Moon Rising is the sixth book in the New York Times bestselling series Wings of Fire, as well as the beginning of the second arc. The main character is Moonwatcher, the first telepathic and prophetic NightWing in centuries.

Moon Rising follows The Brightest Night, which was the end of the first arc, and precedes Winter Turning.

The title most likely refers to Moon metaphorically rising above her fears and anxiety.

Moon Rising begins at the dragonets' school at Jade Mountain.

There is a new prophecy for the second arc, called the Jade Mountain Prophecy. It has come from Moonwatcher herself and is the first true NightWing prophecy in generations.

Summary Edit

Peace has come to Pyrrhia . . . for now.

The war between the tribes is finally over, and now the dragonets of the prophecy have a plan for lasting peace: Jade Mountain Academy, a school that will gather dragonets from all the tribes and teach them to live together, perhaps even as friends.

Moonwatcher isn't sure how she feels about school, however. Hidden in the rainforest for most of her life, the young NightWing has an awful secret. She can read minds, and even see the future. Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy, exhausting — and dangerous.

In just a few days, Moon finds herself overwhelmed by her secret powers and bombarded by strange thoughts, including those of a mysterious dragon who might be a terrible enemy. And when someone starts attacking dragons within the academy, Moon has a choice to make: Stay hidden and safe? Or risk everything to save her new friends?

Dedication Edit

For all the FanWings and everyone who reads these books - I hope you love the new dragonets as much as I love you guys!

Plot Edit

A Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia Edit

The book first starts off with a description of the new school and the "winglets." The winglets are groups of dragons attending the school. The winglets are Jade Winglet, Gold Winglet, Silver Winglet, Copper Winglet, and Quartz Winglet. Each winglet has seven dragonets in it, one from each tribe. Starflight has updated and edited the Dragon Guide of Pyrrhia.

Prologue Edit

The book begins four years before the events of Moon Rising with Moon's mother, Secretkeeper, who was hiding Moon's egg in the jungle to keep her safe. She thinks about her mate, who was confirmed to be Morrowseer. Moonwatcher hatches from a silver egg under two full moons and gets her name when she reaches up to the moons. Secretkeeper has to go almost immediately, but Moonwatcher has to stay hidden. She is quite scared from the images of the volcano and danger that her mother left in her mind when she left.

Part 1: Welcome to Jade Mountain Edit

Moonwatcher is very nervous about going to school. She thinks everyone will do something bad to her and hate her if she reveals her powers. Secretkeeper, who was there, spots Queen Coral with Anemone and Auklet. Tsunami booms down in delight when seeing Anemone and another SeaWing named Turtle who is one of Tsunami's thirty-two brothers. Tsunami appears to be shocked at the fact she has thirty-two brothers, and yells at Queen Coral, but eventually calms down. Anemone is put in the Silver Winglet and Turtle is put in the Jade Winglet with Moonwatcher. Then Secretkeeper leaves and so does Queen Coral. Then Fatespeaker interrupts excitedly, commenting on Moon's teardrop eyes scales and how shiny and big they are compared to her's. She asks Moonwatcher her name and keeps on repeating the NightWing's nickname, looking for her cave. She finds it exclaiming, "You're going to love your clawmates." As Moon goes to find her cave, she reads several minds and wonders how she will cope. She then notices a scroll rack on the wall and one by the door. The sign above the one above the door says: Free reading! Hope you like them.

Part 2: Stay Hidden Edit

The bracelet that had Darkstalker in a deep sleep so that he could not wake up broke when the comet came by, six months before the story. He asks Moonwatcher to help him escape and tells her that he can see all the possible futures. Moon hears someone yelling "The SkyWing! She's here to kill us all!" Starflight immediately told her and Kinkajou to hide, because he thought it was Queen Scarlet. Instead, Moon goes to the source of the commotion and sees a SkyWing. Clay comes up from behind her and sees that it's Peril.

The comet in book five, The Brightest Night, apparently woke Darkstalker from the enchanted slumber; he is immortal; Darkstalker isn't as evil as legends say he is, there's panic in the school with the dragons thinking, "SkyWing coming to murder us"; which is just Peril arriving at school. Moon learns more about friends, goes to Mightyclaws (another NightWing at the school) at the painting gallery to try to learn more about NightWing powers. Darkstalker then learns that legends about him have been extremely over exaggerated, Moon learns that NightWing powers come from the three moons, Darkstalker asks for Moon to set him free from being trapped underground; he can't use his animus powers because he didn't want to lose his soul. So he put all his power in an object, later to be found that his powers were contained in a scroll Darkstalker calls the 'Talisman'. Moon then sees a future of dragons dying in a mysterious fire, the strange vision takes a turn when she tries to stop Winter, Qibli, Kinkajou, and almost anybody else from going into the history room, but unfortunately, Carnelian was too stubborn to listen and got killed by the explosion, the NightWing named Bigtail also died from the blast, and Tamarin and Moon were injured. Moon tries to explain to her friends, especially Winter, about her powers. Moon learns that the explosion was caused by a cactus called the 'dragonflame cactus' that explodes when it's in contact with fire, told from Sunny's point of view. Moon hears the dreamvisitor conversation again, a weird, ominous voice saying that someone must be killed in Jade Mountain Academy, or there will be consequences.

