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"Be strong. Be vigilant. Strike first. Whichever of you does not return, I know you will accept defeat with honor."
— Narwhal to Winter and Hailstorm, Winter Turning

Narwhal was an adult male IceWing who was introduced in Winter Turning. In addition to being the former partner of Tundra, he was an IceWing prince, an advisor to Snowfall, and a warrior of at least the Second Circle. He was killed during the Battle of Jade Mountain by two empowered NightWing scouts. He would often take charge of the gift of order when Queen Glacier was away from the Ice Kingdom.


Narwhal was described to have a long snout[1] and blue eyes.[2] He had a cold, unreadable expression.[3]


Narwhal's outward demeanor was much the same, whether he was proud or furious.[4] He spoke brusquely,[5] and he was straight to business, with no meandering preambles.[6] Winter suspected that his first-place Circle ranking was merely Narwhal's way of maintaining his own status,[7] and Winter thought he heard a tiny note of impatience in his father's voice when he spoke to him.[7] He was sharp and demanding,[8] and he was willing to give a lot of risk for a much higher gain.[9] He was skilled and powerful in battle.[10]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Narwhal is mentioned several times in Winter's thoughts.
Winter Turning
In the prologue, Winter mentioned Narwhal to Hailstorm, saying how he would be furious that the two were in the Sky Kingdom.

In a flashback, Narwhal, Tundra, Winter, Icicle, Hailstorm, three attendants, and one of Winter's uncles were all a part of a hunting party for the dining table of Queen Glacier herself. As Winter was distracted by scavengers during the hunt while a polar bear and her cubs were easy targets in clear sight, Narwhal winged out of the sky with his wife and Hailstorm. With Winter failing to catch the bear, Narwhal furiously roared at his son, demanding to know how he let the bear get away.

Later, after Winter and Hailstorm returned to the Ice Kingdom, he announced that Hailstorm had returned and, surprisingly, put Hailstorm at the bottom of the Seventh Circle and Winter at the top of the First Circle. This was a setup to ensure that he and Tundra wouldn't be accused of favoritism and so that Hailstorm would challenge Winter to the Diamond Trial, leaving Narwhal with his finest, more promising dragonet in the First Circle. He made sure that Hailstorm was given instructions on what to do during the trial to ensure his victory, showing his cunning personality and providing that he got the result that would be more favorable to his name.
Talons of Power
In the epilogue, Hailstorm was told by a messenger that Narwhal had the IceWing plague and that his condition was worsening.
Darkness of Dragons
Narwhal was shown with his son, Hailstorm, and his niece, Queen Snowfall, demanding that the Jade Mountain Academy staff tell them where Darkstalker was. He was noted to be the largest IceWing in the group. Winter appeared in front of them, and Narwhal was shocked that his son was alive because he was sure that he had been sent to his death. The "reunion" did not last long, as NightWing scouts appeared and began a fight, slashing Narwhal's throat and killing him as he was stuck between them and their target, Queen Snowfall. Hailstorm and Winter were shown briefly grieving over their father, closing his eyes, before leaping into battle against the NightWings.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Narwhal is mentioned by Snowfall as one of the dragons lost to the NightWing-IceWing battle.



Hailstorm was Narwhal's favorite dragonet due to his many skills, strengths, and high discipline. He openly favored Hailstorm over Winter, showing disappointment at Hailstorm's presumed death and blaming it on his younger son. He was willing to sacrifice Winter for Hailstorm's rank in the Diamond Trial.


Narwhal wanted his daughter to become the IceWing queen and challenge Glacier before one of Glacier's dragonets did, but that never happened since Glacier died of Darkstalker's plague and Snowfall became queen due to being the highest-ranked of Queen Glacier's dragonets. Icicle couldn't challenge Snowfall afterward because cousins aren't heirs to the throne. He was disgusted that she was working for Scarlet, having a grudge or sorts against the SkyWing tribe for holding Hailstorm and approximately twenty other IceWings captive during the war.


Narwhal had always been disappointed in Winter for his low aptitude, so much so that he had no qualms showing open admiration for Icicle and Hailstorm's achievements while belittling Winter's. He regretted having Winter as part of his family and was even willing to sacrifice Winter in the Diamond Trial so that Hailstorm could regain his place at the top of the rankings. Winter and Icicle's low rank affected his and Tundra's placements, dropping them down to the Third Circle and endangering their right to live in the palace.

Family Tree



"Ssso. My two sons have returned to me. One I thought could never come back — and the other I hoped never would."
― to Winter and Hailstorm (Winter Turning, page 246)

"We did not think you could possibly be alive, Hailstorm. Congratulations on your survival. The queen will be pleased to welcome you back into her army. As for you, Winter. We have heard a lot of stories about your behavior. Perhaps you can clarify some of them for us. Attacking your own sister at Jade Mountain Academy. Leaving the school without your queen's permission. Traveling with a NightWing. Leading the RainWings straight to Icicle's hiding place so she could be imprisoned. And then abandoning her, unconscious, in the rainforest, where any NightWings might have murdered her. Disappearing into Pyrrhia without consulting your queen. Consorting with dragons from other tribes. Gone for days with no message sent home and no oversight or explanation for your behavior."
― to Hailstorm and Winter (Winter Turning, page 248)

"Be strong. Be vigilant. Strike first. Whichever of you does not return, I know you will accept defeat with honor."
― to Winter and Hailstorm before the Diamond Trial (Winter Turning, page 271-272)

"Remember, be strong. Be vigilant. Strike first."
― to Winter and Hailstorm before the Diamond Trial (Winter Turning, page 271)

"Without Jade Mountain, the Darkstalker would still be buried deep under the earth, where he should be."
― to the dragonets of destiny (Darkness of Dragons, page 294)

"How could you let a monster like that loose on the world and then stop paying attention?"
― to the dragonets of destiny about Darkstalker (Darkness of Dragons, page 293)


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