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"I thought I was born a killer, but it turns out I wasn't. Queen Scarlet made me that way… or I let myself become that way. It's like I chose it without knowing I chose it. But you were born that way. You knew what you were like, and you chose to be something else. I guess I feel like I can't be one of you unless I can do that, too."
— Peril to Clay, The Dragonet Prophecy.

Peril is an adult female SkyWing and the main protagonist of Escaping Peril. She hatched with a dangerous condition known as firescales, and served as Scarlet's royal champion in the SkyWing Arena until the events of The Dragonet Prophecy. She currently attends Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Jade Winglet, and she has romantic feelings for Clay.


Peril has unusually bright,[1] incandescent,[2] glowing,[3] shimmering,[4] copper-colored,[5] fiery,[6] metallic-orange scales[7] that emit smoke and heat, giving her the appearance of burning from the inside.[1] Smoke also seems so be coming from her mouth.[8] She has a long, pointed tail,[9] with veins of gold running through her glimmering copper wings,[8] as well as strange, sinister,[1] sly,[10] startling,[8] eerie,[11] sharp,[12] flame-blue[13] and black eyes,[14] as though someone had bundled up the sky and immersed it in fire until it burned from the inside.[1] Her eyes have also been described to be like two small blue flames blazing through the smoke.[8] She has sharp white teeth that are not yet stained or blunted and horns that are full size.[15] Her scales emit a blistering,[11] burning heat that feels like standing too close to an erupting volcano,[16] and her face conveys quite a few very intense emotions.[17]


As a dragonet, Peril was curious and a little delighted when Scarlet gave her an unhatched SkyWing egg, as if no one had ever given her a toy before.[1]

During her time in the Sky Kingdom, she was a brutal killer[18] and did not seem to care that other dragons feared and detested her, striding around as if she knew everyone would clear out of her way.[3] Under Scarlet's rule, she did not feel bad about killing dragons,[19] as she just viewed it to be routine,[20] and she seemed untroubled by how much death she had caused.[21] Due to Scarlet's lies and manipulation, she believed being a monster was her true nature and had accepted her one "true self".[22] However, she often tries to make herself as small as possible[16] and is quiet upon meeting other unfamiliar dragons;[18] she seemed surprised when Clay offered to talk to her.[18] After the battle in which Horizon committed suicide in the arena, Peril seemed confused when asked about it,[23] and her voice wobbled when talking about her brother Sky, of whom she believed to be dead.[24] She has a kind of awkwardness and sadness to her,[25] and Moonwatcher described Peril's mind as almost impossible to read; it is all fire, as if she is burning from the inside out. Moonwatcher believed that Peril is not a happy dragon, but was unsure if she is evil.[26] She is not much of a planner,[19] and was astonished to discover that most dragons do not plan how to kill others if needed upon first meeting them.[27] Additionally, she is not skilled at remembering faces, as she always forgets to concentrate on storing their features because she is sizing them up as a potential combatant instead.[28] She does not like following anyone,[29] and loves the idea of family.[30]

She is also fierce,[31] sensible,[32] unrepentant,[33] strange,[34] matter-of-fact,[35] proud, bold, loyal,[36] loving, sarcastic, curious,[5] prone to rage,[37] stubborn,[38][39] and hopeful.[40] She is not clever nor sideways, and often tackles problems by flying at them directly.[41] She has an astoundingly fierce lack of stealth, either by always making the most noise, picking fights or accidentally blowing something up.[42] She has a strong personality, which is often met with dislike from other dragons;[43] however, she often attempts to be polite,[44] and she feels devastated when her actions negatively affect those she loves.[45] She also felt monstrous upon accidentally injuring Winter, and felt a familiar vast emptiness opening up inside her, with freezing winds shrieking through the darkness that she was to blame.[46] She believes that being ordinary sounds wonderful,[2] and was delighted when Soar's enchantment took place and she was able to touch things normally.[47] She also believes that being alone is awful.[48] She laughed and considered herself to be free, with nothing to worry about anymore, now that her firescales were gone.[49] Even under the enchantment, however, Peril was still aware that she did not kill dragons anymore,[50] and doubted what the right thing to do was.[51]

After the War of SandWing Succession, Peril often second-guesses if she has the right to be anywhere, after everything she has done, and she is considered the most dangerous dragon in Pyrrhia.[52] She felt contempt towards her hopeful former self, who she considered idiotic[53] because she had expected her life to change after saving Clay from a dragonbite viper;[54] on the contrary, she has developed ragged holes on the inside that have been caused by other dragons fearing and hating her.[55] She is largely unaware of how friends are supposed to act towards one another, as Clay has to frequently remind her that companions should not threaten one another.[56] In addition, she is unsure of how to reassure others;[57] she has an uncanny ability to say whatever is the opposite of comforting.[34] She is not great at reading the emotions of another dragon.[58] Flying is especially important to Peril because it is the only thing she can enjoy in such a joyful, uncomplicated way - she does not have to constantly make herself small and watch her perimeter to avoid setting anything on fire whilst in flight.[59] She felt thrilled and grinned at the opportunity to kill dragons who were attacking her, regarding the action as fun,[60] but became genuinely offended and glared at Avalanche when she suggested that Peril might be worse than Scarlet;[61] additionally, Ruby stated that Peril had claimed to be peaceful.[62] She also became fully relieved upon learning her accidental explosion had not seriously injured anyone within Possibility.[63] She can hurt dragons with her words,[64] and stated that she does not care if a dragon wants to think horrible thoughts about her.[65] She hates worrying about things,[66] and does not ever have mild emotions.[63] Dragons usually do not let her help with things[67] or tell her secrets before telling anyone else,[41] and Peril once wondered that if her disappearance would really be such a great loss to the world, as she doubted anyone would miss her.[68] Though she does not feel bad about killing other dragons, she believes that hurting a dragonet like Cliff is brutal and unnecessary.[69] Soar was astonished at how strong she was, and at how quickly she overcame his enchantment.[70]

After pledging her loyalty to Ruby and overcoming Soar's enchantment, Peril vowed to stay exactly the way she was, with no magic to help her. She began to realize that she does not want shortcuts to become better, for Clay or for anyone else, and wants to accept the dragon she was, and only then working towards becoming the dragon she wants to be.[71] She does feel just as muddled as to what to do next, and still sometimes has vengeful thoughts,[72] but she feels more and more like herself the farther away she goes from Soar's enchantment.[73] Her mind is now a lot less infernoesque,[74] and for the first time, Peril was able to make a decision with a clear, strong bolt of That was the right thing to do upon burning Darkstalker's scroll;[75] she also knew that even if Clay was never aware of her decision, she would still know that she did the right thing, and that was good enough for her.[76]


Peril is the daughter of Kestrel and Soar. Their egg held two dragonets — a very rare occurrence — but while Peril was still in the egg, she absorbed her brother's fire, leaving him with none and Peril with too much. Dragonets like Peril — referred to as having "firescales," — were usually thrown off the highest mountain peak in SkyWing culture, but Scarlet said that she would allow Kestrel to keep one of her dragonet so long as she killed the other.

