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The NightWing palace was a structure within the lost city of night that was inhabited by Vigilance, Clearsight, and several members of the NightWing court.


Historic era

The palace was partially built into the mountain[1] and had many towers, including a structure referred to Royal Tower[2] and a top spire that contained a prisoner display.[3] The hallways were made of black marble, imbued with mirrors every three steps.[4] Fathom's guest suite had a large black door that closely resembled many of the other doors in the palace.[5] There was also a fountain in the corner of the room and several candles throughout the space.[6]

The throne room had a central dais that held the queen's throne.[7] The palace also had its own library, including a librarian's desk and seemingly hundreds of scrolls.[8] There was also mentioned to be a royal treasure room somewhere within the palace.[9]

Modern era

In modern Pyrrhia, the palace ruins are massive and imposing,[10] about five times as large as the Deep Palace,[11] with dark chambers[12] and a hallway that leads into a long colonnade encircling and overlooking a courtyard.[10] Statues of dragons carved from black marble dot the courtyard, all of them with diamonds for eyes.[10] The courtyard also contained a throne.[13]

The guest suite once inhabited by Fathom and Indigo is dusty and deserted. It is run-down, and the fountain, surrounded by a tiled pool, is in disuse. A blanket[10] and Darkstalker's original soul reader also resided in this room until it was taken by Qibli.[12] It had a balcony, a pile of cushions,[14] an antique vase on a side table containing white flowers and water,[15] beds, and dark green blankets.[16]

The throne room is at the end of a black marble corridor. It is empty.[17]

The top floor of the palace contains smaller council rooms with marble and cold stone floors. One of the rooms is empty, with a wall of open windows overlooking the ruined[18] city below.[19]

The palace library has a scroll with the architectural plans of the palace lying on a table.[20] It contains only one vast room, with several tables containing unrolled scrolls.[21]

The dungeon entrance is located next to the royal throne room.[21] The dungeons are behind a sinister iron door, coated with rust,[22] with a handle and three heavy iron bolts studding the edge of the door, sealing in in place. The door leads into darkness, with a few stairs leading downwards.[23]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

When the palace was rediscovered, it was turned into King Darkstalker's new residence. He placed Turtle in one of the "darkest dungeons" in the palace after summoning all animus dragons.

Darkness of Dragons

Qibli went into the palace to find Kinkajou, Turtle, and Anemone in the dungeons.



Darkstalker and his family were invited to the queen's palace upon finding out he had magic. Fathom — another animus — was present as a guest to teach Darkstalker the dangers of animus magic. Later, Clearsight moved in as the queen's new seer. During the fall of Darkstalker, the palace was vacated due to the NightWings fleeing from danger.


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