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"Hi, strange dragon. I'm Mindreader. But don't worry. I promise I'll stay out of your head."
— Mindreader, jokingly, to Starflight, The Dark Secret

Mindreader is a female NightWing dragonet introduced in The Dark Secret. She is a student at Jade Mountain Academy in the Copper Winglet. Despite her name, Mindreader did not possess the ability to read minds until Talons of Power, when Darkstalker used his animus magic to enchant her bracelet.


Mindreader has black scales.[1] Her item enchanted by Darkstalker is a bracelet of green and silver glass beads strung along a twisted black wire.[2]


Mindreader is curious,[3] compassionate,[4] inquisitive, and eager.[5] Mindreader seems to be more accepting of Queen Glory and happier about her new life in the rainforest than most NightWings.[6] She appears to be wry, as she joked about the irony of her name,[7] other dragons often remark on and laugh at that irony too.[8][9] In reality she wished she could read minds and when Darkstalker granted her mind reading abilities, she was ecstatic.[2] After gaining her powers she would read and announce other's thoughts gleefully,[10][11][12] she also seemed to be a little more smug and mocking.[13][14] Mindreader described herself as "not a blackmailing sort of dragon."[15]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dark Secret

Mindreader was one of the "students" Starflight encountered in the cave he woke up in after being knocked out. She made a joke about staying out of Starflight's head, hence her name, which most of the NightWings in the room laughed at. Starflight did not really get the joke, but later realized that no NightWing has had telepathy or precognition for over a century, which is undoubtedly the reason the other NightWings laughed.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Moonwatcher thought about Mindreader and about how ironic it would be if her name was true. She thought of Mindreader while wondering who the "voice" was. However, it was shown that Mindreader did not have any powers, and her name was simply to fit NightWing custom.

Talons of Power

Darkstalker enchanted a bracelet she supposedly made in art class to give her the powers of telepathy, and she seems to be more than content with these new powers. She is the only one of the dragonets that are given powers that seem to be friendly towards Moon. Mindreader then goes with Darkstalker, Sunny, Moon, and Anemone to save Stonemover, of whom she said his self-harm was giving her "the worst headache." Later in the rainforest, she helps her father with his request of power from Darkstalker, saying that what her father really wants is the ability to heal from all injuries, past, present, or future. Later in the story, she goes to the lost city of night with the other NightWings.



Mindreader claimed she did not hate Moon when Moon's powers were revealed.[10] Darkstalker told her to refer to Moon's experience with mind reading.[2] She seemed to have taken that advice as she often tried imitating Moon.[14][16]


"What part of the brightest night are you having trouble with? […] Haven't you been listening in class? Events have to match the prophecies. Hi, strange dragon. I'm Mindreader. But don't worry, I promise I'll stay out of your head."
― to Fierceteeth and Starflight (The Dark Secret, page 7)

"I want to hear about the mainland, […] Tell us everything. We've heard there are trees taller than dragons and that in some places the sky is blue. True? False? What's the coolest thing you've seen? What's the best thing you've eaten?"
― asking Starflight about Pyrrhia (The Dark Secret, page 10)

"Oh, wow. Not just classes on pretending to read minds and how to make up believable prophecies?"
― to Darkstalker, about NightWing powers (Talons of Power, page 66)

"We live in basically the banana capital of the universe. We don't need a magic banana-maker."
― to Mightyclaws, about his superpower (Talons of Power, page 70)

"Um, yeah, ME TOO."
― claiming to sense the "glimmer of life" in Stonemover's mind (Talons of Power, page 76)


  • In The Dark Secret, the audiobook narrator gave Mindreader a male voice. In later books, Mindreader's voice was female.



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