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The NightWing-IceWing War was a conflict that occurred two thousand years before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy. It began as an IceWing response to Foeslayer falling in love with Prince Arctic, and them fleeing to the Night Kingdom, of which the IceWings took the wrong way. The war did not have a formal conclusion because the NightWings fled from Darkstalker.


Queen Vigilance sent a delegation comprising of Discretion, Starclaws, and Prudence on a diplomatic visit to the Ice Kingdom, to attempt to negotiate an alliance between the two tribes.[1] Prudence brought her daughter Foeslayer along, predicting that she might fall in love with Prince Arctic of the IceWings, bringing animus genes to the NightWings, and that was what happened. Arctic fled with the NightWings to their kingdom, which resulted in the loss of animus magic in the IceWing tribe. The IceWings saw Arctic's runaway as a kidnapping, thus sparking the war.

Most of the NightWing-IceWing War battles occurred in the Kingdom of Sand since it lay between the two kingdoms. Scorpion, the SandWing queen of the time, allowed both tribes to fight on her land as long as they stayed away from her oasis towns, and they both paid tributes in the form of large amounts of treasure.[2]

This war led to the longstanding enmity between the NightWings and the IceWings, as seen when Morrowseer had the IceWing prisoners at Queen Scarlet's palace brutally murdered.[3] It is also seen during the empathy spell in Darkness of Dragons when the IceWings and NightWings saw the war as the roots of their mutual loathing.[4]


  • The NightWings visited the IceWings to negotiate an alliance. It is mentioned that this alliance was to be against Queen Carmine.[5]
  • Before Arctic's seventh hatching day, he first encountered Foeslayer and fell in love with her. This eventually led to his escape and the start of the war.[6]
  • Throughout the war, there would be ceasefires where both queens would send each other letters. These letters were increasingly furious and accused each other of starting the war, which would result in resuming battles.[7]
  • Sometime during the war, Queen Diamond creates the Royal IceWing Crown. It gives its wearer nightmares and induces extreme paranoia towards all NightWings, ensuring that all future IceWing queens would continue to resent and wage war against the NightWings far into the future, continuing her vengeance long after her own death.[8]
  • Many years later, Arctic received a message from his mother, Queen Diamond. She gave him the chance to come back and end the war, at the price of killing his dragonets.[9]
  • Darkstalker was discovered to be an animus and is invited to the NightWing palace.[10]
  • Clearsight replaced Vigilance's previous seer, Allknowing, due to her accurate visions.[11] Thanks to her foresight, Clearsight led the NightWing army to many victories.
  • With his magic, Darkstalker created a border shield that killed any IceWing who tried to enter the kingdom.[12] This mirrored the Great Ice Cliff created by the IceWings.
  • Arctic attempted to take his daughter, Whiteout, to the Ice Kingdom to marry an IceWing.[13] Darkstalker rescued her and enchanted his father to obey his every command.[14]
  • Arctic disemboweled himself under his son's command, which struck fear into the NightWings. The NightWings now saw him as a powerful and dangerous dragon.[15]
  • Under Clearsight's warning, the NightWings fled their kingdom in fear of Darkstalker.[16] There was no formal end to the war.


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