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Orca's Statue

Orca's statue was an animus-touched statue that Orca carved of herself before she challenged Coral for the SeaWing throne. Orca donated the statue to the Royal Hatchery, hoping to kill off any heirs if she won the challenge with Coral.


The statue was carved of dark green marble,[1] decorated with garlands of blue and purple underwater plants woven through its horns and wings. Orca's name is inscribed in the base of its statue with various gemstones.[2]



Orca enchanted the statue to kill any potential heirs to the SeaWing throne, enforcing a long and peaceful reign for herself, had she managed to win the challenge and become queen. Since the enchantment was vague, the statue instead went about killing her mother's heirs upon Orca's death. As she died, Orca realized this, saying that Coral should thank her, that she would rule forever. Coral instead blamed her daughters' deaths on Webs, believing him to be the mysterious assassin.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir

Until Tsunami and the other dragonets visited the Kingdom of the Sea, all of the other heirs had killed by the statue, the only exception being Anemone. Right after Tsunami was attacked by the masked Whirlpool, she went to Queen Coral and told her of the event. Instead of searching the Summer Palace, she was anxious about whether or not the culprit was going to the Royal Hatchery to smash the only two eggs she had left. One of the eggs was smashed, and the neck of the dragonet inside was broken.

Shortly after Coral discovered this, she killed Tortoise, who was supposed to be inside the hatchery protecting the egg but was outside the hatchery, eating an octopus that Commander Shark had given her. Tsunami suggested protecting the egg herself. While she was in the hatchery, the statue came to life and tried to destroy the last egg (and kill Tsunami herself), but Tsunami fought it, plucked its sapphire eyes out, pinned it to a crevice using a spear, and kicked the door open, which caused the statue to freeze it in place. The egg hatched safely, and the baby dragonet was named Auklet. Before Coral destroyed the statue, Anemone reanimated it and forced it to tell her who enchanted it. It revealed that Orca had enchanted the statue.

The Dark Secret (graphic novel)

When Starflight and Fatespeaker search for Queen Battlewinner, Starflight thinks about Orca's statue.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

In the prologue, Gill sent Turtle to find Snapper. When Turtle was looking, his animus-touched coral kept trying to send him to the Summer Palace. Meanwhile, Gill was growing desperate. He left the hatchery, found Turtle, and began shouting at him. Turtle decided, from this point on, to always stay inconspicuous and unnoticed. During that time, the statue destroyed the eggs.


  • No male eggs were ever smashed by the statue, as they could never be heirs.[3][4]



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