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"Peregrine, SkyWing, Copper Winglet, clawmates with Pronghorn. He's the one who's deaf in one ear, from an explosion near his home during the war. Queen Ruby has devoted a lot of energy to taking care of those wounded in the war … I bet Peregrine is hoping to become a doctor so he can help."
Qibli's thoughts about Peregrine, Darkness of Dragons

Peregrine is a male SkyWing dragonet who currently attends Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Copper Winglet. He is deaf in one ear, due to an explosion during the War of SandWing Succession.


Peregrine is described as having positive and helpful energy. He seems to be determined, sweet, and cheerful, setting him apart from Flame, a much more negative SkyWing who also attended the academy. He is the clawmate of Pronghorn, who was described as enthusiastic to learn, so it is not unlikely that Peregrine is similarly eager.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Peregrine was briefly shown soaring through the sky along with two other SkyWing students at Jade Mountain, his friends Thrush and Garnet.

Talons of Power

Clay had gathered all SkyWings of the Academy to hear Peril's story of the duel between Queen Scarlet and Queen Ruby. Peregrine is one of the SkyWing students.

Darkness of Dragons

Peregrine was one of the known dragonets, along with Tamarin, who asked for a Herbs and Healing class. Qibli speculated that Peregrine would like to learn about healing so that he could become a doctor and help Queen Ruby with her hospital later.


  • Peregrine may be interested in becoming a doctor.[1]



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