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"Why can't he fall in love? Why does his whole life have to be wasted just so his mother won't feel threatened? Other royal families aren't like this."
— Palm to Prickle about Smolder, Darkness of Dragons

Palm was an adult female SandWing who was introduced in Darkness of Dragons. She fled the SandWing stronghold after attempting to elope with Smolder, and after several years of living as a fugitive within the Kingdom of Sand, she was killed by a falling piece of skyfire.


Palm had patterns of light brown freckles across her pale yellow scales. She was round and soft, with sand-colored wings and a small scar across her left wing.[1]


Before fleeing the Kingdom of Sand, Palm was described to be sweet, clever, and nervous.[2] However, Palm eventually became paranoid and emotionally unstable, constantly plagued by nightmares[3] about Prickle's imprisonment.[4] She was cautious of the SandWing monarchy, and wished for Onyx to never interact with it.[1]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
When Glory and Jambu disguised themselves as IceWings to enter Blaze's fortress, it was explained to them by Blaze that one of the tapestries was made in the memory of a romantic story of Blaze's brother, Smolder, falling in love with a dragon that her mother did not approve of, and thought that Queen Oasis might have killed her. The dragon in the tapestry is Palm, Smolder's love.
The Brightest Night
In the prologue, Blister asked if Smolder was running off with his girlfriend again, and Queen Oasis said that she took care of that. Smolder later mentioned Palm and recounted a story about their love, similar to Blaze's story in The Hidden Kingdom.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
When Onyx told Moonwatcher and Ostrich about how she found the piece of skyfire, she explained how it killed Palm when it went through her head. She considered it to be beautiful and deadly, which made her love it even more. This suggested that she did not have a strong connection with Palm, perhaps caused by their constant wandering.
Darkness of Dragons
In the prologue, Palm was running away from the queen's soldiers, who were trying to take her back to the palace. Just as she was about to pass out, she found Prickle's oasis and hut. Prickle, her somewhat mean sister, grudgingly let her in, though she made Palm hand over her earrings in exchange for letting her stay the night, and they started arguing about Smolder. The guards burst in, but instead of arresting Palm, they arrested Prickle because the sisters looked alike and because Prickle was wearing her sisters' earrings. One of the guards, Agave, recognized the real Palm but didn't mention it to the others because of their friendship from when they were dragonets. Palm decided to run away and travel the continent after she realized that she was with the egg.


Shortly before Oasis' death, Smolder was shown crying about Palm's disappearance and possible death. Six-Claws mentioned that he had known Palm due to working in the kitchen with her. No one mentioned if she was really dead or just imprisoned.



Palm would have kept Onyx shielded from the world forever if she could have, but Onyx does not seem to share her mother's affection.[3]


Palm and her twin sister had a rocky relationship. Even before Prickle's unfair imprisonment, the two sisters did not seem to get along, and Prickle only agreed to help Palm to gain the fire opal earrings that Smolder had given her.[1] In her current state, Prickle despises Palm for her imprisonment,[3] and Palm had several nightmares about Prickle's imprisonment before her death.[4]


Palm fell in love with Smolder after he visited the palace kitchens and kept returning to see her. The two started sneaking out at night and talking about the future, even going so far as to attempt elopement despite Oasis' wrath. Even after fleeing from the SandWing stronghold, Smolder was present within her thoughts.[1]

Family Tree

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"But I'm not going to die. Not today."
― thoughts (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)

"But it isn't fair! Why can't he fall in love? Why does his whole life have to be wasted just so his mother won't feel threatened? Other royal families aren't like this. Besides, it could be male, and then no one would even care about it."
― to Prickle, about Onyx and Smolder (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)

"If it is a girl — it feels like a girl — then I shall give her the name you chose and hide her away somewhere secret and safe. She'll get the chance to be ordinary that you never had. By the moons of Pyrrhia, I swear she will never have anything to do with thrones or queens or battles or crowns, for as long as we both shall live."
― thoughts towards Smolder about Onyx (Darkness of Dragons, prologue)


  • When Agave and Torch arrested Prickle, she screamed that she would set the moons on fire and drop them on Palm's head.[1] Ironically, Palm was later killed by a falling piece of skyfire.[5]




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