"So from then on, the bigwings takes care of all the others. Some of them can be pretty bossy or too weak, but we got a good one. I mean, you would have been a good one too, I'm sure..."
—Pheasant to Clay, The Dragonet Prophecy

Pheasant is a young adult female MudWing and one of the six siblings of Clay, as well as the third-hatched dragonet of Cattail, and Asha's niece. Her father is still unknown, although he is known to be deceased. She never attended Jade Mountain Academy, although some of her siblings, Sora, Umber, and Marsh, did.


She has dark brown scales on her back and lighter brown scales on her stomach and sides.


As a MudWing, Pheasant is loyal to her sibs, especially towards her bigwings. She especially praises Reed, calling him a good bigwings and thanking him for leading during battle. Pheasant might still be mourning the loss of Crane, as MudWing siblings form a close bond with each other.

She and Sora are the only MudWings in the group to practice reading.


Pheasant hatched along with Reed, Sora, Marsh, Crane, and Umber. She was raised with Reed, who was filling in as bigwings due to Clay's absence, as his egg was sold by Cattail to the Talons of Peace for at least two cows in order to fulfill the Dragonet Prophecy.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Clay meeting his siblings

Near the end of the book, Clay made his way back to the Mud Kingdom. His siblings encountered him and were overjoyed to find him. They helped him make peace with himself about attacking the other dragonets' eggs, and, despite their protests, unwillingly let him go. Pheasant stated that maybe Clay was their bigwings, which he biologically is.
The Hidden Kingdom
More information flying in soon...
The Dark Secret
In the prologue, the IceWings attack, and she comes to Sora's rescue. The troop escapes, and Pheasant said she had gained interest in and started to read about the prophecy after they found out Clay was part of it, being the "wings of the earth". In the end, she hoped that Clay would end the war soon.
The Brightest Night
Pheasant and her siblings are seen when Sunny and Clay go to the Mud Kingdom to send a message to Burn through Queen Moorhen. Pheasant is wary to go along with the MudWings' planned attack on the IceWings to drive them out.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Umber mentions Pheasant and Reed are doing some work for Queen Moorhen.

Family Tree

Unnamed Siblings
Clay (Bigwings)


"Because our queen says we have to."- To her sibs

"Well, it doesn't matter. What matters is we survived another battle, thanks to Reed."

"So from then on, the bigwings takes care of all the others. Some of them can be pretty bossy or too weak, but we got a good one. I mean, you would have been a good one too, I'm sure..."- To Clay, explaining about MudWing families

"You were! You were amazing, Reed!"- To Reed

"That's not a normal MudWing name."- To Glory

"Look at him. He should be our bigwings." - About Clay


  • Even though Umber stated in Moon Rising that Sora was the only one in the troop who'd practiced their reading, Pheasant was shown to know how to read in The Dark Secret.



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Historical: Queen Crane

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