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Mantis Hive is the southernmost of the nine Hives of Pantala, located between Cicada Hive and Bloodworm Hive. It is also close to some unlabeled lakes. It is considered "the smart Hive" according to Cricket.[1]

Notable Features


Cricket mentions that Mantis Hive has the second largest library in Pantala, the first being the Jewel Hive's library, taking up a whole floor.[2]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Blue noted that he could see Mantis Hive in one direction and Hornet Hive in the other and that the webs connecting them were mostly invisible in the dark. He later mentioned to Luna how a section of Mantis Hive collapsed the previous year, stating that everyone said it was a LeafWing sabotage, which Luna dismissed, stating that the collapse was caused by "shoddy workmanship," and that the sabotage story was a cover-up.

The Hive Queen

Cricket referred to Mantis Hive as the "smart Hive" and "academic center of innovation" when thinking about how none of the other Hives have a library as extensive as Jewel Hive's.

Blue later mentioned that if Bloodworm Hive falls, the webs between it and Mantis Hive and Jewel Hive would as well.

The Poison Jungle

In the prologue, Grayling mentioned that the Bloodworm Hive Chrysalis sent messages along the webs that connect Bloodworm Hive to Jewel and Mantis Hive. He then stared at the web bridge towards Mantis Hive, and the silk was mentioned to slightly glimmer as if it caught the starlight.

When Cricket was guessing why the mind-controlled HiveWings weren't attacking the Poison Jungle yet, she mentioned that they might have been waiting for the rest of the tribe, as Mantis Hive and Cicada Hive would take longer to get there.

The Dangerous Gift

In one of Snowfall's visions, Cinnabar mentions that the SilkWings of Mantis Hive have been evacuated due to the othermind.


  • A section of the Hive recently collapsed.[3]


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