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"Magnificent's main problem is that she's forgetful. She can never remember what she's agreed to do or what's going on in the tribe or who asked her for what, and she doesn't really care."
Kinkajou about Magnificent, The Hidden Kingdom

Magnificent is an adult female RainWing who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. She was one of the six former RainWing queens before Glory ascended the throne, and currently resides in the Rainforest Kingdom. She was notorious for being one of the most forgetful RainWing queens during her reign.


Magnificent has green eyes that are friendly and a little sleepy-looking.[1] She is as large as Coral and is adorned with several garlands of white dragonfly-wing flowers.[2] During the RainWing Royal Challenge, her scales were purple with scalloped gold etching each scale.[3] She usually has magenta scales and purple wings.[4]


Magnificent reflects RainWing stereotypes, as she is careless, selfish, and lazy. Kinkajou also described her as being forgetful, saying that "She could never remember what she agreed to do or what was going on in the tribe or who asked for what, and she doesn't really care."[5] She had little concern for the fact that several of her subjects were being kidnapped and tortured during her reign, and making no efforts to rescue them even when she was frequently reminded of their disappearances by Mangrove. When Glory agreed to help Mangrove find the missing RainWings, she was only relieved that Mangrove would stop mentioning their disappearances.[6]

Although lazy and incompetent as a ruler, Magnificent took great care to ensure her success in the RainWing Royal Challenge. As an ambitious queen, she had planned several setups before the challenge, and even when she was accused of cheating with clear evidence, she refused to admit what she had done. She was very defensive of her title, although she neglected her duties. She is easily irritated, and snapped at her fellow queen, Exquisite, for referring to her as "Aunt Maggie."[7]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
When Glory approached Magnificent with Mangrove about the missing RainWings, Magnificent didn't show any concern for the missing RainWings and insisted that they were most likely just sleeping somewhere before assigning Glory the task of looking into their whereabouts, likely attempting to shut her up. This led to Glory finding the secret home of the NightWings as well as the captive RainWings.

Glory came before Magnificent once more and told her to rescue the captive members of her tribe, but the queen refused, not caring and saying that they all wanted a rest. Enraged, Glory challenged her for the RainWing throne. Surprised but intrigued, Magnificent accepted the challenge, although she clearly felt contempt for the younger dragon.

However, according to RainWing tradition, queen-ship would be decided by a tribe skill-based activity instead of a battle to the death. According to Handsome, that was the way they had done it for years. For her challenges, Magnificent chose to compete in five contests in teams. For her team, Magnificent gathered the other RainWing queens, as Glory meant to take the throne from all of them. However, she thought Glory would choose her friends, the dragonets of destiny as that would make them fail since these contests revolve around RainWing abilities. Glory, assuming this would happen, chose Kinkajou, Tamarin, Mangrove, and Jambu.

Glory finding Magnificent

Magnificent and Glory competed together in the camouflage contest. Glory found Magnificent disguised as a bunch of bananas in a fruit stand by following the gaze of the crowd of dragons. When Glory hid, Magnificent scared Glory's sloth, Silver, into making a beeline for Glory's hiding place, causing Magnificent to win the round. She set up a stash of fruit to help Dazzling win the fruit gathering contest (although Dazzling lost anyway, due to her eating some of the fruits) and had Exquisite's sloths choke Jambu in the treetop race. Despite her cheating, she lost when Grandeur forfeited after learning Glory was the true heir to the RainWing throne.
The Dark Secret
Magnificent is mentioned when Starflight realizes Glory was right and that Magnificent was wrong about the RainWings being in awful danger.


"Oh dear, […] Do I have to do something?"
― to the dragonets of destiny on the topic of Webs' wound (The Hidden Kingdom, page 65)

"And don't forget to report back to me on that investigation, […] It'll be nice to have something to make Mangrove go away. What's your name, anyhow?"
― to Glory about the investigation of the missing RainWings (The Hidden Kingdom, page 67)

"Oh, […] Marvelous! I'm so pleased. Do go tell Mangrove. It'll be so nice not to have to deal with that headache anymore."
― to Glory while discussing a rescue mission for the captured RainWings (The Hidden Kingdom, page 215)

"It's only a few dragons, […] Right? Five or six?"
― to Glory while discussing a rescue mission for the captured RainWings (The Hidden Kingdom, page 216)

"Too late, […] That's who she chose. Someone give Tamarin a shove in the right direction."
― to Kinkajou when Glory chooses Tamarin (The Hidden Kingdom, page 256)

"Stop calling me that. I'm nobody's auntie. Certainly not to a bunch of sloths. And this isn't just for me, you big furhead. It's your throne too."
― to Ex-Queen Exquisite (The Hidden Kingdom, page 264)


  • In the minigame Speed Wings on Scholastic's Home Base, Magnificent is a playable character.
  • Her nickname is Maggie.[8]




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