aka RWD, THE NARRATOR, the chocolate thief

  • I live in a hole underneath a GIANT anti social mountian, in a T.A.R.D.I.S.
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is reading multiple book series that pretty much no one else has read, and drawing dragons
  • I am a realy weird dragon butter stick that is also a geek and a timelord


I WILL NO LONGER BE DOING ART REQUESTS. I will only be doing trades, for either coding or art, or, if you are on deviantart, points. (Just commission me). My art trading policy from my blog applies to both coding and trades. I will not submit my half until you have done yours, due to so many people scamming me of my art. In addition, I reserve my right to turn down a trade if I choose to do so. Thank you.


Hi ima weirdo who everyone thinks is crazy soooooo......What is this "Pay attention" you speak of? Me and my friends do a lot of hybrid roleplays, with, well , hybrids and normal dragons. SandWings are my favorite tribe, and i can draw them pretty well. DO NOT try and ask me about how to be social or anything. the most likely response will be "Ummmm......//runs over and asks sister how to be social// //comes back two hours later still confuzzled// i have no clue!"

Some of my art:

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