Kestrel was told that she had to kill one of her dragonets. She chose to kill Sky, whom she thought was weaker and would not survive anyway, but Scarlet reversed the order and told Kestrel to kill her other dragonet as well. Kestrel tried to flee with Peril, but was too badly burned by her dragonet's firescales and was forced to drop her before fleeing, leaving Peril at the mercy of ex-Queen Scarlet.

Kestrel being forced to abandon Peril

Since then, Peril spent her childhood and early adult life as Queen Scarlet's puppet. Scarlet used her in gladiatorial arena battles for the queen's own entertainment and ordered her to kill dragons who had somehow displeased her. She also deceived Peril into trusting her by lying about her past; Scarlet told Peril that she killed her brother in their egg and that Kestrel had tried to kill her, but Scarlet saved Peril and sentenced Kestrel to death. Scarlet also manipulated Peril into believing that she had to eat black rocks, possibly coal, every day to survive with firescales as a ploy to force Peril to both rely on Scarlet and rely on staying within the Sky Kingdom. She once tried not to eat them, as she was mad Scarlet would not tell her more about her mother, and Scarlet put poison in her food so Peril would become extremely sick, causing her to assume it was because of the black rocks.

As a young dragonet of about a year and a half old, Peril was kept in a cage of black rocks, similar to the ones she "had to" eat, by Scarlet. On the day before the brightest night, Scarlet had her demonstrate her deadly capabilities to Burn, Hawk, Vermilion, Princess Ruby, the rest of Scarlet's children, and the SkyWing court by burning seven out of the eight SkyWing eggs scheduled to hatch on the brightest night to ash. Peril seemed worried that Scarlet would be mad at her for burning the egg handed to her, and hesitated before Scarlet ordered her to burn the rest of them.

Peril could burn through any substance but solid rock, making her nearly invulnerable, yet cursed, as she could not touch any other dragon without burning them, besides Clay and other MudWings hatched from blood-red eggs. Due to her invulnerability and ability to easily burn opponents to death, she was raised by Queen Scarlet to become her arena champion, where she killed hundreds of dragons in the arena without a second thought, becoming a "monster" who did not know how to be "nice." Thanks to Queen Scarlet, killing was the only thing Peril knew and was "good" at.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
The dragonets of destiny had noted that their SkyWing guardian, Kestrel, had odd scorch marks on her talons and face, but had never asked her where they came from.

Peril befriending Clay

Later, when Clay was taken as a prisoner, Peril befriended him, and began to develop strong feelings for him when he was the only dragon who understood her right. When Clay told her that, when he hatched, he was supposedly so vicious towards the other eggs that the guardians of the dragonets had to throw him in the river, (proven later to be his bigwings instincts), Peril suggested that maybe they were both born to kill, and seemed pleased at the idea that someone else was like her.

Kestrel, and Peril recognizing each other

Inside the arena, Peril helped heal Clay's scratches and wounds by fetching and pouring warm mud on his back and later helped him rescue his friends. At one point, Queen Scarlet forbade Peril from watching Kestrel's trial, and Peril mentioned that she had not been prohibited from doing so before and wanted to know why, so she decided to hide behind Clay and watch the trial in secret. She then learned the truth about her mother, who turned out to be Kestrel, and angrily called upon the Champion's Shield so she could try to protect her from execution when Scarlet ordered it. Although this ultimately resulted in the death of Peril's older friend Osprey, Peril bought her mother some time. Before Peril left, she told Kestrel, "I may not want you to die, but I don't want to know you," and later regretted this.

Peril attempted to help Clay and his friends escape, only to betray them to Scarlet so that she would not have to lose Clay, who she had grown strongly attached to and slightly possessive of.

Later, Peril was pitted against Clay in Scarlet's Arena for the Champion's Shield face-off. Peril was not used to dragons fighting back, giving Clay a slight advantage. Clay attempted to convince Peril to be friends, while Peril tried to get him to abandon the other dragonets for her, but Clay refused to. Due to his strength, Clay had pinned her down. Then the supposedly sleeping Glory spat her corrosive venom at Princess Burn, who pushed Queen Scarlet in front of her to protect herself and made the venom melt half of her face, causing the arena to erupt into panic and confusion. Every dragon thought it was an attack and fled, and then only the prisoners were left in the arena. At this moment, with a bit of hesitation, Peril relented and helped Clay and his friends escape.

Peril leaving Clay and the others

After Clay and his friends escaped, it was briefly thought that Peril was the 'Wings of Sky' in the prophecy, but Kestrel noted that Peril was a year too old. During the escape, Peril made peace with her mother Kestrel, although she did not go with her, claiming that they will meet up one day to learn more about each other. Sadly, this never happened, however, as Kestrel was killed by Blister in the epilogue of the book.
The Brightest Night
When Ruby claimed the SkyWing throne, she exiled Peril from the Sky Kingdom because of her abilities. Ruby claimed that she was dangerous and threatened her with execution if she ever returned. Ruby also thought that Peril had murdered her sister, Tourmaline, as a young dragonet. Peril left and began searching for ex-Queen Scarlet, the only mother figure she had left.

Sunny found Peril sneaking around Burn's stronghold, intending to free Queen Scarlet from Burn's clutches. At this time, Thorn and the Outclaws were attacking the stronghold, trying to save Sunny, and were vastly outnumbered. Peril asked about Kestrel, and when told about her mother's fate; she was overtaken by sorrow, upset that she had never gotten to properly know her.

Sunny begged Peril to stop the fight between the Outclaws and Burn's soldiers. Peril did so, but only so Sunny would let her free Scarlet.

Later, Sunny and Peril followed Smolder and Thorn into the tower housing Burn's collection of strange things, including Scarlet. Scarlet ordered Peril to free her and Peril claimed that she would only do so when Sunny was out of the ex-queen's reach. Scarlet became aggressive and Peril refused to free her. The group then left without Scarlet.

While the Outclaws are busy freeing Sunny, Peril manages to free Scarlet and they flew away towards the Sky Kingdom, but Scarlet left Peril and disappeared.

