aka YFII ZFMEBO (three letters back)

  • I live in a thing! In a place! Don’t like it? Try a different place. In a different time.
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Literally none
  • I am an interdimensional dream demon

What, were you expecting a personal greeting. Hah! Nah, I’ma just put on the new rule.





If you see someone pretending to be, step one is to check this page to see if I have updated it to follow with that. This should include whose account I am using in place of this one, and when I will return. Step two is to make sure that they are NOT me. Follow step one, and ask certain questions. If they say something like “Oh, yeah, I’m Shka, my computer’s getting fixed,” do NOT LISTEN OR TRUST THEM AT ALL. Consult this page, and this page only! If I say there is NO ALTS, terminate the impersonated IMMEDIATELY!

And, oh yeah, welcome to the Shka’s wall.

Crispy blue bois.

Spicy little chinchillas.

Tasty textured bacon.

Mother of peaches.

Son of a cheese nut.

Cranking steampunk puffer.

Parsley buckets.

Use the above as swears.

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