Part 3: The Darkness of Dragons Edit

Moon discovers that Onyx wears a stone that can block mind reading. The stone is called skyfire. Both Onyx and Turtle have them, so she is unable to read their minds. She sees that someone attempted to kill Icicle and the malicious IceWing claims that it was Sora, a MudWing assigned to the same winglet as her. She discovers Sora was the one who caused the explosion. The Jade Winglet inform Sora that Icicle is aware and she wants to kill her. As a result, Sora and her brother Umber leave the academy.

Moon and her friends realize that Icicle was the one who talked with the evil, strange voice (who happened to be Ex-Queen Scarlet) and dashes to the library before Icicle can kill Starflight. Qibli rushed to stop Icicle before she could manage to get away with killing the blinded NightWing, attempting to stab her with his barbed tail, but he got knocked out by the large IceWing. Then Icicle charged at Moon, choked her, and threatened to kill her. Winter came in contact with his sister and attempted to get her to release Moon. Shockingly, Winter smashed his tail across Icicle's head to save Moonwatcher from his older sister, despite the rivalry between him and the NightWings. This causes Icicle to flee to the rainforest in another attempt to kill a dragonet of destiny, Glory. They notice that Winter has left to find his brother, Hailstorm, who Icicle said was alive. Hailstorm is Winter's older brother, and because of an incident with the SkyWings when they were both looking for scavenger dens, Hailstorm was captured, leaving Winter to hate himself more than anybody else. Winter had suspicions that Hailstorm was killed by the NightWings when they raided the SkyWing arena in an attempt to save Starflight. The Jade Winglet follow him. Kinkajou then complains about how Icicle goes to kill Glory. Moon eventually gives the skyfire to her friends through Turtle with his bracelet, which contained the skyfire stones. Moonwatcher gives her Prophecy at the end of the book, leaving Winter to find out a shocking conclusion.***the end

Epilogue Edit

Scarlet is seen with a dreamvisitor and another dragon, who the book describes him shifting colors. Scarlet asks why she is unable to get to 'her' (probably referring to Icicle). The mysterious dragon replies she must not be asleep, so Scarlet goes into Peril's dream. She asks Peril who was killed today, and Peril says nobody was killed except for Carnelian and Bigtail. Then, the dragon who was talking with Scarlet holds up an ancient scroll in the moonlight that is most likely to be Darkstalker's talisman.  


  • Moon Rising's cover is one of the only three covers that have the logo above the focus character, the others being book one of the first arc, The Dragonet Prophecyand book one of the third arc, The Lost Continent.
  • The cover is one of the only two books where the main protagonist has their mouth closed. The other is Darkstalker (Legends).
  • On the corner of the cover, there is a SeaWing in the water, most likely Turtle.
  • Moon Rising is also the first out of four books to have more than one character in the full jacket, the other three being: Escaping Peril (Peril and Scarlet), then Talons of Power (Prince Turtle and Princess Anemone) and The Lost Continent (Blue and Cricket).
  • Moon Rising is the first book to come out on a day other than the first of the month it is released.
  • Instead of "The ___ _____" title pattern for the book titles, Moon Rising, Winter Turning, and Escaping Peril appear to follow a pattern of the main character's name and a gerund.
  • The cover illustration shows Moon and Turtle at the underground lake at Jade Mountain with a view of the sky.
  • The book states that two moons were half-full when Moon was at the underground lake. However, on the cover, they were shown to be crescent moons.
  • Moon is missing her wing membranes on the cover of Moon Rising like Starflight and Glory on their covers.
  • It is the second book of five to have a NightWing point of view.
  • Starflight´s daughter is most likely with Fatespeaker, the purple dragonet (Firefly) is Glory and Deathbringer's daughter, the blue dragonet is Riptide and Tsunami's, and the deep orange-brown dragonet is most likley Clay and Peril´s dragonet.
  • It is the only book where the protagonist doesn't visit their habitat.



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