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"I will try … for Orchid."
— Mangrove, The Hidden Kingdom

Mangrove is an adult male RainWing who is featured in The Hidden Kingdom. He and his partner, Orchid, are fruit gatherers for the tribe. He appears to be one of Glory's most trusted dragons.


When not displaying a particular emotion, his scales usually appear to be a shade of dark purple.[1]


Unlike the average RainWing, Mangrove is shown to be rather alert, irritable, and perceptive — he noticed the disappearance of members of his tribe whilst the other RainWings did not. It was stated that he was grumpier than most other RainWings, mainly because he never received as much suntime; this started after Orchid disappeared, as he spent most of his time worrying about her. When he first met Glory, he was reluctant to accept her help, running away by himself into the tunnel to the Kingdom of Sand. Glory stated that he was not the type of dragon to give up easily.

Mangrove seemed surprised when Glory told him that he seemed grumpier than other RainWings. He stated how he used to be as cheerful as his tribe until the disappearance of his partner.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
After Orchid went missing, Mangrove was heartbroken and quite determined to find her. He stood in line at Queen Magnificent's palace every day, waiting for his turn to tell the queen about the disappearances, though she always ignored him, suggesting that she was taking a long nap. Because of this, he often missed large portions of his suntime and was grouchier than usual, similar to Chameleon and Glory.

Mangrove appealing to Queen Magnificent

He reluctantly allows Glory as an audience with his discussion with Magnificent, where he expressed his problem yet again. When it became apparent to everyone that Queen Magnificent did not intend to do anything about it, he volunteered to help Glory in looking for the "rainforest monster" after she suggested Bromeliad and Mangrove to have their audience together. The search leads to the discovery of a tunnel made by Stonemover that leads to the borders of the Kingdom of Sand and the hidden NightWing Kingdom. Thinking Orchid might be in the latter, Mangrove took off into the tunnel while the dragonets were not looking. Glory and Jambu then disguised themselves as IceWings and found him hiding in Blaze's fortress near the IceWing palace, camouflaged against the sand in Blaze's room. The siblings managed to rescue him, but not before running into Deathbringer. As Blaze arrived, Glory sent Jambu and Mangrove back to the safety of the rainforest.

Mangrove fruit-hunting for Glory's challenge

During the competition in which Glory tried to become queen, Glory picked Mangrove as part of her team. He participated in the fruit gathering contest and collected seventeen different fruits (including one that appeared to be newly discovered), beating Queen Dazzling, who originally had nineteen (through cheating by preparing beforehand), but ate three of them on the way back.
The Dark Secret
Starflight and Glory led an attack on the NightWings through the tunnel. They rescued Splendor, Orchid, the rest of the missing RainWings, and Deathbringer. Mangrove and Orchid reunited by locking tails, glowing pink with happiness. Mangrove introduced Orchid to Glory, who was immensely grateful for their new queen. Orchid mentioned that she felt a rumbling in the earth, and Mangrove replied that it was like "all the happiness in us is trying to burst out." After that, he went off with Orchid back to the Rainforest Kingdom.
The Brightest Night
Mangrove and Jambu disguised themselves as IceWings to send a message to Blaze, asking her to attend the meeting at Burn's stronghold. He and Jambu later told Glory that Blaze was not coming, and Mangrove stated that it was because they knew that Burn and Blister could both easily kill Blaze. When Queen Glory visited Burn's stronghold to end the war ultimately, Mangrove and Grandeur were left in charge of the Rainforest Kingdom and the RainWings.



Mangrove was initially reluctant to talk to Glory, and he had also denied her help. Upon becoming a worthy queen, Mangrove now has a high opinion of her, thanks to her efforts to find his partner, Orchid. The two are also on good terms and are trusting of each other, given the fact Glory chose him (alongside Grandeur) to run the kingdom when she was at the peace summit.


Orchid is Mangrove's partner, and he is very loving of her. After her disappearance, he neglected suntime to search and worry for her. Mangrove often requested the queens to send a search party for her, often to no avail. He dove into great lengths in order to save her, even stubbornly flying to the freezing north into Princess Blaze's fortress despite Glory's efforts to stop him. Their reunion was followed by happiness.


"Complaining about something! […] I'll say! Something we should all be complaining about! My Orchid isn't the only one who's missing, you know!"
― about his complaint to Magnificent (The Hidden Kingdom, page 58)

"My partner, […] Orchid. She's been missing for three weeks. I've asked the queen every day since then to send out a search party."
― to Glory, about why he is seeing Magnificent (The Hidden Kingdom, page 59)

"There could be totally different explanations, […] I'm sure something terrible happened to Orchid."
― to Glory and Bromeliad (The Hidden Kingdom, page 61)

"Not as far as I know. I noticed she was gone only when her turn came back around and she wasn't there. But I can guess when she went missing because her sloth found someone else to live with right around then."
― about Splendor (The Hidden Kingdom, page 70)

"All right. You're right. I guess I've been neglecting my sun time since Orchid went missing, […] I used to be as cheerful as everyone else, but I'm worried about her. […] Trust me, Orchid was perfection in every scale. No one could possibly want to hurt her."
― to Glory (The Hidden Kingdom, page 72)

"I think that's me, […] Like all the happiness inside us is trying to burst out."
― to Orchid, about the tremors (The Dark Secret, page 248)




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