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The NightWing library was a structure within the lost city of night. It was one of the four great buildings making up the Great Diamond, and it existed during the era of Darkstalker.


Clearsight was noted to have a study room of her own within the library, inhabited with a blue ink puddle,[1] five tables, and partially blank scrolls.[2] It had at least one doorway.[3]

In modern Pyrrhia, the vast[4] NightWing library has tall columns, built to support the roof, across the front that are carved to look like scrolls. One of the columns has cracks all around the base and another is broken in half and toppled over, but for such an old building, it is more intact than most of the surrounding buildings. The doorway yawns emptily, lacking a door. More writing is carved into the intel, including passages about knowledge, flames, and darkness. It is shadowy, but a glow of firelight flickers from one of the rooms off of the central hall.[5] It is likely one of the biggest libraries within Pyrrhia, and its walls are lined with slots for scrolls from floor to ceiling. The ceiling is far overhead, and a vast wooden table fills the center of the room, so large that it would have been impossible to fit through the doorways. Most of the slots for scrolls are empty, and there are holders for torches around the space.[6] It includes a classification system, archives, collections within each room, and giant index scrolls that used to contain the entire catalogue of books within the library.[7]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

It was mentioned by Anemone when she told Turtle that she was not interested in Darkstalker's stories of the library and NightWing history.

Darkness of Dragons

After Kinkajou told Qibli that Moon was "down there," Qibli realised that she meant the NightWing library. Moon and Qibli had a joyful reunion before Moon went on to give him a tour around the library and talk about how amazing the place was. When Darkstalker appeared and asked them to go meet 'Clearsight,' they left through the central room of the library.



Clearsight was shown in the beginning of the novel to be in the library, writing down and studying all possible futures.


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