During the choosing of the SandWing queen, Clay was bitten by a dragonbite viper on the leg, and its venom rapidly began to spread around his body. Peril had a moment of panic and sorrow, feeling as though the world would end for her if Clay died. Denying that Clay would perish, Peril tackled him, stabbed her talons into his leg, and burned out the poison. Although Clay had fireproof scales, Peril's claws put him in terrible pain; he thrashed, trying to throw her off, but several other dragons held him down. Although Peril left a nasty scar and limp, her attack did end up saving his life. Afterward, Clay said that maybe Peril was their "Wings of Fire". Saying this left Peril hopeful, though not for long. She then burned and killed the other dragonbite viper by stamping on it.

At the end of The Brightest Night, Peril was mentioned to have been searching for Scarlet.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Peril came to Jade Mountain Academy at Clay's request. Many students were afraid when she arrived, and Starflight even thought that she was Queen Scarlet, as he heard screams saying, 'Help! The SkyWing! She's come to kill us all!'. As he prepared to fight, Moonwatcher points out that it is Peril, and not Queen Scarlet as he had thought. Tsunami said that they already had a SkyWing in each winglet because they did not know she was coming. The dragonets of destiny decided to give her a room by herself because they did not want her burning up the other students.

Tsunami was not happy about Peril coming to the school, but Clay reasoned that every dragon deserved a second chance. Winter and Icicle, along with almost every other IceWing, were appalled that the dragonets allowed her to attend, as she had killed many IceWing prisoners in Scarlet's arena.

During the history cave fire, Peril helped pull Carnelian out of the fire but was unable to save her. This left her talon prints on her body, which Ruby later used as an accusation of the death.

In the epilogue, Scarlet entered Peril's dreams using a dreamvisitor. Peril's dream was shown to be filled with several Scarlets chasing her through the SkyWing palace and burnt dragon corpses popping out to attack her.
Winter Turning
Peril is talked about by Winter, Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli in the rainforest, though not in a good way. Kinkajou and Winter suspect her to be still working for Scarlet, possibly also part of the Jade Mountain Prophecy. Peril later appeared in the epilogue of Winter Turning as Darkstalker is reading her mind while she is pacing in an empty cave. Her mind is described as a "blazing mess of flames." Her dreams are haunted by Scarlet and her heart is given entirely to Clay, the one known dragon she cannot hurt. Darkstalker was not sure what future was ahead of her, but he knew one thing; this dragon could change everything.
Escaping Peril
Queen Ruby had came to Jade Mountain Academy to perform the proper SkyWing death rituals for Carnelian, after her untimely demise due to being killed by the result of an exploding dragonflame cactus in the Academy's history cave. Clay had told Peril to stay inside her cave until Ruby left, but Peril, under the impression that Clay had come, leapt into the hallway, nearly bumping into Turtle. He prompted her to eavesdrop on Carnelian's proceedings. They heard a loud roar, making Peril assume that Queen Ruby was just told of Peril's presence in Jade Mountain. Queen Ruby started yelling at the dragonets of destiny but is interrupted by Scarlet's sudden arrival.

Peril, the Dragonets, Turtle, and Queen Ruby then go to confront Scarlet. Scarlet was holding what seemed like the head of Queen Glory, which she then proceeded to throw at the gathered crowd of dragons. After throwing the head, Scarlet took her escape, flying away from the watching dragons. Ruby demanded to know why Peril is in Jade Mountain, but Peril replied that even Queen Ruby could not keep her from her friends.

Clay, Ruby, and Peril studied the head in horror, but after some closer inspection done by Turtle, he found out that the head was an enchantment. Scarlet had apparently decapitated a MudWing and had it enchanted to look exactly like Glory with a scrap of paper. They all came to the conclusion that it had to be the work of an animus dragon. Ruby decided to take the head to Moorhen to identify whose it was as it may be close to Scarlet's location.

A little while later, Peril is left alone with Clay and Turtle. Peril asked Clay what he wanted her to do. He replied , saying that "he won't be another Scarlet and tell her what to do," though Peril still wanted him to tell her what to do.

Peril later figured out what Clay really wanted: His friends and the academy to be safe. The only way to do that was to kill Queen Scarlet, so she set off through the mountains with Turtle following her, to her annoyance. A little while into their expedition, they were ambushed by five members of the Talons of Peace (Cirrus, a MudWing, Nautilus, another SeaWing and Avalanche), who did not know who they were or if they were conspiring with Scarlet. After the Talons members confirmed that everyone was on the same side, Turtle and Peril were allowed to continue on to Possibility to find the rest of the Jade Winglet. During this, she has a heated exchange with Avalanche, ending with "… but I'll forget you exist in a minute, so I don't actually care if you die."

Later on, Peril and Turtle stopped for dinner, and Turtle threw a piece of fish into her mouth so that it was still wet and not burned. After this, Peril decided that she liked fish better when it was burned. Later, Peril discovered Turtle rolling a smooth rock between his shoulders, which she thought was a bit odd, but decided that SeaWings must have some peculiar ability to heal themselves with river rocks.

Peril and Turtle continued on toward Possibility, and repeatedly caught small glimpses of a strange NightWing, Shapeshifter. When they finally reached the town, Turtle suggested that Peril should travel underwater so that she could not be as easily spotted, which turned out to be a good tactic. However, when she came out of the water, a dragonflame cactus (in the process of being sold, presumably to the Talons of Power) exploded at her feet after brushing her scales. The explosion did not severely injure any dragons, but it led Qibli and Moonwatcher to Peril and Turtle. Peril started thinking about how she would defeat them, to which Moon then revealed that she was a mind-reader. She also suggested that Peril should stop thinking about how to kill them.

After Turtle left to go see Kinkajou, Peril decided to blow off some steam and flew into the desert. She ran into Winter and Foeslayer, who were traveling back to Possibility. Winter was enraged to see her and accused Peril of conspiring with Scarlet. They get into a fight and Peril accidentally burns Winter while she was attempting to get away from him. Foeslayer commented on how she had not seen firescales in a long time, and Peril told her to get help.

