"Did you hear? Another princess hatched today. The queen is calling her Blaze."
—Ostrich to Quicksand in Deserter.

(Not to be confused with Ostrich, Six-Claws' daughter, and student of Jade Mountain Academy.)

Ostrich is a female SandWing, as well as the mother of Six-Claws and the wife of Quicksand. She was one of Queen Oasis's most trusted guards, and was extremely loyal to her. She makes an appearance in Deserter. She taught Six-Claws how to fight.

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

Ostrich was shown at the beginning of Deserter with her family, sharing the news of Oasis's new daughter, Blaze. She talked with her husband, Quicksand, about which heir Oasis would get rid of, since she only allowed three at a time. They eventually settled on Oasis's sister, who was the heir that later disappears.

Many years later, Ostrich appeared again at the death of Queen Oasis. She showed extreme grief at the death of her queen.

She was revealed to have died during the Great War after serving on Burn's side for an unknown amount of time.

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Two Unnamed


"Did you hear? [...] Another princess hatched today. The queen is calling her Blaze.

"Her Majesty has always said she'd allow three heirs, no more, [...] So if she keeps Blaze, one of the others has to go."

"She's creepy, [...] but the one Queen Oasis should get rid of is the other daughter, Blister. That dragon always looks like she's murdering you with her eyes. But it won't be either of them. It'll be the queen's sister, you'll see. She's much closer to challenging Her Majesty than the daughters are. It makes sense to dispose of her."

"That's absolutely right, dear, [...] Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be queen for a long while yet. Although whoever comes after her, we'll be loyal to her, too."


  • An ostrich is a flightless swift-running African bird with a long neck, long legs, and two toes on each foot. It is currently the largest living bird.
  • Six-Claws most likely named his daughter after her, since the two share the same name.

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