MudWings, also known as Swamp Dragons to scavengers (humans), are a strong, thick-scaled, muscular Pyrrhian dragon tribe who live in the Mud Kingdom, the Diamond Spray Delta, marshes near the Sea Kingdom, and the border near the north of the Rainforest Kingdom. They are currently ruled by Moorhen.

The MudWings were allied with Burn and the SkyWings in the War of SandWing Succession and fought against Blister and Blaze. They were originally allied with Blister, but their alliance broke after the assassination of Commander Tempest (as depicted in Assassin). Burn forced the MudWings into an alliance with her, threatening to destroy the tribe if they did not help her win, and offered 100 years of peace between their tribes and protection to the MudWings if she became queen of the SandWings.


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General MudWing Colors

MudWings have thick, armored scales. They are usually earthy colors, such as browns, greens, ambers, and oranges. They are most known for their flat snouts, brute strength, and size. They may have gold or amber underscales, usually more visible in sunlight. Their nostrils are located on the top of the snouts, allowing them to lay submerged in mud for long periods. They have thick, curved horns and broad, flat heads. Their eyes have been described as brown, gold, and amber, sometimes with brownish-yellow rings around the pupils, similar to central heterochromia. Their bodies are muscular and robust, closely resembling alligators, crocodiles, and other prehistoric reptiles. Most MudWings are shown to not be that smart although there are some exceptions. They are typically larger and stronger than any other dragon type.

MudWings may also have odd markings, such as dappled wing scales [1].


MudWings seem to have an agricultural society, preferring to raise livestock rather than hunting. They are just about willing to eat anything, including fruit. In the marshes, they eat crocodiles, and, most likely, other swamp-dwelling creatures. Clay and his mother, Cattail, have both mentioned eating cows before, so cows could be a part of MudWings' diets. They have a bigger appetite than other tribes, possibly because of the energy needed to maintain such big statures and bones.


If they are warm enough, MudWings can breathe fire, though not quite as powerful as SandWings, NightWings, and especially SkyWings. Thanks to their muscular bodies, MudWings are quite strong. Due to this they very well could be the largest tribe in Pyrrhia, but this is unconfirmed. They are most comfortable in muddy or swampy areas and can blend into marshy areas quite well. It is also common for MudWings to be resting submerged in mud, as this seems like an activity they enjoy. Mud is often used to treat and ease the pain of wounds and heal this type of dragon to an extent. In addition to these, they can hold their breath for up to an hour.

MudWings that hatch from blood-red eggs, laid every few years or so, and are described to be immune to fire. Their fireproof scales are only activated once they come in contact with a large amount of mud. However, if a MudWing that hatches from a blood-red egg does not come in contact with mud, it will still heal faster than most other dragons and are mostly impervious to fire, as seen with Clay. It is currently unknown if there are causes for eggs to be blood-red, or if it is just random chance, although it is said that NightWings may have learned the patterns and statistics for when blood-eggs occur. Though fire will still hurt them, any injuries caused by fire will instantly heal over. In The Dragonet Prophecy, Clay demonstrates this when he fights Peril, a SkyWing with firescales, who can turn a dragon to ash just by touching them, without dying. This fire immunity works faster once the MudWing has been exposed to mud, as dragons draw strength from their natural habitats. Clay was once shown burning his claws in hot coals in The Hidden Kingdom, though he healed quickly. If a burn is too deep or large, however, it will not heal all the way, as demonstrated in The Brightest Night when Peril plunges her claws into Clay to burn out dragonbite viper poison, but it heals only partially, leaving him with a scar from the bite and a permanent limp. It also heals only on the surface scales, not internal organs. Lava has also been mentioned to be another factor. In The Dark Secret, Starflight mentions that fireproof MudWings can only survive for a few minutes in lava, although this was never officially proven. MudWings can also hold their breath for up to an hour or so, which makes it helpful to escape, as seen in The Dark Secret and briefly in The Dragonet Prophecy.

There has never been a known animus dragon in the MudWing tribe, and there might never be unless a hybrid line with the animus gene is introduced.

They are known as not to be the smartest of the tribes.


Crane was the queen of the MudWings during the time of Darkstalker (Legends). She is thought to have been an aggressive and dangerous queen, due to the way that Queen Lagoon (L1) said that MudWings had been acting.

As of The Poison Jungle, Queen Moorhen rules the MudWings peacefully. She has no known heirs. Moorhen was queen during the War of SandWing Succession. She allied her tribe with Blister and the SeaWings at first, but then the MudWings were framed for the assasination of Commander Tempest. They were kicked off of Blister's side, and then joined Burn, who already had the SkyWings on her side, in exchange for Burn promising 100 years of peace if they won.


