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"I think I'll call him Peacemaker. I wonder if history would have been different if I'd chosen a name like that from the beginning."
Hope to Moonwatcher, Darkness of Dragons

Peacemaker is a male NightWing-RainWing hybrid dragonet who was introduced in Darkness of Dragons. Formerly Darkstalker, Peacemaker was artificially created by Kinkajou using Darkstalker's scroll, and was enchanted to transform into a young dragonet with none of Darkstalker's former abilities or memories of his past life. He is currently being raised by his mother, Hope (formerly known as Foeslayer), in the NightWing village.


Peacemaker has black scales,[1] a round face, and wide-set eyes.[2] Instead of the typical silver NightWing scales, he has a constellation of rainbow-colored scales on the undersides of his wings[1] that can change colors.[event 1]


According to Moonwatcher's vision, Peacemaker loves to weave, fish, and sing. He often goes into the mountains with his friends to find strawberries, and he teaches himself to make jam and pies, eventually becoming a songwriter. He lives a quiet, peaceful, ordinary life full of laughter.[3] He is ordinary,[4] and has serenity in his expression.[2]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

Peacemaker appeared in Moonwatcher's vision during the Battle of Jade Mountain. In the vision, Moon saw a little NightWing-RainWing hybrid growing up in the rainforest and having a peaceful life. The dragonet loved strawberries, and would eventually grow up and write the tribe-famous song "Strawberries as Big as a Scavenger's Head." Moon was confused about this vision as it didn't fit at all with the fighting going on around her.

During the final confrontation with Darkstalker, Moon told him about her vision, and Foeslayer gave him a strawberry Kinkajou enchanted using the final scraps of Darkstalker's scroll stolen from Chameleon. Darkstalker angrily ate the strawberry, thinking it was harmless, then began shrinking, leading to Peacemaker's first direct appearance. When the transformation was complete, the little dragonet was shown to be studying his talons, confused and hungry.

In the epilogue, Peacemaker was seen in the rainforest with his mother, Hope. He was excited to see Moonwatcher, singing to her and making mud pies. Peacemaker showed no resemblance or sign of his past self, which made Moon both a little sad and relieved.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen

Peacemaker is indirectly mentioned in the prologue, when Moon remembers how Darkstalker was transformed into a dragonet with no powers or memory of his past life.



As Foeslayer was mother to Darkstalker in his past life, she now looks after Peacemaker as Hope. Naturally, the two have a strong bond, and Peacemaker seems to amuse Hope quite often, given his silly and sweet personality.


Peacemaker seems to be very fond of Moonwatcher. This may come from the fact that she constantly visits him and treats him kindly.


"It's a vision of a dragonet. He's growing up in the rainforest. He loves to weave and fish and sing. His favorite fruit is strawberries, which he and his friends fly to the mountains to find. He teaches himself to make jam and pies and he writes a song called 'Strawberries as Big as a Scavenger's Head,' which becomes the anthem for a yearly strawberry festival. He lives a peaceful, ordinary life. He marries the tribe's blacksmith and they have two funny little dragonets who steal his strawberries and make him laugh every day. They're with him when he dies quietly in his sleep."
― Moonwatcher to Darkstalker (Darkness of Dragons, page 348)

"I think I'll call him Peacemaker. I wonder if history would have been different if I'd chosen a name like that from the beginning."
― Hope to Moonwatcher (Darkness of Dragons, page 355)

"Moon! Moon moon moon mooooon pies."
― to Moon (Darkness of Dragons, epilogue)

"Sleepy. Mommy made me get up SO EARLY."
― to Moon (Darkness of Dragons, epilogue)

― Peacemaker's first word after the transformation (Darkness of Dragons, page 355)


  • Hope had stated that maybe Darkstalker's fate would have been different if she'd chosen a name like Peacemaker from the beginning of his life.[2]
  • According to Moonwatcher's vision, Peacemaker will most likely marry the tribe's blacksmith, have dragonets with them, and die peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family.[3]
  • Peacemaker will stay as Peacemaker forever, and will never find out about his past form as Darkstalker.[event 2]
  • If one was to put one of Qibli's enchanted earrings on Peacemaker, he would turn back into Darkstalker and vaporize into nothing due to his immortality spells being nullified (Although this could be argued that since one of Darkstalker's spells on himself was to protect himself from all animus magic, and the earring was created by Turtle, and because Darkstalker's transformation was brought about by himself, it is unknown if the earring would percieve Peacemaker as Darkstalker or not.) [event 3]



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