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The NightWing island became the secret home of the NightWings shortly after the tribe abandoned the lost city of night in fear of Darkstalker's return. It is connected to the Rainforest Kingdom by an animus-enchanted tunnel, but can also be reached by crossing the sea. It is located north of Pyrrhia, although the exact location is unknown.

After the island's volcano erupted in The Dark Secret, the NightWings fled to the Rainforest Kingdom and accepted Glory as their new queen (an event that is known as the NightWing Exodus).


The island is smaller than Winter had imagined when he thought of the NightWing's secret home. It made him feel instantly claustrophobic, and there is a vast ocean lurking in all directions.[1] Dense ripples of black lava flows cover everything, still glowing orange and yellow where liquid fire is spilling through the cracks. The volcano cuts jaggedly into the sky, but it looks as though the top has been smashed in, leaving a smoking hole. Thick gray clouds, heavy with ash and smoke and sizzling with lightning, stretch across the sky, blocking the stars and moons. Everything smells like sulfur and fire and death.[2] There are sulfurous smoke vents dotting the ground.[3]

The island was covered in trees when the NightWings arrived on it, but the volcano erupted several times over the next two millennia, so the forests were almost all destroyed.[4] The island is currently a rocky, mountainous wasteland with lava rivers crisscrossing it surrounded by a stormy, gray, cold, and extremely salty sea. The one patch of forest on the island consists of several clusters of dead, leafless, smoke-clogged trees. Some areas were unsafe to walk on due to underground lava pockets and hot rock surfaces.[citation needed] Wet black sand covered the ground near the tunnels.[5]

The kingdom is located on an island a fair distance north from the mainland of Pyrrhia,[citation needed] possibly between the Ice and Sky Kingdom, or directly north of the Sky Kingdom. Thick smog pressured over the landmass, and clouds of sulfur and smoke left the island with nothing but darkness and ash-filled water.[citation needed] Fatespeaker describes the island as dark and dreary.[citation needed]

Notable Features

NightWing fortress

The NightWing fortress is a destroyed, wrecked structure.[2] When it was still standing, it was built on the side to the main volcano, the NightWing fortress was a series of volcanic tunnels and a half-buried structure built to house the queen and most of the tribe. Known locations within the fortress included:

  • Dragonet dormitory: A place where NightWings under ten years old slept. It is also assumable that there was a school nearby, due to Starflight thinking about what his NightWing acquaintances were learning as he and the false dragonets of destiny trained.
  • Library: A place once full of scrolls for school projects and more. Some are labeled 'For NightWing eyes only', but most appear to be scrolls that the NightWings have published across Pyrrhia.
  • Throne room: The queen's private chambers. The only way to enter was by a secret entrance behind a detailed map of Pyrrhia with scratched-off scavenger dens (most likely the meeting places of Morrowseer and Blister)
  • Mastermind's lab: A series of rooms where Mastermind performed experiments, usually on the venom of the captured RainWings. It also contained a desalination system that provided clean water to the tribe as well as a floor for volcanology. Some NightWings were also tested for toxins in their teeth there, though these experiments proved futile. The lab was one of the most well-protected rooms of the fortress.
  • Dungeon: Splendor, Deathbringer, Flame, and Ochre were all imprisoned here.
  • Abandoned fortress: A part of the fortress destroyed by an eruption of the volcano. All of the NightWings' treasure was lost until a tunnel was blasted to reach the treasure. A dreamvisitor was the only thing left behind other than the corpses of two NightWing guards. Starflight finds the dreamvisitor in The Dark Secret, hidden in one of the dead dragon's talons.
  • Meeting place: A place where the NightWings talked with their queen; it also had a lake of lava inside and a small rock spire that someone sits on to be questioned.
  • RainWing prison: the place where the RainWing prisoners were chained and venom-tested.
  • Queen's Eye: The screen Battlewinner hid behind and issued orders from. Battlewinner has a vent looking at cafeteria
  • Cafeteria: Battlewinner has a vent looking at the cafeteria.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

The epilogue featured the island, where the false dragonets of destiny were kept.

The Dark Secret

The NightWing island was the main setting of the book, where Starflight was taken to. He awoke in the dragonet dormitory, where he met other NightWing dragonets. The volcano erupted at the end of the book and Starflight was blinded from the incident. The NightWings swore loyalty to Glory as they left the island for good.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

The island was mentioned throughout the book.

Winter Turning

Winter and his friends traveled through the NightWing tunnel to come to the island, searching for Icicle. When they found her, she was in horrible condition due to avoiding sleep. After Glory tranquilized her, they left the island.



Fierceteeth recounted multiple memories of her pasts while passing letters with Saguaro. The NightWing island was the main setting for most of these letters.


Deathbringer grew up in the NightWing island and left when he was assigned a mission to assassinate Commander Tempest.


  • The NightWing island is inspired by the big island of Hawaii.[event 1]



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