Turtle, Moon, and Qibli came rushing to Winter and Peril, panicking about what to do. Turtle then heals Winter with a rock that he had enchanted, revealing him as an animus. Everyone was surprised by this, but Turtle assured them that he was perfectly fine at the moment, indicating that he had not gone insane from overuse of magic. Moon then told Peril about the prophecy, and Peril discovered that they thought the first part was about her. Winter proceeded insulted her, causing her to fly off, angry and hurt. She then met an odd SkyWing who claimed that he is her father, Soar. He told her to follow him and led her right to Queen Scarlet. After Scarlet ripped off one of Soar's necklaces, he is revealed to be a lime-colored RainWing named Chameleon with invariable scales. He told Peril about his animus powers (which really came from an animus scroll he had) and offered to give her an enchanted necklace that can remove her firescales. Peril agreed to this. However, the enchantment also includes other conditions, like becoming loyal to Queen Scarlet, forgetting about Clay, and assisting the former SkyWing queen to take back her kingdom.

Scarlet, Peril, and Soar entered the Sky Kingdom. They entered the hatchery, where Scarlet is humiliated by some of the dragonets, but she ignored them and asked for her grandson, Prince Cliff. They captured the prince and brought him into the throne room, planning to hold him for ransom until Ruby came and agreed to give up her kingdom in order to keep her son safe. Ruby accused Peril of killing Tourmaline and betraying her friends, which Scarlet replied to by saying that Tourmaline was still alive, but hidden. Ruby was shocked, but Scarlet dismissed this quickly and forced her to give up her kingdom. An unknown MudWing, seemingly one of Ruby's soldiers (possibly Reed), asked Peril about what Clay would think. She simply looked at the MudWing and asked who Clay was, making Ruby realize that there was a spell on Peril. Peril stated that she was only "following orders" from Scarlet. Ruby ordered two of her soldiers to lock herself up in one of the dungeons where Kestrel was once held.

Scarlet asked Peril and Sora to watch over the prince while she was gone. While they were watching over Cliff, Soar revealed himself as the dragon who harmed Kinkajou for her being a RainWing, to which Peril replied with shock. While the two were distracted, Cliff had managed to escape and reunited with his mother. Scarlet appeared and told Peril to kill them. She refused, finally realizing she had been under a spell. She was about to kill Scarlet herself before Ruby officially challenged Scarlet to a duel for the throne. During the duel, Ruby had been severely beaten down by Scarlet and was close to losing the fight. While things were not looking well for Ruby, Peril realized that Ruby must have also been under a spell and destroyed Ruby's earring. It revealed to the crowd and Ruby herself that Ruby had always been Tourmaline all along. Peril suggested to Tourmaline to end the duel to which Tourmaline agreed. Tourmaline then finished the duel by snapping Scarlet's neck and shouting, "For the SkyWings!", ending Scarlet's terrible reign. After Scarlet's defeat, Turtle arrived next to Peril, in his attempt to "rescue" Peril, which delighted her.

In the end, Tourmaline thanked Peril and Peril revealed who Chameleon was, forcing him to show Tourmaline what the scroll could do. Chameleon was also forced to turn Tourmaline back into Ruby, as Tourmaline stated that she only wanted the appearance of Ruby. While the SkyWing were partying after Scarlet's defeat, Peril came to Ruby to apologize for what happened to the SkyWing eggs on the Brightest Night. Ruby stopped her, saying that it was not her fault and that Peril could better herself if they let her try. She also allowed Peril to be able to return to the Sky Kingdom whenever she pleased. Suddenly a guard came to Ruby, telling Ruby about Chameleon's escape. Peril and Turtle left to meet up with the rest of the Jade Winglet

Together, the five forcefully confiscated Chameleon's scroll. After they retrieved the scroll, Moon revealed to them that the scroll belonged to Darkstalker. After some argument between Winter and Moon, the group decided to wait for tomorrow to decide what to do with the scroll. They all woke up and found that Moonwatcher had left on her own to deal with Darkstalker. They decided to send Peril after Moon as she was the fastest out of all of them, where Peril discovered Moon crying after reading about what Darkstalker had done to Arctic. The rest of the group arrived and started arguing about what to do with the scroll. As the fight unfolded, Peril decided to burn the scroll, saying that it was "too much power for one dragon to have." However, in the course of doing so, she had accidentally released Darkstalker. Since the power no longer had a vessel, it had returned to Darkstalker and he was able to use it to escape his prison underground. Darkstalker burst free from the earth, ominously thanking Peril for her role in his escape.
Talons of Power
As soon as she saw Darkstalker rise from the mountain, Peril tried to attack him. He pushed her away and persuaded her that he was her friend, and reminded her that he was invulnerable. Peril was then told that she was the reason Darkstalker was free, and her wings drooped. She kept curling and uncurling her talons while Darkstalker had his talon on her head. Then after the other dragonets went hunting, she had a talk with Turtle. She told him that she felt guilty, and he replied that she still did the right thing. Peril then told Turtle to kill Darkstalker with his magic and that he should make it something really cool, like Darkstalker's face falling off or his insides exploding. She then went hunting with Qibli, Winter, Moon, and Darkstalker while Turtle left to warn the school.

Later, Peril told Turtle that he should not kill Darkstalker. She said that he was very nice to her and that they were alike, and dragons should not be scared of them. She then told Turtle that he needed to stop hiding and go talk to Darkstalker. When he did not, she shrugged and announced that she was going to go talk to Clay. After some more awkward conversation, she left to talk to Clay.

Upon hearing a whoosh and yelling, Qibli looked out into the hallway, seeing that Peril accidentally set a scroll on fire. She asked who left it lying on the ground, and Boto said that it was his homework. She told him that he should not leave it around, and Turtle said that Peril was very sorry too. She apologized to the RainWing, saying he should be thankful it was not his tail. Boto got scared and left, Peril shouting after him that he should not leave his tail laying around either. Turtle said she was spreading terror before bedtime, and she said she thought it was a good apology. She told them about her conversation with Clay, and Qibli said Clay liked her too but does not know what to do about it. Qibli said to give him lots and lots and lots of time to figure it out. Peril saw Turtle packing and asked where he was going, to which he replied the rainforest; and she seemed a little depressed, her wings drooping and her scales almost setting fire to a scroll rack. Peril said she wished she could go, too, but Queen Glory forbade no fire in the rainforest. Then she said that she will miss Turtle a little, and Turtle responded by saying she will not because she has Clay to hang out with. She tried to hide her smile. After this, Peril was not shown in the book.
Darkness of Dragons
While Qibli tried to duplicate his earring in Turtle's bowl, Peril entered the cave to see what he was yelling at. She began scolding the bowl in an attempt to make Qibli feel better. He told her that the bowl was used to duplicate objects, but he could not remember the command to duplicate. Peril suggested adding "please" to the end of his guesses as Turtle would. Once he successfully began duplicating the earring, he tried to give her one to see if it would work on her. Peril refused, being careful after the episode with the necklace, adding 'But it won't survive long enough to do anything to me anyway.' Though she tried putting the earring on, but it melted as soon as it touched her. When Qibli remarked that it shielded the wearer from Darkstalker's spells, she retorted that she would not need it anyway, proving that she was still under Darkstalker's spell. When Qibli wondered where Ostrich and Onyx went, Peril told him she saw two SandWings leaving the school a little while back and thought they would be back after everyone calmed down. She followed Qibli around a little bit before he left for the Scorpion Den.

