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  • My occupation is Reading, Writing and hugging cats.
  • Bio I worship Goose the Cat.
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~Wall Rules~

Hiya Anon, before leaving a message on my MW please read my MW Rules.

1. Nothing to discriminate other users or myself. This includes homophobia, racism, sexism etc.

2. No swearing. If you swear it has to be censored out!

3. Follow the golden rule which is to be kind!

4. Respect my stalkers!

5.Anything else that has been mentioned in the Wiki Rules.

~My Stalkers~












If you stalk me, please tell me so I can add you to the list!

~Art of my OC Dreamshade~

  • Dreamshade by Anthraviolets
  • Dreamshade by Frostbite
  • Dreamshade by Coco
  • Dreamshade by Lynx
  • Dreamshade my Night
  • Dreamshade by Lizzdragon

~My Art~

  • Obscure for Obscure
  • Hentz for Night

~Requests and Invites~

Art Requests- Closed

RP Invites- Closed

Wall RPs- Always Open

Coding Requests- Open (I coded my MW btw)

Ref Requests- Closed

Sorry for the things I have had to close. I am currently quite busy and have a lot on my mind. Sorry for the inconvenience!

What did I do with my life.

If you have this badge, you are bi, support people who are bi, or are friends with someone wo is bi, then slap this badge on your wall!

To put this badge on your page, type {{BISEXUAL SUPPORT SQUAD}} in the source code. Badge made by Brambleshade of ShadowClan!

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My Wall Guardian, Dreamshade by Night!


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  • a new pfp

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  • it can be anything but I'm best at dragons

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  • Its been soooo long since we talked, I hope you are alright!

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  • I was going to write more but you've been insisting you're not awesome so here-

    Hope, you are amazing. The most amazing human I’ve ever met. You’re so amazing and kind, and the best friend I could ever have asked for. You’ve always been there for me, no matter what, and never judged me for what I feel or who I am, and you understand me better than everyone else. I trust you with all of my being and you’re the one person I truly, completely, trust. You are the most perfect you there is and if anyone says otherwise, I will personally plan their funeral. Whenever we have plans to hang out, it’s what keeps me going. Knowing I’ll see you. You always know exactly what I need to hear to make it better, know exactly how to cheer me up, even when I’m feeling useless. You always know what I need more than I do, and always have my best interests at heart. All of my best memories have you in them, and you’re why they’re the best ones I have. I love talking to you about anything and everything, starting conversations with “remember when…” followed by something completely and utterly random and silly. You’ve asked me tough questions and forced me to answer truthfully. I learn from you every day and so many new things come from you. Most of my decisions are awful but you help me through them and love me for who I am. You’re legitimately the smartest person I’ve met- not just academically (even though you are) but people-smart too! It’s amazing that I can cry like a baby with you and have you not discriminate against me. Even though my brother has only met you a few times, I know he already likes you better than he likes me, which is pretty special. The scariest thought I’ve ever had was you leaving me, although I know you never will.

    You help me face my fears and have more faith in me than I do myself. I couldn’t live without you and that’s a fact. You’re my person and always will be. When you cry, I cry. When you’re happy, I’m happier. And I want you to know you’re so strong, you can come through anything, even when you feel useless and horrible. And I will help you. Promise. Life isn’t a picnic, yeah, and I’m sure you didn’t want it to go this bad! But I guess life had other plans, and you know what? You came through it okay. Battered, bruised, defeated, and disheartened… but okay. You’re perfect. It makes me sad how you don’t see your own worth sometimes. You are so strong and so brave and the best person. You are the person I go to when I need a smile on my face, a real one, don’t ever forget that!

    The hard part is over. You have survived and I am so proud of you. Not a lot of people could stay as strong as you, given what you’ve gone through. I’m not saying there won’t be more rocky roads, there will be, but this time the worst is over. I’ll always be there when you feel down and even when you don’t. For as long as I live, you’ll never go through anything alone. You’re so beautiful, inside and out. Don’t let the haters get you down! The only reason they don’t like you is because they want to be you. If there were more people like you, it would be a better place, this world would. You’re so amazing. When life got you down, you stood right back up and punched it in its face! And heck, it deserved it! Whenever you get into trouble, remember that it’s not you against it, it’s us. I’m here to help and knock down the bad guys with… um… words? I can’t say I’m very good at physical fighting, but you can be certain I’ll be there with you.

