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"Only three of them. I don't need to wait for Burn, if Blister's even getting her. I can certainly handle three annoying scavengers by myself. After all … what's the worst that could happen?"
— Oasis' thoughts, The Brightest Night

Oasis was an adult female SandWing queen who was introduced in The Brightest Night. She ruled her tribe prior to the War of SandWing Succession and was the mother of Blaze, Blister, and Burn. She was killed by Stone twenty years prior to the events of The Dragonet Prophecy.


Oasis was a huge SandWing, even bigger than Burn.[1] She had a narrow, snakelike face, obsidian-black eyes,[2] and yellow scales[3] in addition to a dark tail barb.[2]

On the day of her death, she wore keys around her neck that opened the doors of her treasure rooms,[4] as well as a black, diamond-embedded, onyx band encircling her head.[5]


Oasis was cruel,[6] powerful, and wealthy, as she owned large chambers filled with jewels and trinkets. She did awful things to ensure her throne.[6] As scary as Six-Claws considered Blister and Burn, he could not picture either of them ever defeating Oasis.[7] However, despite her power, she was slightly paranoid, destroying anyone she saw as a threat to her throne and kingdom. This is evident in the prologue of Darkness of Dragons, in which she attempted to capture and imprison Palm for fear that she would marry her son, Smolder, and produce more potential challengers to the SandWing throne. In Deserter, Six-Claws also stated that Oasis only allowed no more than three heirs. The queen was firm and powerful but made great decisions for her tribe that led to much success. The SandWings were undeniably loyal to her, and many were grief-stricken when they heard of her death. Overall, Oasis was a great and influential dragon who surely would have brought her tribe great wealth and power if it had not been for her untimely death.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Sunny pretended to be Oasis while the dragonets were acting out how the war started.
The Hidden Kingdom
Glory recounts how Oasis was a great and powerful queen before her untimely death that started the war after seeing Burn's stronghold, which was formerly the SandWing palace. At Blaze's fortress, Blaze explained how one of the tapestries was made to recount the story of how her brother Smolder fell in love with Palm and tried to keep the relationship a secret from Oasis. They maintained their relationship until she ran away and broke his heart, though Blaze was sure that Oasis had Palm killed to prevent any new heirs from being conceived.
The Brightest Night
Although not alive during the period in which the main storylines of The Brightest Night take place, the prologue followed the SandWing queen the night she was killed by three scavengers: Stone, Heath, and Rose.

Oasis had known that Blister wanted to be the next queen from the moment she had learned that all she would need to do was kill her mother. Oasis had gotten along well with her eldest daughter, Burn, and kept her entertained by giving her "creepy things" to collect. Oasis described Blaze as "dizzy" and that she would be "a terrible queen," but she was "an acceptable daughter" and that she would never have to worry about what Blaze would do to her.

Queen Oasis never approved of Smolder and his lover Palm; He never found out what Oasis had done to her, until book ten, in which the prologue is told from Palm's point of view and where they find Palm's sister, Prickle, mistakenly imprisoned in the dungeon.

On the second day Sunny was at Burn's stronghold, Smolder exposed four large rooms to her. Those were the rooms that contained the waves of treasure stolen from Queen Oasis, now totally empty. They attempted to discover how the three scavengers could've possibly carried that much treasure, but also discussed her death. He mentioned that they heard her roaring in the middle of the night, and when they hurried to find her, they found her dead. A scavenger-sized spear was plunged into her eye, and her tail-barb was cut off. They never found any remains of treasure, however, there were venom drops beside the scavenger's trail, signifying that they probably took her tail barb with them.

After Queen Oasis' death, Burn supposedly chased her two sisters out of the palace and renamed it her stronghold. Burn buried Oasis where she died and built an obelisk inscribed "Here lies Queen Oasis, mother of Queen Burn. Her bones now belong to the sands of time." Thorn described it as very poetic for Burn.

Later, at the stronghold, when everyone is trying to decide who the next queen should be, Flower begins digging next to the obelisk. The bones of Queen Oasis are there, with the Eye of Onyx stashed in her mouth, along with some of the treasure the scavengers stole.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
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Escaping Peril
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Darkness of Dragons
Vulture mentioned that someone in the Scorpion Den was Oasis's granddaughter, later revealed to be Onyx. He said that Burn, Blister, and Blaze did not have any dragonets, but one of the princes was known to have a lover, Palm, then revealed that Onyx was Smolder's daughter, although Qibli blurted this fact out before he could confirm it. Some SandWing soldiers, Agave and Torch, locked Prickle up in Oasis' dungeon for twenty years, driving her insane, though Queen Oasis never saw her, as she had been killed by the scavengers first.


