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"You've all laughed at me for years! Well, now I'm the one with the power! I'm going to own my own village soon, wait and see! Everyone will do everything for me, like they do for the dragonmancers!"
— Mushroom to Thyme, Rowan, Leaf, and Cranberry, Dragonslayer

Mushroom was an adult male human who appeared in Dragonslayer. He was Thyme's twin brother. His head was bitten off by Queen Scarlet while escaping after stealing SkyWing treasure.


Mushroom was described as more square-jawed, taller, and a lot gloomier than Thyme.[1] Mushroom was also described as short and pale with a furry head. He has two long, thin legs and two dangling arms that ended in "floppy, clawless talons." He reached barely as high as Clay's shoulder.[2] He has dark hair with a red tunic and blue-gray pants, with buck teeth.[3]


Mushroom was described as gloomy and prone to complaining a lot. He was very greedy, and his want for physical wealth and power accumulates in other flaws, like jealousy, laziness, and selfishness. Mushroom was especially jealous of the dragonmancers and of Thyme, and had no problem endangering others to save himself.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

The scavenger Clay saw shortly after escaping the mountains was Mushroom. The scavenger ran off after seeing Clay and Tsunami, but Scarlet caught him and bit his head off. Mushroom was the scavenger stealing Queen Scarlet's treasure.



Mushroom is shown to be training with other scavengers hoping to become dragonslayers, including Leaf. Later, he steals their map and goes to the mountain dragon palace and steals treasure, but is then found out by the SkyWings, who chased after him. He escapes, endangering his brother, Thyme, by throwing a piece of the treasure at him.



It is mentioned that Mushroom looked angry whenever Cranberry paid a lot of attention to Thyme. However, he didn't seem to actually care for her, and didn't acknowledge her concerns for Grove, or give over some treasure to help when she begged him to, which is likely his envy towards Thyme.


Mushroom thought of Leaf as a little kid and spoke derisively of him and his talents. This could be because he was envious of Leaf or he just didn't respect people younger than him.


Although Thyme was his brother, Mushroom wasn't overly attached to him. He decided to get away from an attacking dragon by throwing a piece of treasure at Thyme as a distraction, to save himself and his treasure.

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"This is really the mountain dragons' palace? […] How do we know? What the heck is this? […] And over here … 'prison'? That doesn't look like a prison. It looks like a bunch of columns."
― to Leaf while looking at the map of the mountain dragon palace (Dragonslayer, page 159)

"Great. […] So we're going to sneak into a palace full of dragons based on a kid's scribbled copy of an ancient, unreliable drawing that might be a total fantasy."
― about the plan to steal mountain dragon treasure (Dragonslayer, page 160)

"Ha! […] There was plenty of gold in that palace! Go get your own!"
― to Rowan (Dragonslayer, page 196)

"You've all laughed at me for years! Well, now I'm the one with the power! I'm going to own my own village soon, wait and see! Everyone will do everything for me, like they do for the dragonmancers!"
― when the others ask him for help (Dragonslayer, page 197)


  • Mushroom was the first scavenger to ever appear in the series.







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