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  • I live in u w u
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is being very gay.
  • I am a potato dragon, and a loyal waffle soldier (she/her, please. though they/them works)
  • Bio i was born
    i did stuff
    i joined w i k i s
    and i yeeted casually
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mAh WaLl!


Hello there, Anon. I see you. I know what you’re thinking. I know what you’re planning.

If you’re NOT that person, Then have a warm welcome to my message wall! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- Sorry, bit of an outburst! I do that sometimes, hope ya don’t mind. Ah, where were we?

Oh, yes! The rUlEs, yes, I have those. sTaHp JuDgInG eVeRyOnE hAs RuLeS!

1. ABSOLUTELY NO DISCRIMINATION, meaning racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. And yes, saying things like you ’don’t agree with it’ or, ‘it makes you uncomfortable’ but you respect it counts, YOU CANNOT RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE’S EXISTENCE. These are opinions that you WILL keep to yourself, because I don’t care what your reasons are.

2. Wiki rules still apply on this messsage wall.

3. No generally being a jerk.


5. I am ALWAYS available for RP invites!!!!!!!!

6. Don’t know Warriors (Although I’m planning on reading it!) so don’t link me to any Warriors RPs, fanfics, etc.

7. Accept you are weird whilst you are on this wall. And be proud.


Yeees, You got that right, there are. . . tHiNgS about me that I hope you are ready for when messaging meh. . .

1. I’m easy to annoy or anger. There is a 60% chance that if you disagree with me, I’m going to be. . . Angry. And when I’m angry I act really salty. So that’s something you should know.

2. I’m clingy and jealous. If you talk to me on here and befriend me, then I will just cling to you everywhere, and I’ll probably have an internal freak out when I see you chatting with someone else.

3. I have an awful sense of humour. I grow up in a fairly isolated household, and I don’t go outside much (I have no life. I know) So my sense of humour could use some work, it often contains death threats and that sort of thing, and I don’t really realize it’s not appropriate on the wiki. One time an offhanded comment of mine was featured in a serious blog post, and the person even said that ‘people like that are the ones who should be banned’ or something along those lines. So yeah, there’s that.


Heck yes, we’re finally getting to the fun stuff! I do ReQuEsTs in all shapes ‘n sizes! These are all my terms and info and stuff like that.

Art Requests: Open! 0/5 slots, I generally do WoF dragons only, if you want something else, talk to me about it. and I mainly do headshots, but you can request a fullbody if you’re prepared to get a piece of trash for your request, just fill out the form below:

Tribe: (I’m best at MudWings, IceWings, and SandWings)



Fullbody or headshot:

General description and notable features:

Colours + Patterns:

Art examples:

  • My sona
  • Queen Snowfall
  • Kinkajou
  • thumb|Mud-Sea-Ice tribrid
  • thumb|Unfinished HiveWing

WoF Ref requests: Open! (0/5) I can do any tribe, including hybrids as long as you provide a transparent base. I can also add on accessories if you’re specific and they aren’t too complicated, just fill out the form:


Mainscales colours:

Topscales colours:

Underscale Colours:

Wing colours:

Spike/horn colours:

Frill/web colours (if SandWing, SeaWing, or LeafWing):


Accessories (simple):

Cover Requests: Open! (0/3), This might be a little risky, considering I haven’t done a lot of experimenting with covers and I’m not sure which tribes I’m good at or bad at, but you can still ask! Form is here:

Tribe: (I can’t do MudWings)

Pose + basic expression:

Description + notable features:

Colours + Patterns:


Cover Text:

Front cover or Full cover?:

Cover examples:

Badge requests: Yeep! 0/3, I’m an amateur at coding, so nothing too fancy! I do solid borders only, And I can’t do pictures for backgrounds. If you have more than 3 pictures, I’m putting them in a slideshow, just fill out the form! (Note: It’s really helpful if you provide hex codes for the colours, but you don’t have to!)

Badge Title:

Gradient (Yes/no):

Background Colours:

Title Colour:

Border Colour:

Text Colour:

Picture(s) (please provide a real picture!):

Text (what you want it to say):


Meet my Wall Guardian


This is my wall guardian, Cookie. they’re a spider, but I promise, they’re gentle. They’re also genderfluid. They’ll be kind to you if you’re kind to everyone around you.

Cookie would like it if you followed the rules. They’ll be very sad if you don’t. They’re very sensitive, so please, keep the negativity to yourself.

Cookie wants your cookies, but Cookie is respectful, So Cookie will not steal your cookies. Cookie would appreciate it if you would offer Cookie a cookie.

Cookie is friendos with the also amazing Latte, Fall’s wall guardian

More unnecessary Stuff

This ain’t necessary to read, but you can if you want!

I love The Dragon Prince, My Little Pony, and talking about art and writing, so if you ever want to talk to me about that stuff, feel free to ask me about them!

Also feel free to ask me any questions if you’re a new user or just stuck, there’s a lot of things I won’t be able to answer, but my wall is always open!

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