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"I understand that someone's been lying to us! And keeping things from us! […] I may not understand what those exact things are, but I know that I'm angry about it!"
— Nettle to Hawthorn, The Poison Jungle

Nettle is an adult female LeafWing who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. She is the daughter of Wolfsbane and the sister of Mandrake, and is currently under the control of the othermind.


Nettle has green scales.[1]


Nettle is often arrogant, bossy, and rude, often believing her opinion to be the best. Like most of the other PoisonWings, she hates the HiveWings for almost wiping out the LeafWings. She seems to think very highly of herself and believes that she is a natural leader, which eventually gets contradicted multiple times when she fails to save dragons, even herself.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Nettle is first seen with her father, Wolfsbane, watching her brother, Mandrake, attempt to kill a panther via leafspeak. When the panther is killed, she is the first to guess Sundew's involvement, calling into the trees for her to come out. When Sundew's friends appear, Nettle is visibly angry and threatens to have them executed.

Nettle is then mentioned when Cobra Lily stated that she nearly murdered Nettle to make something interesting happen.

Later, she is assigned to a mission with Sundew, Cricket, Bumblebee, Willow, and Mandrake to travel to the Eye of the jungle, where all of the breath of evil is quarantined. On the journey, she starts many arguments with Sundew and insists on being in the lead, which eventually leads to her falling off a cliff into a pitcher plant. Even after being rescued, Nettle remains uncooperative and arrogant about her own abilities, making fun of Sundew when the latter is caught in an actual sundew.

When Hawthorn describes the secret behind Wasp's rise to power, she is furious and calls him and Sequoia cowards. She helps Hawthorn carry the 'heart of salvation' "antidote" back to the SapWing village and participates in the front lines for capturing a HiveWing as a test subject. She overhears Cricket and Sundew talking about Willow and comments that, although she does not understand how Sundew could ever fall for a SapWing, she is glad that Sundew won't be her sister-in-law. Nettle is ecstatic to be on the front lines, which ultimately got her under the othermind's control when Blue burned all of the breath of evil roots with his flamesilk.

The Dangerous Gift

Nettle was mentioned by Swordtail when he remembers how the breath of evil took over the LeafWings. Later, Cobra Lily is shown unconcerned about the fate of Nettle.



Nettle hates Cricket for being a HiveWing, though by the end of the The Poison Jungle, her hateful remarks have ceased slightly. She refers to Cricket as "kind of an ex-HiveWing" while talking to Hawthorn.


Mandrake is Nettle's younger brother. She often bosses him around, and gets annoyed with him easily. She seems to think that he doesn't deserve his leafspeak, and that she could to better if she had it instead.


Nettle and Sundew dislike each other. As Nettle states in The Poison Jungle, "You get away with everything because you're Commander Belladonna's daughter and you're soooo special," implying that her dislike of Sundew stems from her belief that others respect Sundew because of her mother's political power and her leafspeak, not because she earned it. Throughout The Poison Jungle, Nettle takes every opportunity to tell Sundew that she can do whatever Sundew is doing better than her; they constantly argue and tried to humiliate each other on every small mistake they made. Nettle also does not understand how Sundew could fall for a SapWing, but is glad that they will not be sisters-in-law. She seems to suspect her and Willow's relationship before it becomes obvious to others, and has tried to get Mandrake more involved with Sundew.


Nettle teams up with her father to pick on Mandrake, and were first seen together. She often talks over him, loudly suggesting ideas, possibly trying to please him, which he almost always turns down. They seem to have a slightly better relationship than Sundew does with her parents.

Family Tree



"That doesn't make it all right! HiveWings in here?! What is wrong with you? Queen Wasp will be right behind them!"
― to Sundew after seeing Blue, Cricket, Swordtail, and Bumblebee come out of hiding (The Poison Jungle, page 32)

"EXCUSE me, […] WHY are we taking a HATCHLING with us? A nasty HIVEWING hatchling, no less? Oh, is it because we're hoping something will eat her? A snack for the dragon traps, what a good idea."
― asking why Bumblebee is traveling with them through the Poison Jungle (The Poison Jungle, page 158)

"Oh, REALLY, […] Leave the jungle once and suddenly you're a HiveWing-loving traitor to the tribe. I should have seen this coming. I always ―"
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 160)

"I didn't need saving! […] I was about to kill it myself!"
― about being saved from the viper (The Poison Jungle, page 200)

"I understand that someone's been lying to us! And keeping things from us! […] I may not understand what those exact things are, but I know that I'm angry about it!"
― to Hawthorn (The Poison Jungle, page 209)

"I figured it out, too, […] I don't understand falling for a SapWing at all or when that could have possibly happened, but I also don't care, and as far as I'm concerned, not having you for a sister-in-law would be a stellar development."
― to Sundew, about Willow (The Poison Jungle, page 241-242)



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