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"I will never never never go a whole month without eating."
— Ochre to Starflight after being told that dragons can survive a month without eating, The Dark Secret

Ochre is an adult male MudWing who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. He was formerly part of the false dragonets of destiny organized by Morrowseer as the replacement for Clay. He is currently a member of the Talons of Peace.


Ochre has dark[1] mahogany-brown scales[2] and dull eyes.[3] When Fatespeaker introduced Starflight to the false dragonets, she called him "the fat one"[4], which corresponds with how he is shown to be eating both a lot and often.


Ochre is described as being clumsy, uncaring, greedy, pushy,[5] unlikeable,[5] disagreeable,[5] and pessimistic. Sunny describes him as the unfunny and unpleasant version of Clay[5] and even during their first encounter, she felt there was something about him that rubbed her the wrong way.[2] He is shown to have a voracious appetite and refuses to share with anyone else.[6] Flame referred to him as an idiot.[7]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
Ochre was indirectly mentioned when Morrowseer had Nautilus explain to Blister about the set of alternate dragonets.
The Hidden Kingdom
Ochre had a partial fight with the other false dragonets in the prologue. Squid considered Ochre to be a bully, as well as Flame and Viper. In the epilogue, Ochre got sick from the food the NightWings had brought him and moaned that he wanted to die. Flame added that he wanted him to die, too, and Viper added that he "smells ghastly." When Fatespeaker claimed she had a "vision" about food, he moaned that he did not want to hear it.
The Dark Secret
Ochre first appeared when Starflight was introduced to the false dragonets, complaining about the food. When Morrowseer mentioned replacing Fatespeaker with Starflight, Ochre mentioned that Starflight seemed quiet, which would be nice. Ochre was then ordered by Morrowseer, with the rest of the False Dragonets, to kill Starflight. He and Flame got close but were thrown in the NightWing prison for the night until Morrowseer got them out. When they were supposed to convince the SkyWings to change alliances to Blister, Ochre gorged himself on their food, and one SkyWing thought that he could be Clay, showing how little attention they paid to MudWings. During the pretend fight, when Viper fell into the lava, Starflight asked him to use his partial immunity to fire to save her, and Ochre said that he did not know if he hatched from a blood-red egg, making Starflight realize that these dragonets were not born on the brightest night. During the escape from the NightWing island, Ochre asked Starflight if there would be food right before escaping to the rainforest.
The Brightest Night
When Sunny returned to the Rainforest Kingdom from the Kingdom of Sand, she ran into Ochre, thinking he was Clay. Ochre then accompanied Sunny and Tsunami to the Talons of Peace camp. He took a big sack full of fruits and slobbered all over it. When Sunny made one last attempt to be friendly to him, he accidentally whacked himself in the snout with a pineapple obnoxiously. In the end, he decided to stay with the Talons of Peace.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power
It was revealed that Ochre had somehow helped Flame steal the dreamvisitor from Starflight when Mindreader read Flame's mind.


"I want to die."
― Ochre while sick (The Hidden Kingdom, page 294)

"I don't think I should have eaten that dead thing, […] Or all of your dead things."
― to the false dragonets of destiny (The Hidden Kingdom, page 294)

"It was awful, […] Probably food poisoning. You're lucky I'm still alive."
― to Flame (The Dark Secret, page 72)

"I will never never never go a whole month without eating."
― to Starflight (The Dark Secret, page 115)

"Is that a roasted seagull? […] Is anyone going to finish that?"
― to SkyWing soldiers (The Dark Secret, page 126-127)


  • Ochre's tongue was described as forked,[8] however MudWings do not have forked tongues.[9]
  • Ochre hatched on the same day as Flame, a couple of weeks before the brightest night.[10]




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