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"I won't ever hurt them, Mommy, I p-promise. I love them and I love you and we'll all be r-really good."
— Mink to Glacier about Crystal and Snowfall, The Dangerous Gift

Mink is a female IceWing dragonet who was introduced in The Dangerous Gift. She currently resides in the IceWing palace and is the youngest sister of Snowfall and Crystal.


Mink is tiny,[1] with wide,[2] giant,[3] dark blue,[4] seal-like[5] eyes. Her scales are white with feathery patterns of gray along her wings like whiskers or tufts of fur.[4]


Mink is thoughtful,[6] happy,[7] fidgety,[8] gentle, bashful, shy, sweet,[2] flibbertigibbet,[4] and loves nearly everyone she encounters.[4][9] She is beloved[8] and affectionately lovely.[10]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Icicle wonders whether or not Queen Glacier would accept her back into the Ice Kingdom, as she might appreciate the opportunity to rid Crystal, Mink, and Snowfall of a potential competitor for the IceWing throne.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Mink was first shown in Snowfall's flashback of Glacier choosing Snowfall to be the next IceWing queen and was shown crying. Later she appears with a group of guards. She gifts Snowfall a ice sculpture that looks like a blob but was intended to be a mink, her namesake, and begs to Snowfall to let her into the Queen's rooms because she misses it. Snowfall decides to show her the Forbidden Treasury because she's the last heir to the IceWing throne.

While Snowfall was in Sanctuary, Tundra and Permafrost made Mink the 'temporary queen' and tried to control her choices. When Snowfall arrives back at the Ice Kingdom, Mink says she hates NightWings and Snowfall discovers the IceWing crown was enchanted by Queen Diamond to make the wearer hate NightWings.

After the crown has been taken to be destroyed, Snowfall takes Mink to see the gift of order and destroys the wall with her bare fists whilst wearing the gift of strength. Snowfall promises to let Mink destroy something the next day and Mink appears excited at this idea.

While Snowfall is asleep, Mink appears in Snowfall's vision as Queen Glacier.



When Glacier was dying, Mink sobbed beside her mother,[11] and Glacier loved her daughter dearly.[10]

Polar Bear

Mink told Polar Bear multiple times that she loved him, to which he reacted in confused appreciation.[6]


Since becoming queen, Snowfall had not interacted with her younger sister that often.[4] Despite Mink's affection, Snowfall was typically opposed to snuggling.[12] However, Snowfall is kind to her and put one of her wings around Mink after returning to the Ice Kingdom.[13]

Family Tree



"I won't. I won't ever hurt them, Mommy, I p-promise. I love them and I love you and we'll all be r-really good."
― to Glacier about hurting Crystal and Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 34)

"Wow. Wow oh wow. Why is there a hole in the floor? I never even knew there was a big hole under the bed!"
― to Snowfall about the Forbidden Treasury (The Dangerous Gift, page 47)

"Good. I'm sorry so many d-dragons kept telling you what to do, though. That was my least favorite part."
― to Snowfall about the responsibility of being queen (The Dangerous Gift, page 301)

"Of course I do. Everybody knows what the wall is! Look, there's m-me. I'm here, which means the dragons up there are better than me. But I'm still better than this dragon and this dragon and allllll these dragons."
― to Snowfall about the gift of order (The Dangerous Gift, page 302)




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