Later, Peril was shown during the first attack of the Battle of Jade Mountain, threatening to burn every dragon who dared to hurt Clay. She also threatened to burn every dragon unless they "talked everything out," which did not work due to the arrival of the rest of Darkstalker's and newly crowned Snowfall's army.

She also had a small point-of-view in the epilogue of the book. Peril finally became a student at Jade Mountain as part of the Jade Winglet, and wanted Starflight to make fireproof scrolls for her after he and Tamarin finish their project on making scrolls blind dragons could read. She went to the prey center looking for RainWing food to set on fire and cook, and she met up with Clay. She and Siamang, a RainWing from the Quartz Winglet, had apparently started hanging out and "invented" a "cooked mashed-up apple thing that is awesome." Clay then told her that it is applesauce and that it was already invented. Peril retorted saying that theirs was probably the best. She then asks him if they could go flying together, and Clay said he would love to.


While escaping from the SkyWing palace to avoid being eaten, Leaf noticed a copper-colored dragon swoop past him, leaving a "wave of fiery warmth." This dragon was followed by a "blue dragon" and a "brown dragon," who stops and helps him get to a safer ledge. This matches the scenario in The Dragonet Prophecy in which Tsunami and Clay are helping Peril to rescue Kestrel during their escape from the SkyWing palace.



Upon first meeting his daughter, Chameleon smiled.[77] After talking with him, Peril realized that he sounded a lot like herself, and they were able to bond over other dragons misunderstanding them.[78] As soon as Chameleon had realized that Peril was his daughter, he rushed to meet her; additionally, he described her as powerful, amazing, and terrifying, stating "Who wouldn't be proud of that?"[79] He acknowledged his absence in Peril's life, but stated that he would like to change that by giving Peril a necklace that would take away her firescales.[80] He trusted her with the secret of his animus shapes and stated that his loyalty was to Peril first and to Scarlet second.[41] After Chameleon revealed that he had been the one who had attacked Kinkajou, Peril was appalled at him. Though Peril felt that she should be the one empathizing with her father, she still felt what he did to Kinkajou was brutal and unnecessary.[69]

Despite feeling that something was wrong, Peril tried to convince herself that Chameleon gave her the necklace because he loves her and understands what it is like to be different and the desire to be normal.[81] However, as soon as Peril discovered that he had tricked her with the necklace, he quickly offered other alternatives with magic, to which Peril declined, bristling.[82] After stating that she could not trust him, he wilted a little, but Peril was far from feeling sorry for him.[83] She considers him one of the worst dragons she has ever met,[70] and when he escaped from the Sky Kingdom, he said nothing to Peril, causing her to believe that he maybe had not thought of her at all,[84] despite her deliberately not telling Ruby about his shapes because he loved them so much.[85]

Even after her father's betrayal, Peril believed that Chameleon had a part of him that wanted to accept her as part of a family, and could not bear to see him suffering.[30] He believes that Peril betrayed him, and while he is willing to admit that he also betrayed her, he thinks that she does not want to see him again.[86] Peril still wonders if she will ever see her father again, though Clay reassures her that she does not need Chameleon.[58]


Upon initially meeting him, Peril was oddly excited to discover that Clay believed he had tried to kill his nestmates during hatching, but after Clay admitted that he hoped he was not the same as Peril, she became hurt.[24] She enjoys talking to Clay,[22] and regards him as "blazing";[25] Peril believed that Clay liked her how she was, and although Clay was hesitant towards her, he found that Peril was not entirely awful, and possessed an awkwardness and sadness that he understood.[25] He is honest with her,[18] and she disobeyed Scarlet's orders in order to talk with him[25] in addition to bringing him mud and food to help him heal from the arena.[87] When talking to her, Clay's guilt about Fjord's death and his friends' capture seemed lighter,[21] and he regards her as kind, outside of the arena.[88] She avoided Clay after Osprey's death because she wanted to keep him out of danger,[40] but she easily became angry[89] and jealous when Clay mentioned how important Glory[90] and Sunny were to him,[91] and later betrayed Clay and his friends to Scarlet because she was afraid of him leaving.[92][93] Clay felt sadness at her betrayal and guilt over trusting her afterwards,[94] although he felt sympathy for Peril because she had no other friends.[95] After escaping the Sky Kingdom, Clay invited Peril to join him and his friends on the journey to the Diamond Spray Delta, and although Peril refused, she did so on the grounds that until she could become safer and better, she believed she did not deserve to come with them.[96]

Whenever Peril sees Clay in present-day Pyrrhia, she often becomes startled, and then tries to casually brush it off.[17] She becomes violent towards those who hurt him,[97] she often intentionally appears in locations where she knows Clay will be,[98] and her heart gives small bounces when she sees him. She hopes she does not imagine the extra bit of sweetness in his smiles towards her, and he often is physically affectionate towards her, to Peril's delight.[99] Clay is reassuring towards her,[100] and all Peril wants is to be with him.[53] She is willing to obey everything he says,[53] and is often held back from violence by thinking about him.[37] His voice feels like wings spreading inside her heart,[101] and although Peril wanted to wrap her wings around him when he was reminded of Sora's betrayal, she knew it would only hurt him more. She thinks of his soul as a torch that will never go out, burning clear and true all night long.[102] Clay says that Peril can be whoever she wants to be,[39] and although all she wants to do is take care of him, she felt jealous[103] over the thought of him mourning Glory's passing.[104] She was worried that he and Sunny shared secrets she might be unaware of, thinking "Doesn't Clay know he can tell me anything?",[105] and felt an intense stab of jealousy when he twined his tail with Sunny's.[106] The idea of leaving him is heart-wrenching to her, but she was still willing to separate from him in order to kill Scarlet.[107]

