aka Riptide

  • I live in Starland ✨
  • My occupation is Gunning down homophobes and transphobes as a part of Starry Night's army while practicing Notsuvincestarism and bowing to Vince as Lord
  • I am a student by day, warrior ninja person thing by night, co-leader of the Cousin Squad

Hello to anyone reading this. As you can see, I'm Hero, and I love mythology and fiction...I read PJO and many other little-known books so feel free to open any discussions about any book series! I love taking badges and RP invites anytime so...yea. Just a few rules...

1-No FANDOM Users. Sorry guys, kinda personal but too hard to keep track and it isn't hard to get an account-

2-No cursing or anything-

3-No spammers-(Please do spam Clans memes tho...)

4-If you're homophobic or against any religion/atheism, get the heck off of my wall-

5-No personal info on me wall-

6-MorningRain16 or any of your alts, stay off my wall and away from my support buddies. After that hate message you left for me, even though you were never welcome here, I'm finding an admin to make sure you never come back-

Other than that, stay as long as you want, ask me stuff, whatever. Have fun! Drop puns! Randomly say hi! Pop by anytime, I will get back as soon as I can. 

Why are some Christians homophobic when it's the Bible?

No Fandom Users here!

Dont symbol wobble lg clr

I'm sorry, but no Fandom Users are allowed on this wall. I'm not trying to be rude, but anonymous users could be anyone. If you want to talk to me, please make an account and sign in!

Use {{No Fandom Users}} to put this on your wall.

And I wear these two with great pride...


LGBT Supporter Being Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi, Pan, Asexual and plus is fine! There's no shame in it! If this is on your page, you are proud to be one of these or you simply support LGBT! To add this to your page put {{LGBT+ Supporter}} to show you should not flee if someone is LGBT!

Notsuvincestarism Practitioner

Hello, humans! If you have this badge, that means you are a proud Vincinium! This means you practice the religion of Notsuvincestarism. You beleive Vincent, or Vince, is Jesus and was ressurected on easter friday, which we will celebrate the closest friday to May 10th. To show your true religion (and possible gayness) put {{Notsuvincestarism Practitioner}}

May your sword hit its mark, the Force be with you, the Riptide forever live in your heart and the Light of Olympus forever guide you.

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