystic prophet.[43] When Moon revealed that she had mind-reading powers to Luna, Luna did not know whether not to be mad at Moon for keeping it a secret or feel guilty over the mean thoughts she had about Moon.[44]


Luna described Pineapple as her "favorite new Pyrrhia friend."[35] And he is physically affectionate towards her.[45] Pineapple found Sky to be delightful, unlike the other Pyrrhian dragons, which made Luna like him even more.[46] After Luna saw Pineapple's vision, Luna wished she would have known about Pineapple's partner, Jambu, before so she could make him feel better.[47] She saw herself in Pineapple as they both understood the feeling of missing someone who they loved dearly.[47] Luna promised to Pineapple that they would try and get Pineapple back home to his partner.[47] Luna mentioned she would look forward to Pineapple and Jambu coming to visit them in Pantala soon.


Luna found Qibli to be too hilarious and nowhere near serious enough.[35] Qibli reminded Luna of Swordtail in some ways, as they both were funny and talked a lot when they were nervous.[48] She also saw little things about him which reminded her of Blue, as they both wanted to be liked by everyone and make everyone happy.[28]


Luna described Sky as "her direct opposite" and thought that Sky is mostly likely to bump into a Hive and apologize to it. She also stated that Sky is a very sweet dragon, and reminded her of her younger brother, Blue.[49]


Luna finds Snowfall to be "a flipping terrifying dragon."[50]


Luna is in a relationship with Swordtail and is shown to care a lot about him. Swordtail has always been on her side since the moment they met. Swordtail loves her,[18] and when HiveWing guards took Luna away during her Metamorphosis, he vaulted towards her and tried to protect her.[51] When Swordtail met Luna before her Metamorphosis, she leaned into him as though she had been flying for days and Swordtail was the island she had been searching for.[52] Blue believes that Swordtail puts dangerous ideas in Luna's head,[53] but she claims that she is the one who introduces the ideas to Swordtail.[54] The pair is devastated when they are separated. They never went long without each other in the five years they have been together[55] and she felt strange and untethered with him.[56] Once the othermind was defeated, both Luna and Swordtail happily reunited with each other, and went to live in the LeafSilk Kingdom together with their friends.


Luna thought that Tsunami would be useful for fighting the HiveWings. She thought that Tsunami was sometimes scarier than Sundew.[49]


Luna thought that Wren could take down a hive if she had talons and fire.

Family Tree



"Don't you 'actually' me. I'm your older sister and I've been to, like, twelve Metamorphosis days, plus I have the highest grade in our class in Silk Studies. I can 'actually' you under the table."
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 4-5)

"Pffft. What Tussock's uncle saw was just a green SilkWing. He's just hysterical. And that collapse was obviously just shoddy workmanship. The sabotage story was so obviously a cover-up."
― on the topic of LeafWings (The Lost Continent, page 12)

"To terrorize their enemies! Moons, I sure would. If I had super stink powers, I'd have blasted that Weevil guy right in the snout the moment he got anywhere near our wingbuds! Oooo, that would have been awesome."
― to Blue about Scarab's HiveWing ability (The Lost Continent, page 16)

"Blue, don't you think it's unfair that HiveWings can use their weapons on us anytime they want, but we can't do anything to fight back?"
― to Blue (The Lost Continent, page 26)

"I am not spending my perfect last day being prodded by some HiveWing who thinks we are all weird and revolting anyway!"
― to Blue about seeing a doctor (The Lost Continent, page 28)

"Of course you did. […] You have faith in other dragons. Whereas I thought she was a conniving manipulator who deliberately set up her descendants to be the most powerful tribe in Pantala."
― to Blue about Clearsight (The Lost Continent, page 285)

"We're coming for you, Queen Wasp. And now we have a dragon who can really see the future. The reign of the HiveWings is over."
― about Queen Wasp (The Lost Continent, epilogue)

"She can tell us what's going to happen next! She can see everything the HiveWings will do! She can predict Queen Wasp's next move and then the Chrysalis will know how to stop her!"
― thinking about Moonwatcher (The Hive Queen, prologue)

"She's seeing the future RIGHT NOW!"
― thinking about Moonwatcher (The Hive Queen, prologue)

"My name means 'moon' in the old language, did you know that? Now it's a kind of moth."
― to Moonwatcher, about the similarities between their names. (The Hive Queen, prologue)

"I'm so ready! If you know how to cross the ocean, I'll do it right now!"
― to Sundew and Willow, about saving Blue and Swordtail. (The Dangerous Gift, page 85)

"Maybe Sundew is right, that SilkWings are too soft, too forgiving. But I don’t forgive them. I just ... want the punishment to fit, and to go where it’s deserved. I don’t want to be one of these dragons, burning everything and hurting everyone for revenge."
― thoughts about the HiveWings (The Flames of Hope, page 190)

"I'll weave you flying. You'll be with all the dragons who gave you memories."
― To Freedom, promising to honor her by weaving her into a tapestry (The Flames of Hope, page 306)

"Hello, all. [...] This is Cricket. She's part of our family now."
― to Io and her mothers, introducing Cricket into their family (The Flames of Hope, page 316)

"Dragons and humans, living in peace after all this time, [...] I can't wait to see what the future is like."
― Luna, about the future of the world (The Flames of Hope, epilogue, page 330)


  • Luna's name means "moon" in the old dragon language.[8] This could be a reference to the Spanish language, as 'luna' means 'moon' in English.
    • She is also confirmed to be named after the luna moth.[event 1]
  • Luna had the highest grade in her silk studies class at Silkworm Hall.[5]
  • Before being captured by Queen Wasp, Luna wanted to be a silk spinner who lived with Swordtail in an artist's cell near the sunny heights of the web of Cicada Hive.[5]
  • Luna's favorite place in Cicada Hive is the Mosaic Garden.[57]
  • Luna is good at remembering faces, but struggles with names.[58]
    • She uses a trick of picturing dragons in tapestries with their namesake to recall Pineapple's name.[59]
      • Something similar is when she is in an unfamiliar place; Luna immediately begins to picture the location as a tapestry.[60]
  • If she were a ghost, Luna would haunt an art museum.[61]



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