She cares for his safety and bases many of her decisions upon his wellbeing,[108] but she becomes jealous when he acts supportive and reassuring to other dragons besides her.[109] She wants, above all, to take care of him, but often feels jealous of his other relationships;[103] something she is often ashamed of.[104] Clay speaks to her in a soft, warning voice when Peril is apt to hurt others, and gives her sweet, grateful smiles when she restrains herself from violence.[110] His smile lights candles in her heart, and he wants Peril to make her own choices.[111] Peril, however, was completely willing to become a dragon completely changed to Clay's tastes, and she doubted if he would miss her if she disappeared.[68] Ruby, however, was baffled at the effects of Soar's spell, stating "Peril would never just forget about Clay."[112] In Peril's own words, Clay is the dragon who changed her, and was the only dragon willing to give her a second chance.[113] Her heart sang when she removed the enchantment and was able to remember him again, but she also worried that without him, she went straight back to being a monster.[114]

Clay sees the good in her and believes that she is more than Scarlet's killer, encouraging her to become better and wanting her to make her own choices.[111] However, he winces when she touches him, and he watches her wings carefully whenever she is near anything flammable; Peril is unsure if he would change her firescales if he could.[115] When thinking about what she wanted most, an image of Clay wrapping his wings around her and never letting go flashed through her mind; however, Peril believes she is a long way off from getting or deserving that, and is worried that she might not be able to accept it if Clay did not love her back.[80]


Upon first being under Scarlet's control, Cliff was ordered to stand close to Peril. Because of Cliff's small size and young age, Peril thought that she never would have dared put him in that sort of danger if she still had her firescales. She wanted to hug him and tell him not to be scared, but could not due to her firescales facade.[116] When she spoke to him, she hoped her voice sounded kind, and he sang a song for her before falling asleep.[117] Even while being enchanted with loyalty to Scarlet, Peril had second thoughts about following her potential orders to burn Cliff.[50] She then felt a wild, brief impulse to give Cliff back to Ruby safely.[51] Peril later referred to him as "little friend" and apologized for him not being allowed to hug Ruby.[118] She later defended Cliff against Scarlet[119] and took care to make sure he was not injured by her burning scales.[120] She watched over him during the battle between Scarlet and Ruby, and comforted him when Ruby's physical form returned to Tourmaline's.[121] He giggled at one of Peril's jokes.[85]


After Peril discovered that Kestrel was her mother, she called upon the tradition of the Champion's Shield for Kestrel's release,[122] and freed her from the Sky Palace after Glory attacked Scarlet.[123] However, when Kestrel expressed wanting to talk to Peril, she stated that because she believed Kestrel killed Sky and abandoned Peril, she had no desire to know her.[124] She spoke to Kestrel without any warmth in her voice,[125] and when Kestrel offered Peril to come with her after they escaped the Sky Kingdom, she refused, stating that she had never imagined Kestrel as she was, and thought that Kestrel would not be good for her.[126] When she is informed of her mother's death by Sunny, she is devastated.


Osprey was often kind to Peril because she would listen to his stories of his past.[127] Osprey taught Peril about several SkyWing laws, including that of the Champion's Shield,[124] and he was one of her only friends before he died.[124] He also taught her how to read and write.[128] When Osprey died, she felt a vast emptiness open up inside her.[46]


Peril was initially neutral with Ruby, before she became queen. Ruby would stay out of Peril's way and usually stayed quiet around Peril. She never seemed "queenly" at all to Peril.[54] When Ruby became queen, however, her first decree as queen was to banish Peril from the Sky Kingdom. Peril did not understand why until she saw the look on Ruby's face when she realized that Ruby hated her.[37] Ruby immediately reacted with hostility when she saw Peril at Jade Mountain.[104] After Peril came back to the Sky Kingdom, under Chameleon's spell, Ruby blamed her as the reason for everything that's wrong in the Sky Kingdom.[62] She also accuses her for the death of her sister, Tourmaline.[129] When Peril does not seem to remember Clay, Ruby immediately realizes that she is under a spell. She recognizes that Clay was the only dragon that gave Peril a second chance.[113] Right before Peril was about to kill Scarlet, Ruby asked her to stop. Peril stopped, knowing that if she wanted to be trusted again, she had to listen to Ruby and even called Ruby her "new queen".[130] After Ruby (Tourmaline at the time) had won the fight, she asked Peril if she knew any dragon that could change her back to Ruby. While Peril was hesitant to tell her, she ultimately decided to show Chameleon to her, deciding that it was the right thing to do.[131] After Tourmaline became Ruby again, Peril started to apologize for the bad things she's done. Ruby stopped her, saying that she knew Scarlet was Peril's only parental figure and how no one tried to see her as a real dragon.[132] She continued saying that Peril can make up for what she did if they let her try. To make things official, she allowed Peril return back to the Sky Kingdom whenever she pleases.[72]


Scarlet has always been afraid of Peril, even when she was a young dragonet. Peril worries often that Scarlet might be angry with her, and when Peril questioned her decisions as a tiny dragonet, Scarlet responded coldly: "You are my champion. You do as I tell you to." After following Scarlet's orders to burn several SkyWing eggs, she looked at Scarlet with a hungry look in her eyes - a "do you love me now?" look.[1]

Later in Peril's life, Scarlet's treatment towards her remained similar. She disliked when Peril spoke to other dragons,[133] and often spent her time scolding Peril for whichever new thing she had done wrong.[134] Before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, Peril did whatever Scarlet told her to,[135] and was indignant on Scarlet's behalf when insulted.[127] She was eager to please the queen, and became afraid whenever she disappointed Scarlet,[136] despite the fact that Scarlet rarely had time to talk to her[22] and was typically angry with her.[22] She believed that Scarlet was typically right.[23] She also learned some of Scarlet's mannerisms from watching her.[137] Scarlet was the closest thing to a mother that Peril ever had, thinking that Scarlet saved her egg, but she ordered Peril to kill dragons in horrible ways each day,[138] and she was dismissive towards Peril's distress after Scarlet killed Osprey.[124] Peril believed that if Scarlet discovered that Peril enjoyed Clay's company, she would do something awful to him in order to punish her.[40] Peril later discovered that her obligation to eat black rocks was merely Scarlet trying to keep Peril under her control, as Scarlet poisoned her regular food, fooling her into believing the black rocks were her only dietary options.[139]