Oasis appears in the prologue, attacking Stone, Heath, and Rose so that she can reclaim her treasure from them. She is eventually accidentally killed in the battle by Stone with a spear. Heath then cuts off her barb as a trophy and proof of her death and puts it in his home in Valor, where he uses it to hide his treasure. She is mentioned many times as "The Queen of the Sand Dragons."


Fierceteeth asks Saguaro if it was true that the gibbering mad SandWing a few cages down, referring to Prickle, had been locked up in the dungeon since the rule of Queen Oasis.
Queen Oasis never made an actual appearance in this book but was mentioned multiple times throughout it. Although she appeared dead towards the end of the winglet. Six-Claws, his parents, and many other SandWings appeared to be quite loyal to their queen. Smolder expressed how mad he was at her because he would never find out what Queen Oasis had done to his lover, Palm. While not shown, her death could be heard by dragons throughout the stronghold. By the time they rushed out to see what caused the noise, Oasis was already dead. While several citizens, including Six-Claws' mother, grieved, Burn and Blister began arguing over which of them should be queen, since neither of them killed her. Blister talked Burn out of dueling for the throne and instead agreed to first track down the scavengers who killed Oasis. Smolder's eyes glimmered with satisfaction at his mother's death, because of what he believed she did to Palm.



Blaze was described by Oasis to be the "dizzy" one, and that she did not think Blaze would be a good queen. Nevertheless, Oasis does have love for her, as she mentioned Blaze to be "a bad queen but a good and acceptable daughter."


Oasis had a disliking for her middle daughter and knew that she would be the one to challenge her one day. She once thought about how Blister would be the one to kill her, which did not happen, as she was killed by a scavenger the same day.


Oasis and her eldest daughter have a good relationship. It was mentioned that she would gift Burn with creepy things for her collection, showing her favoritism for the princess. Burn also seemed the most outraged when Oasis died.


It was mentioned that whenever she was angry, she would kick her husband from the palace for quite some time. The two seemed to have a mutual relationship, as she never seemed to harbor a clear dislike for him.


Oasis disapproved of and did not like Palm due to her relationship with Smolder, as she would create more heirs to the throne. Oasis sent guards to find Palm and arrest her to secure her power. Smolder says that he believes that Oasis made Palm "disappear" meaning she got rid of her. Even after her death, her suspicions were true, and Palm had a daughter who wanted the throne.


Oasis valued her own agenda over Smolder's happiness, showing that she has little regard for her own son. She sent guards to find and retrieve Palm, knowing that Smolder may have dragonets with her, further showing that she values her spot on the throne.

Family Tree

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"Go ahead and challenge me, […] I'd squash you like a bug and you know it."
― thinking about Blister (The Brightest Night, prologue)

"Dizzy Blaze, […] She'd be a terrible queen, but she's an acceptable daughter. I don't have to worry about what she'll do to me."
― thinking about Blaze (The Brightest Night, prologue)

"Just in case there are a lot of them and we need to fight, […] I've seen what their tiny swords can do. I'm not such a fool as to go out there alone."
― to Blister when Oasis asks why she needs to have Burn come along with her (The Brightest Night, prologue)

"I forgot to lock them up again, […] But this will only take a minute. And if she's stupid enough to take anything, I'll have a good excuse to kill her. She's smarter than that."
― thinking about the treasury and Blister (The Brightest Night, prologue)

"What if she doesn't wake Burn? What if I'm going to face the thieves alone, with no backup?"
― thinking about Blister (The Brightest Night, prologue)

"Only three of them, […] I don't need to wait for Burn if Blister's even getting her. I can certainly handle three annoying scavengers by myself. […] After all … what's the worst that could happen?"
― thinking, right before her death (The Brightest Night, prologue)


  • She had carefully planned to have exactly three possible heirs to the throne so that she would not have too many challengers, which is why she killed her two sisters when Blister and Blaze hatched.
  • Queen Oasis is not descended from Scorpion, but instead from a commoner that was chosen by the Eye of Onyx to end a terrible queen's reign.[8]




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