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The NightWing school is a school NightWing dragonets attended as of the time of Darkstalker. It was very sophisticated and housed dragonets from ages one and up. It was abandoned when the NightWings left their kingdom in 3,012 AS.


The school was designed to look very similar to the NightWing palace, with lots of gray and black marble terraces, hanging gardens, and long glittering waterfalls. It has three entrances, and the quietest and least crowded was located on a side facing away from the NightWing palace. Its floors were made of marble tiles.[1]

It contained a library, as well as a vast hexagonal courtyard that was lined with classrooms on all six sides. The courtyard was described as an obstacle course for flying practice, full of trees, twisting vines, loops, mazes, and tricks. The courtyard contains vines with heart-shaped leaves,[2] pine trees, outdoor tables, and puddles.[3]

There is a long waterfall that leads to a pavilion on an upper level to the main office, occupied by Professor Truthfinder. The office contains a desk and piles of paper.[4]

Past the main office, there was a bustling[5] corridor leading to a window that looked inward, towards the courtyard and the other levels of the school. It was surrounded by five towers.[6] Four of these were regular dragon towers, with multiple levels open to the air and with pavilions on top. There are several levels of gardens where dragons gathered to socialize before the beginning of school. Tamarin monkeys and crocodiles were also kept in the classrooms.[7]

Notable Features


The arboretum was a damp, leafy[8] space where the last rays of sunshine poured through the skylights, with plants lining the room. A colonnade led from the arboretum past the library into a school courtyard.[4]

Tower of Knowledge

The Tower of Knowledge hosted an early class, so it was typically covered in partial sunlight. Its classroom was circular, with curved walls, containing no windows or doors. The walls were impenetrable black marble, sparkling with flecks of silver and copper, and hung with mirrors that caught the fading light. The room had no roof and was completely open to the sky, with only a tip of a mountain within sight.[6] It was the most centered of the four NightWing towers, and at first glance, it did not seem to have an interior, as it was hung all about with ivy and vines that cascaded down through levels of gardens. The top of it was so shrouded in greenery that it was difficult to tell whether there was a room inside.[5] Its floors are made of cold marble[9] and there is a large slate board adorning one wall, with chalk to write on it.[10]

Room 3A

Room 3A was a beautiful classroom, airy and full of light, with plants and small water features everywhere. There was a large glass cage within the classroom, containing two female scavengers and piles of grass.[11] There was a puzzle spread across one long table in a corner of the room,[12] with a schedule of the day pinned to one wall.[13]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

Turtle walks around the school, when he follows Darkstalker to the old Night Kingdom. He sees that the school remained and abandoned and untouched for overt two thousand years prior to the present.



Part one of the book was set primarily in the NightWing school.


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