When Sunny confronts Peril in the weirdling tower, Peril defends Scarlet, despite all the terrible things she's done to her.[140] After Peril had risked her life to rescue Scarlet from Burn's weirdling tower, Scarlet threw a reindeer hoof at Peril's head before calling her annoying and disobedient, as well as implying that she was not a good daughter. Peril still, however, had felt that Scarlet was somehow her responsibility, causing Peril to free Scarlet from the SandWing stronghold; additionally, Scarlet had slithered through Peril's dreams when she was asleep until she had been rescued. Peril became slightly vindictive[141] towards Scarlet during a conversation in Escaping Peril, and was consciously aware that she wanted to hurt Scarlet the way that she had been hurt.[108] She told Peril directly that she would not like her anymore unless she followed Scarlet's orders,[39] a statement that made Peril feel suddenly and horribly desperate to be Scarlet's favorite pet again. She tried to beat this care for Scarlet's approval back, and when she refused to kill Ruby for Scarlet, she called Peril useless and disappeared overnight.[142]

When Scarlet became very angry, she refused to speak to Peril for weeks, forcing the young dragon to figure out how to make Scarlet happy again.[111] Upon seeing her later, Scarlet's presence created a bloodbath of fear and awe for Peril.[143] She stated that only Scarlet cared about Peril,[113] nobody would care if Peril had died, and that the only dragon to ever love Peril was Scarlet. She also stated that she thought every part of Peril was perfect, to which she retorted "As long as I do what you want. The minute I have a thought of my own, you hate me."[144] She had set out with the intention to kill Scarlet, but began doubting herself, remembering that Scarlet had kept her alive when everyone else had wanted her dead, and worrying that maybe nobody besides Scarlet really would love her.[145] She stated that nobody besides herself wanted Peril anywhere,[146] and while Peril was aware of the terrible things that Scarlet had done, she was still reminded of the fact that Scarlet liked her firescales and had kept her alive.[115] She spoke acidly to Peril[147] but Peril later thought "That's me. She does love me!" when Scarlet referred to her as "darling."[148]

When Cliff stated that Ruby made everything better, Peril felt a vast chasm in her chest. Scarlet kept Peril alive and gave her a purpose, but her days were usually made worse when they interacted.[149] Scarlet fully believed that Peril would do anything once she gave her the order,[50] and she stated that Peril was her most loyal subject.[112] Although Scarlet never hit her, however, she had always heralded scorn, shouting, and severe punishments for Peril, ultimately making her life miserable.[150]

Upon hearing Scarlet threaten Ruby with ways she would control Cliff, Peril realized that Scarlet had manipulated Peril in a very similar way.[151] She declared her loyalty to Queen Ruby, and offered to kill Scarlet in order to maintain her throne.[130] She considers Scarlet to be the worst dragon she has ever met.[70]


Sunny tried to break the news to Peril about Kestrel's death as gently as she could to Peril, and comforted Peril over her mother's death;[152] she also offered to let Peril come with her instead of freeing Scarlet.[153] Sunny is the only one of Clay's friends that has attempted to be nice to Peril, but she still wants to push her off a cliff on a daily basis. Although Peril knows this is bad, she views Sunny's soul as a blaze of warm sunlight, the type that is annoying and induces headaches, and is irritated by how much she smiles.[102] She is intensely jealous of Sunny whenever she is physically affectionate[106] or shares secrets[105] with Clay.


Tsunami regards Peril as psychotic.[88] Tsunami gave her an unfriendly look when they initially met, and when Peril was speaking to Clay in their cell, she backed away as far from Peril as possible.[40] She vehemently opposed Peril joining her and her friends after they escaped the Sky Kingdom.[154] She believed if given the chance, Tsunami would try to convince Clay to get rid of her.[155] She admitted that Peril was not one of her favorite dragons, but she was still willing to defend her from Queen Ruby's accusations for murdering Carnelian.


Peril initially only wanted to be friends with Turtle because Clay would have wanted her to make friends.[156] Though she was irritated by the way he lounged around in dimly lit caves, as it caused her to almost run into him.[157] She made him laugh, although he considered her strange,[34] but she later snapped at him and stated that he was boring and forgettable, although Turtle did not take offense, simply stating "I know. I try to be".[158] Turtle later insisted on accompanying Peril to kill Scarlet, despite her bantering with him to stay at the academy.[159] She was willing to admit to him that she was not entirely happy under Scarlet in the Sky Kingdom,[20] and he giggled when he accidentally hit her with a fish.[160] He laughed at her intense disgust at tasting raw fish for the first time, and was serene when she joked about setting him on fire as payback.[161] She later became worried about his choice to sleep at the bottom of the river, as she thought he might simply want to get away from her, and had finally realized that she was a terrible dragon to be friends with.[33] Although Turtle trusted her to remove a dragonflame cactus pod from his scales,[67] she began panicking upon being introduced to Moonwatcher's mind reading, wondering if Turtle had simply meant to test her, and had never trusted her.[162] She begrudgingly told Turtle to go on without her into Possibility to check up on Kinkajou,[163] and Turtle believed that he and Peril were not so different because he harnessed animus magic.[164] He stated that he thought Peril's goal was to help him and his friends, and became anxious upon discussing her accident with Winter.[165] She became hurt and angry upon Qibli stating "she just showed up with Turtle" and fled into the sky, despite Turtle's protests;[166] she also later thought that Turtle might be happy to never see her again.[68] However, when Scarlet stated that she was the only dragon who cared for Peril, she mentioned Turtle, who laughs at her jokes, even the ones she makes accidentally.[113] She realized that Turtle coming to rescue her from the Sky Kingdom was something only a friend would do, and when she asked if Turtle liked her after all, he stated "You're a loon. Of course I do," despite him being wary of Peril's abilities.[167] She stated that she was lucky to have him as friend, and they banter often.[73] She does not want anything to harm him.[168]


Winter was hostile towards Peril[169] and asked harshly if Peril was safe to be around.[170] He refused to show her basic dragon etiquette by staying in flight while shouting at her, and he attacked her as soon as she implied that she might harm his friends.[171] He was accusing towards her and called her a mass murderer[166] and a monster after she accidentally burned him.[165] Despite all of this, Peril still thought she would feel sad if anything bad happened to him.[172]

Family Tree



"No one else wants me, […] No one can even touch me. You saw that. I was born with too much fire. Usually when dragons like me hatch, the SkyWings drop them off at the highest mountain peak. That's what my mother was going to do, but Queen Scarlet saved me and killed her to punish her."
― to Clay, about her firescales ability (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 137-138)

"Her Majesty said I might as well follow my true nature, […] That's how she raised me — letting me be myself, giving me dragons to kill. Maybe you'd feel better if you could be who you really are."
― to Clay, about Scarlet (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 138)

"I call upon the tradition of the Champion's Shield, […] It says the queen's champion may stand forth for any dragon sentenced to execution. If I can defeat the next dragon you set me to fight, you must let her go free. […] I want to stand for my mother."
― to Scarlet, about Kestrel (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 182)

