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"The kind who actually thinks for herself sometimes. The kind who wants you to be a better queen than the ones we've had before, because I know you and I know you can be. But feel free to keep living your life by the rules of that oppressive wall, if that's all you want, and feel free to move me down to the bottom of the list when we get home."
— Lynx to Snowfall, The Dangerous Gift

Lynx is a female IceWing dragonet who was introduced in Winter Turning. A former warrior of the First Circle, she is now a member of Queen Snowfall's council. She is currently flying across the sea towards Pantala as one of Pyrrhia's eleven selected representatives.


Lynx has soothing[1] silver[2] and white scales that are freckled with dark blue[3] in an unusual pattern across her white snout and wings.[4]


Winter thought of Lynx as very hardworking and smart, despite the fact that she was only the daughter of a minor noble.[5] She had smiled and congratulated Winter when he reached the top of the Circle rankings.[6] Her brain is often tired,[7] but she is smart, clever,[8] cheerful,[9] excitable,[10][11] hopeful,[12] curious,[13] sarcastic,[14] sympathetic,[15] cautious,[16] worried,[17] practical,[18] thoughtful,[19] and performs well academically.[20] She often speaks brusquely[21] and seems like a dragon with no worries in the whole world.[22] She is adventurous and faces challenges headfirst to figure out her wonderings. Lynx also offered to tell Hazel about the War of SandWing Succession immediately after she inquired. She often speaks her mind.[23]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning
While scanning the dragons in the First Circle, Winter saw that Lynx was in second place behind Snowfall. He thought that this was much better news than the fact that Snowfall had moved to the top spot since Lynx was both nice and the daughter of a minor noble.

Lynx had an unusual pattern of dark blue scales scattered along her white snout and wings. Winter thought they were pretty at first, but later they dreadfully reminded him of Moonwatcher's silver teardrop scales.

On the morning after Winter was summoned for the Diamond Trial, Winter found Lynx and trained with her outside of the IceWing palace. When they finished fighting and were cleaning themselves, Queen Glacier arrived with Icicle. When Winter moved up, Lynx, unlike Snowfall, was kind to Winter and warmly congratulated him on his success.
Darkness of Dragons
During the Battle of Jade Mountain between the IceWings and the NightWings, Fearless was seen attacking a young silver female IceWing with blue scales freckling her snout. Winter saved the IceWing by spraying frostbreath on Fearless's wing, making her crash-land and crawl into a nearby cave. Although the female IceWing's name isn't stated, this could have potentially been Lynx.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Lynx was first seen talking to Snowfall about her problems in the beginning of the book. Snowfall's exaggeration and overreactions towards every incoming problem appeared to irritate Lynx, but she did not stop helping the young IceWing queen. Lynx followed Snowfall throughout the book, insisting on coming along and facing the new challenges, and questioned her multiple times when she tries to react towards seemingly dangerous events. Lynx provided advice and suggested to follow the Pantalan dragons to Sanctuary, in which she constantly stayed by Snowfall's side from then on. Snowfall eventually considered Lynx helpful company by the end of the book, agreeing to helping Lynx join the Council and become one of the eleven representatives.



Lynx had been Snowfall's biggest competition all throughout school and training, and Snowfall had wanted to strangle her more than a thousand times. After becoming queen, Lynx treated Snowfall the way she always had, challenging Snowfall to races around the palace or arguing over points of IceWing law during class.[24] In the beginning of their friendship, Snowfall was often annoyed by how Lynx lacked the proper IceWing etiquette when addressing a queen.[20] Lynx is often sympathetic towards[15] and worried for Snowfall,[25] and helps her calm down.[18] She defends Snowfall against insults from others.[26] When Snowfall woke from her first dream from the gift of vision, her first thought was to turn to Lynx for company.[27] Snowfall was at first hesitant to consider Lynx a true friend,[28] but Lynx is able to read her well[29] and wants to listen to Snowfall's worries.[30] Snowfall and Lynx became argumentative[31] and angry at one another's differing viewpoints on IceWing traditions,[32] and Snowfall accusingly thought of Lynx as being judgemental.[10] She was irritated by Lynx's suggestions and interjections,[23] but Lynx sounded genuinely full of joy when realizing Snowfall was safe after she fainted,[33] and covered for Snowfall against Cricket's questions.[34] Snowfall brought Lynx as her representative during a diplomatic meeting with the other Pyrrhian queens,[35] and Snowfall was conflicted when it came time to choose the IceWing representative for the journey back to Pantala. She wanted Lynx to come back to the Ice Kingdom, to keep Snowfall sane and join her new council, and she trusts Lynx more than any other IceWing. She began crying during the farewell ceremony, but assured herself that Lynx would have to come back.[36] After Lynx admitted that she was only coming back to the Ice Kingdom before the journey to hang out with Snowfall for a couple more days, Snowfall nearly beamed or burst into tears.[37] Lynx protected her from Tundra while Snowfall destroyed the gift of order, and supported her decision fully, clapping immediately after Snowfall smashed the wall.[38]


Lynx and Winter are friends.[12][25] When she encountered him in Sanctuary, she cried out in delight,[11] and before Winter faced the Diamond Trial, he trained with Lynx in familiar combat patterns.[39] Winter protected Lynx against Fearless during the Battle of Jade Mountain.[2]


"Congratulations. […] You must have had such an adventure."
― to Winter when he returns to the Ice Kingdom and gets top of the First Circle (Winter Turning, page 259)

"No, no. I'm not agreeable at all. You'd be like, 'fetch me a narwhal!' and I'd be all, 'urrrgggh, whyyyyy, narwhals are heaaaaavy and I'm reeeeeeading,' and you'd say, 'but I want one! right now!' and I'd say 'then go GET one, bossytail,' and you'd bellow, 'I AM YOUR QUEEN!' and I'd be like, 'yes, but this book is at a really exciting part though,' and theeeeen you'd probably have to have me executed. I'd be so irritating! You already know this about me."
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 30)

"The kind who actually thinks for herself sometimes. The kind who wants you to be a better queen than the ones we've had before, because I know you and I know you can be. But feel free to keep living your life by the rules of that oppressive wall, if that's all you want, and feel free to move me down to the bottom of the list when we get home."
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 110)

"I think it might mean all of us. I mean, it starts off talking to us — 'turn your eyes to the land across the sea,' right? And then 'face a great evil with talons united' — that sounds like it's talking about all the tribes, here and there."
― to Snowfall about the meaning of the Lost Continent Prophecy (The Dangerous Gift, page 136)

"Sounds like maybe you were being extremely paranoid and anxious about nothing, then? And possibly that might apply to other things you are extremely paranoid about?"
― to Snowfall about her suspicions regarding Crystal (The Dangerous Gift, page 168)


  • Lynx owns an estate in the IceWing city of Among-the-Evergreens with her father.[40]




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