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The NightWing village is a collection of homes and buildings within the Rainforest Kingdom. It is occupied by most of the NightWing tribe, and sits next to the RainWing village. Mightyclaws is currently working on expanding the village with given magic.


Wingbeats, branches being ripped off trees, and hammering can be heard near the village, as well as the smell of meat cooking over a fire. At the entrance of the village, two NightWings stand guard on either side of a pathway that has been cleared through the trees of the area in the Rainforest Kingdom.[1] There is a mahogany platform in a clearing.[2] The village is built along a riverbank.[3]

When Winter visited the village, there were NightWings grappling with vines, bushes, and trees to try and expand the open space. Others were washing fruit in a nearby river, which is close to a set of cooking fires built close to the ground. Ramshackle huts and grass huts surround the clearing with roofs of giant palm leaves, though many of them are only half-built.[2] It is noted that half of the houses in the village had sprung from Mightyclaws's magic, given to him by Darkstalker. It is cool and muddy on the rainforest floor.[4]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Moonwatcher briefly remembers her first time in the NightWing village, where she was bombarded with resentful thoughts.

Winter Turning

The Jade Winglet visited the Rainforest Kingdom in search of Icicle. Obsidian escorted them to the NightWing village in the process.

Talons of Power

Darkstalker flew to the NightWing village to gain NightWing supporters.

Darkness of Dragons

Mightyclaws was mentioned to be using his magic, granted to him by Darkstalker, to make the huts in the village.


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