"No, […] You killed my brother. You left me here. And it's your fault my friend is dead. I may not want you dead, but I don't want to know you."
― to Kestrel, about Sky and Osprey (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 185)

"I'm your friend! You don't need them! […] That's not fair! The others can have any dragon! I only want you!"
― to Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 235-236)

"I thought I was born a killer, but it turns out I wasn't. Queen Scarlet made me that way … or I let myself become that way. It's like I chose it without knowing I chose it. But you were born that way. […] You knew what you were like, and you chose to be something else. I guess I feel like I can't be one of you unless I can do that, too."
― to Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 256)

"But aren't we all murderers? […] Didn't we all do terrible things because Queen Scarlet told us to? Can you find me one dragon who defied her? Why am I the only one getting punished for obedience?"
― thoughts (Escaping Peril, page 4)

"Maybe I wasn't happy, […] But I also wasn't so worried all the time. I only had one dragon to please, and I didn't always manage that, but at least I understood what I needed to do. Now everything is confusing. I guess — I mean, which would you rather be: lonely or insecure?"
― to Turtle (Escaping Peril, page 57-58)

"You're right, […] All my life I have desperately wanted an ugly necklace. [...] Especially one that will melt as soon as I put on. Thank you so much! Best dad ever."
― to Soar (Escaping Peril, page 157)

"Of all dragons, […] I should be the one who can understand fury and vengeance and wanting to lash out whenever someone hurts me. He's my father, and she's a dragonet I don't even know. I should be on his side."
― thoughts about Chameleon (Escaping Peril, page 213-214)

"I'm the only one who cares about you. No one will ever love you except me. You'll always be a monster to everyone else. Scarlet's words rang louder and louder in Peril's head. What she was describing — that's what she did to me. She made me obedient. She made me loyal to her. She made me think I had no choice. But I do."
― thoughts about Scarlet (Escaping Peril, page 220)

"I won't let you hurt Cliff, […] I won't let you do any of that to him either. It's not right. He's not your toy, and if you can't earn a dragon's loyalty by being a good queen, then you don't deserve it at all."
― to Scarlet (Escaping Peril, page 221)

"Now that I'm thinking what Clay wants me to think? What if he really was gone from my life? What would I be like then?"
― thoughts about Clay (Escaping Peril, page 227)

"If I show her what Chameleon can do … I'll be giving another queen his power. He could fly away right now, with no one the wiser about his scroll or his shape-shifting. But if I let him do that, no one will know what he's doing with it. He could end up working for another terrible queen. I guess it comes down to who I trust more … my new queen who always hated me … or my father, who betrayed me as soon as he met me."
― thinking about Chameleon (Escaping Peril, page 244)

"Fighting over power, […] Like every dragon ever. But it's not their power, it's Darkstalker's, and they want to use it, the same way Scarlet used mine. But that scroll is too dangerous to be in this world. Even if a good dragon controlled it … even if it didn't change that good dragon to have that much power … even if we could somehow guarantee that it would never fall into evil talons … it shouldn't exist. Look how good dragons are fighting over it already. Nobody should be the boss of someone else's magic. And nobody else should ever be hurt by that scroll."
― thoughts about Darkstalker's scroll (Escaping Peril, page 283)

"I know, I know, it's my thing, […] but I can't kill him, because of his stupid magic, GROWL. So you have to. Don't worry, it's not that hard, and it would be such a relief — for me, I mean — because I'm having this feeling — I don't know what to call it, but it's kind of big and heavy and annoying? And it's filling me all up inside like everything is awful and it's all my fault? Like maybe all the bad things in the world are my fault? I really don't like it, so if you can make it stop, that would be the greatest."
― to Turtle, about Darkstalker (Talons of Power, page 13)

"Or you can keep skulking around, […] Whatever you want. I'm going to go say hi to Clay! I mean to uh, him and his friends. So I can tell him what I did to Scarlet! I mean, tell all of them. What Ruby did, technically. But with my help! He's going to be so excited. Don't you think? So excited? I mean, not that it's any big deal. Well, I guess it's kind of a big deal that I stopped his, like, super worst enemy from coming after him. He'll be happy about that. Right? Not that it matters. Why am I nervous? I'm not! STOP BEING NERVOUS, PERIL. Ha ha! That'll work."
― to Qibli (Talons of Power, page 46-47)

"Huh, […] Looks like a norm-nope! […] You're right! Stupidest bowl I've ever seen! Can I join in? HEY, BOWL, YOUR SHAPE IS INANE! FOOD PROBABLY FALLS OUT OF YOU ALL THE TIME! I BET YOU DON'T EVEN STACK WELL IN CABINETS! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'RE THE WORST! Ooh, this is great. Let's do it every day! I feel much better."
― to Turtle's food bowl (Darkness of Dragons, page 43)

"I prefer dragons who are handsome, baffled, kind, and accidentally heroic. I mean, hypothetically, just supposing there were someone like that, I would maybe think they were pretty cool, is all I'm saying. Not that I'm thinking of anyone specific."
― to Qibli about Clay (Darkness of Dragons, page 45)

"I don't know. Whenever his name comes up, everyone looks at me like they're remembering it was my fault he got out. I mean, I'm clearly the 'talons of fire' in the prophecy. Which makes me want to be like YEAH, I KNOW and I'M SORRY, OK and I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY TO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS FROM AN ANCIENT SCROLL WITH NEBULOUS POWERS."
― to Clay, about Darkstalker (Darkness of Dragons, page 373)

"Want to go flying with me? […] I mean, I know it's raining, but it's kind of cool to fly in the rain, unless you're busy, you're probably busy, you're, like, running a school, so, that's OK if you can't, we —"
― to Clay (Darkness of Dragons, page 374)


  • Tui had originally intended to have Peril die in The Brightest Night, but fan outcry caused her to change this and later give her a book of her own.[event 1]
  • In the pre-final English cover of Escaping Peril, Peril was shown to have white eyes instead of blue.[173]
  • Peril is a restless sleeper.[174]
  • Although Peril was not able to read or write as a dragonet due to her firescales, she is able to scrape out messages in the sand and read street signs.[128]
  • Peril is the oldest main protagonist, with Moon being the youngest main protagonist.
  • Peril is one of Tui's favorite characters to write about as she says everything that pops into her head and is often inclined to set her problems on fire.[event 2]
  • Peril is one of five protagonists whose tribe has only one book. The others are Clay, Glory, Cricket and Sundew.
  • As of Escaping Peril, Peril has never cried before.[46]



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