• Language is not directly allowed in public chat. Language is allowed in a link as long as a warning is given before posting the link and language is not spammed in the link.
  • Spam is not normally permitted and is only allowed if there are less than 4 people on chat or if a spam party is taking place.
  • No Religious bashing.
  • You should treat all users respectfully (Unless they are dupes that are being used to get around bans, in which case ignore them and notify an admin or Chat Moderator). 
  • No begging for CM/Admin rights. 
  • Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated, nor are perverted or suggestive comments.
  • If a Moderator asks you to stop something, you should immediatly.
  • You will be given three warnings before the first kick, then after three kicks, you shall be banned for two hours.  If the behavior is repeated, you shall be banned for longer.  (The time is up to the Admin/CM's discretion)
  • If a dupe is used to get around a ban, both accounts will be blocked for whatever amount of time seems appropriate.


Have a problem with the rules? Comment your complaints on one of the admin's walls, and we'll probably take care of it. 

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