MudWings lay their eggs in bunkhouses that are well protected with warm rocks and covered in mud walls, in a way similar to the real-world crocodiles. This environment is so protected that the mother only has to check on them once in a while, and she is often not there during the hatching. The first dragonet to hatch out is always the largest and is known as the bigwings. The bigwings have the instinct to help their siblings by breaking open their eggs to help them hatch, and eventually becomes the leader of the siblings, leading them into battle and taking care of their sibs. After the mother covers the eggs, she will never check on them again, or even need to, as it is quite rare for MudWing parents to care about their dragonets and the eggs are very safe even if they did. As a result, the bigwings of the group usually becomes the caretaker and parental figure.

MudWings live and work in loyal units with their siblings. They grow up together, learning to hunt, fight and survive and form very close bonds. These groups are often called "sibs" by MudWings, but the term is seldom known or used in any of the other tribes (except for at Jade Mountain). During wars, the army of MudWings is made up of troops that are formed by these sibling groups, which allows them to fight very effectively as one unit. If enough siblings are lost in battle, the other members of the troop will look for other dragons who have lost sibs to form a new group with and are called unsibs. Unsibs are MudWings who have lost most or all their blood siblings. Sometimes, unsibs will make a group and stay together like real siblings, who stick with each other through just about anything. Some MudWings will not accept unsibs in their troops, preferring only their true siblings.

Pairings are not formal, with a breeding night once a month. Parents do not raise their children and do not know the names of their offspring. Males have no part in caring for their offspring, and neither do the mothers. Often nobody would even know who the father was. A family is comprised of only the siblings.

Less wealthy and lowborn MudWings usually live on the outskirts of MudWing territory, near the Diamond Spray Delta (known as the place where the lowest-born MudWings dwell, according to Kestrel), while the rest live closer to the center of the kingdom.

Since MudWings are so loyal to their siblings, no queen has ever been challenged by any of her sisters. This might also be because

MudWing dwellings, as shown in the graphic novel

the bigwings is the strongest (queens are usually the bigwings of a group), and the others know that they couldn't defeat her in a challenge. MudWings are also often very loyal to their tribe, considering the queen is the bigwings of the whole tribe.

MudWings live in large mud-and-plant-made sleep houses that house several dragons (usually siblings). MudWings tend to lay around and nap in large mud puddles and seem to not care how other tribes think of them, as their habitat expresses more of comfort than the need for decoration. MudWings, unlike NightWings, are not particularly known for their intelligence, shown when Scarlet stated that it was unusual to see a MudWing using his head. However, this is just a stereotype, since MudWings like Mayfly are successful in intellectual careers.


MudWing names generally relate to the earth, swamps, and the things that reside there such as Reed, Crane, Pheasant, Sora, and Cattail, or shades of brown, such as Umber, Sepia, and Ochre. Sometimes they can also be named after types of diamonds or minerals, such as Asha. Synonyms of swamps or swampy areas are also used as names, such as Marsh, Swamp, and Bog.

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Students at Jade Mountain

  • Marsh
  • Newt
  • Sepia
  • Sora (formerly)
  • Umber (formerly)


  • When Chameleon is trying to persuade Peril to let him change her during Ruby and Scarlet's battle, he says, "A kingdom without any heirs is in perpetual danger...I think all the queens learned from what happened to the MudWings a couple of centuries ago." [2] This hints that the MudWings had a succession crisis before, (during Darkstalker's time), and could imply that Queen Moorhen isn't related to the original line of MudWing queens (i.e. Queen Crane).
  • In the line art by Joy Ang, MudWings are the only Pyrrhian tribe pictured with their mouth closed.
  • According to the guide, MudWings are usually very strong. This is shown several times as Crocodile knocked out several dragons at once with her tail, and Clay is mentioned to be powerful more than once.
  • In book one, The Dragonet Prophecy, it was hinted that being hatched from a blood-red egg is not uncommon, but the only known MudWing to have hatched from one of these eggs is Clay.
  • MudWings resemble alligators and crocodiles due to their scales and ability to hold their breath for up to one hour.
    • MudWings are the only dragon tribe that has nostrils on top of their snout. This slightly mimics the crocodile, which has a similar facial structure and nostrils.
    • They also share some similarities with turtles, as once they lay their eggs, they leave the nest and go on about their usual lives.
  • Tui has once stated that she imagines that MudWings sleep in a pile together in their sleep house, this is also depicted in the graphic novel.
  • MudWings and RainWings are the only known tribes where parents are known to not care for their offspring (however, the whole RainWing tribe care for the dragonets together, while the MudWings leave their hatchlings and their siblings to fend for themselves).
  • MudWings have the second least number of POVs (two), the RainWings being the least with only one, in the series (including Legends, Winglets, epilogues, and prologues).
  • There are no known MudWing hybrids.
  • MudWings, like IceWings, also have a sort of caste system, with the lowest born on the outskirts of the kingdom, and the high-class dragons close to Queen Moorhen's palace. 



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