    You’re incredibly funny and witty, and always have something ready to make me laugh. I don’t know how you do it! You’re always looking out for me and making sure I’m the best person I could be. Where would I be without you? Lost and alone, that’s where. Sure, I might have another friend, but they would never understand me like you do. I’m incredibly proud of who you are and what you’ve become- the best, most amazing, supportive, caring, funny, beautiful human there is! Your kindness and love knows no limits, and you seem to have enough time for everybody! It’s rare that I have to be the sole strong one- you’re so strong and brave all the time. You support me even when I’m at my worst, and not only that, but you help me make it better. You always seem to say exactly what I need to hear the exact moment I need to hear it. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I had somewhat stopped believing in people until I met you. Now I have faith in humankind. Thank you so much for being the friend I need even when I think I don’t need a friend, you’re always here, just waiting to make sure I’m okay.

    You’re just the most supportive person! I feel so comfortable talking to you for hours on end, no matter what the circumstances. You’ve never judged me for who I am which is an amazing trait to have. I admire you to no end, Hope, and don’t you ever forget how inspirational you are to me and countless others. You’ve helped so many people just by being you it’s pretty impressive. Like, really impressive. I’ve never met someone like you before, and nor will I in future. I’d be astounded if there could ever be someone even half as amazing as you! You’re the best person I could ever wish to be my companion in any situation. Ever. For support and for ration thinking (or freaking out together). I can always count on you to be the person I need. A true friend sees past the smile on your face and knows the soul behind it. And it’s so amazing that you’re that person to me.

    You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. And every single time you hurt someone, you apologise, and that makes you so wonderful. And those times when you have hurt someone is rare. Your modesty when I compliment you is so strong to the point it’s actually worrying how little you think of yourself. You should be so proud of who you are. Speaking of proud…

    I’m so proud of you. So, so proud. You’re so strong and you’ve gotten through the worst bits and now we’ve just got the aftermath. You can keep going. Don’t give up, ever, because no matter what happens, I’ll be right here beside you, okay? You don’t ever need to worry about me leaving you. I will never hate you. I will never turn away. I can promise you that. Always. Just keep going and don’t give up. I know right now is sort of not a great time and it’s confusing for both of us, but I want you to know you don’t have to choose. As long as you’re safe and happy, you don’t have to choose, ever.

    All the inside jokes we’ve shared truly feel like something special. Uncle Phil and Otzi. Patricia and Pleb, and their plurals. All of it is so amazing and makes me laugh to no end. I’ve never had a friend that I could so deeply connect to. Never had a friend like you.

    Do you think it was a coincidence we were put in the same tutor group? A coincidence that my parents didn’t choose for me to follow my scholarship? I don’t know, honestly. But we were meant to be friends, I know that. And it’s so amazing that I have someone like you there for me. I could have never asked for a better friend. And if I had, it would have been you anyway. You’re that epic.

    So this had kinda turned into a supportive “you can do this” essay, instead of the original idea, but uh, it’s too late to turn back now-

    You’re so amazing. I can’t believe you don’t think so. I’ve never doubted for a second that you’re not the best friend ever, yet you seem to doubt yourself always.

    No matter what you say, you’re amazing, and such a great friend and person. Love you, friend.

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  • //screeches//

    I found this amazing comic series call Heartstopper and I totally recommend it! Warning, you will die of adorableness!

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  • I have three.



    And Olivier.

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  • Does anyone else worship this beautiful creature?

    Goose the Cat. Do you worship him and think he is the best Marvel character in the universe?

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  • So, I made a few Events for the DragonOwnerClub on the HQ Wiki, and I’ve decided to incorporate them into the OC Tales! There’s going to be Breeding, and Adventures! The Adventures are when the OCs explore the WoF Universe or the Cyber Universe, and sometimes studying and battle training! 

    P.S. I’m thinking of adding “Kingdoms” to the Club, like Cyber Kingdoms. Ex: Cyber IceWings, CyberWings (A miscellaneous group of dragons that fight BugWings), etc.

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  • On 4000 edits. 

    Sorry I would have done this sooner, but I just noticed. 

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  • Contribution Appreciation!

    You might get this badge if you make a lot of contributions. You probably reached maybe another hundred, thousand, or you just contribute a lot. You make this community a better place with all the contributions you make! This wiki is very lucky to have all your contributions, no matter how little you contribute or how much. This community wouldn’t be amazing without you. You as in your courage, kindness, helpfulness, caringness, talkative-ness attributes that makes YOU amazing! Thank you!

    This is not a template to put on your profile, this is just another message to let you know that your contributions for this wiki mean a lot!

    Coding Credits

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