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"I hope you do, […] I hope the antidote works. I hope this whole horrible thing ends and we all get to live happily ever after."
— Mandrake about Sundew marrying Willow and stopping Queen Wasp, The Poison Jungle

Mandrake is a male LeafWing dragonet who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. He has leafspeak and served as an insect sorter for the PoisonWings before the events of The Poison Jungle. He was formerly betrothed to Sundew.


Mandrake has dark green wings with thin gold stripes on top and mahogany brown underneath.[1] He has a nonthreatening, crooked smile.[2]


Mandrake is a nervous but understanding LeafWing, agreeing himself to the fact that he is not like the other LeafWings when Cricket asks him if all LeafWings are loud and "shouty."[2] He is shifty, nervous, quiet, polite,[3] and unconfined, which troubled his status among his family. According to Sundew, he always had to close his eyes, focus, and breathe, even in the middle of an actual emergency.[4] Mandrake enjoys tending to the PoisonWings' poisonous insect collection, where "he was always happy tending to the bullet ants and venomous centipedes."[5] He seemed to be indifferent about being betrothed to Sundew, despite grinning when he called her his 'fiancée.' Mandrake is also shown to be understanding when Sundew tells him she wasn't going to marry him; he already knew and hoped she is happy with Willow.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Mandrake was first seen trying to kill a panther while his father, Wolfsbane, and his sister, Nettle, watched. He was extremely nervous and kept panicking before he could seize his opportunity. He also took a lot of time to do it, causing Nettle to whine about how slow he was. When Sundew trapped the panther for him with her powers, he at first believes he did it and was confused by his success. When Sundew appeared, he seemed happy to see her, though he was visibly disappointed that his sister's suspicions that Sundew killed the panther were confirmed. Mandrake offered to stay with Sundew and her friends while his father and sister alerted Commander Belladonna of their presence. While he was with them, he informed the group that he was Sundew's fiancé.

Mandrake later appeared with Sundew, Willow, Cricket, and Nettle on their expedition to the Eye of the jungle having been forced to come along by Belladonna.

As soon as Mandrake and Sundew begin speeding up the growth of the Heart of Salvation, Sundew told him she was never going to marry him. Mandrake says that he always knew that and that he hoped she marries Willow. Later on, Sundew attempted to convince him to organize the LeafWings for evacuation. At first, he was unsure of his ability, but Sundew's persuasive nature got him to take responsibility.



Mandrake does not get along with his sister. He obeys Nettle's orders and seems a bit scared of her at times. As Mandrake's friendly, non-violent personality clashes with his sister's aggressive, bossy personality, they are not very often cooperative.


Mandrake was Sundew's fiancé in the first part of The Poison Jungle. He seemed proud of it, but then it became more and more apparent as the book progressed that Sundew did not want to marry Mandrake and wanted to marry Willow instead. Sundew eventually revealed this to Mandrake, but Mandrake was not surprised and said that he had always known that. However, Sundew says that Mandrake is one of the only dragons that she actually likes.


Mandrake's father, Wolfsbane, is concerned with strengthening Mandrake's leafspeak powers. However, unlike Nettle, Wolfsbane is shown to be calmer about the subject, as he believes that Mandrake will indeed improve in the power of his leafspeak.

Family Tree



"[Your parents came] Not long before you, […] Maybe half a day? And only Belladonna and Odollam. Hemlock and the other two were going to ground near the, uh, the target."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 41)

"Oh wow! Was it amazing? Belladonna said they torched the whole thing. Flames brushing the clouds! HiveWings screaming with rage!"
― to Sundew, about the burning of Bloodworm Hive (The Poison Jungle, page 41)

"But … all at once? […] I mean … this whole section of the map is just … snakes. If those are snakes. Maybe they're not. Maybe they're very tiny rivers."
― about the Den of Vipers (The Poison Jungle, page 189)

"Nettle, you are very welcome to kill all the vipers for us."
― to Nettle (The Poison Jungle, page 190)

"It's terrifying, isn't it?"
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 253)

"I hope you do, […] I hope the antidote works. I hope this whole horrible thing ends and we all get to live happily ever after."
― about Sundew marrying Willow and stopping Queen Wasp (The Poison Jungle, page 254)

"Yes, […] I'm good at that."
― about organizing the LeafWings for evacuation (The Poison Jungle, page 291)




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