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"But the princess wants that fish!"
— Pike to Clay about Anemone, Moon Rising

Pike is a male SeaWing dragonet introduced in Moon Rising. He is a student at Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Gold Winglet, as well as a covert guard under Queen Coral with secret orders to keep Anemone safe from harm.


Pike has grayish-blue scales[1] and a nick in one ear.[2] He is thin and slightly smaller than Tamarin.[3]


Throughout Moon Rising, Pike initiated conflict over several small matters. He is fierce, overprotective, and completely loyal to Anemone and Coral. Turtle notes that he had always been a little louder and aggressive than strictly necessary, which got worse when he arrived at Jade Mountain Academy.[4] However, he is also compassionate, as he attempted to comfort Tamarin after she was injured in an explosion. According to Moonwatcher, he is an odd, bad-tempered dragon, and his thoughts rampage around like wild rhinoceroses.[5] Turtle notes that he tries too hard in combat classes at the Academy and often hurts himself in the process.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Pike first appeared when he came close to fighting with Carnelian, thinking that she may have been a part of the army that destroyed the Summer Palace. Clay stepped in, sending Carnelian to her room and taking Pike with him for a walk. He later appeared in another argument when Anemone requested to have the fish that the NightWing Bigtail, also Pike's clawmate, had already selected. When Bigtail hesitated, saying that he had already chosen it, Pike leaped to Anemone's defense, telling Bigtail to give it to her. Clay came over and stopped him, but Pike told Bigtail that he would pay for what he did.

After the explosion in the history cave occurred, Pike saved Tamarin from dying by submerging her body in the underground lake, which he learned by watching other SeaWings after the Summer Palace was destroyed by Burn's forces.

At the assembly, Moonwatcher read his mind and realized that Pike thought of himself as Anemone's guard. Moon described Pike's thoughts as a stampede of raging rhinoceros. He also thought about Tamarin, pitying her. Pike was suspected to be assigned by Queen Coral to protect Anemone, even though she herself was one of the most dangerous dragons at Jade Mountain Academy. This was confirmed in Talons of Power.
Winter Turning
Pike appeared in the epilogue, complimenting Anemone on her swimming while at the underground lake.
Escaping Peril
Pike was indirectly mentioned alongside the other SeaWing students to have made the underground their "exclusive clubhouse," according to Peril.
Talons of Power
Pike was shown swimming in the underground lake with Anemone and Tamarin when Turtle came to warn his sister about Darkstalker. He was seen to be kind towards Tamarin and cared about her well being, as well as protective to Anemone, as usual. Anemone said that he was sleeping outside of her door when she left to go to the rainforest. He was also in Turtle's flashback of the Talons of Power ceremony, wanting to help Anemone. He is shown as a three-year-old during the Talons of Power ceremony and is noted to take training too seriously, often fighting too hard in training sessions and frequently hurting himself accidentally.
Darkness of Dragons
Pike burst into the history class searching for Anemone. When he heard that Anemone has followed Darkstalker, he clutched his head in horror and exclaimed that he had to go after her, commenting that Coral would feed him to the sharks. Webs forced him to stay for the class, as they had enough students missing already. During the epilogue, it was mentioned that following the her soul spell, Anemone began acting much less burdened, laughing and teasing Pike.



Pike is Anemone's guard under Coral's orders. He is shown to be incredibly loyal to her and constantly showering her with affection. This is shown when Anemone wanted the fish that Bigtail was about to eat by supporting Anemone and growling at Bigtail to give the fish to her. On the day of the Talons of Power ceremony, Pike looked like he wanted to help Anemone, but wasn't sure he was allowed to. Though his protection of Anemone is due to fear of punishment, he seems to have a normal relationship with her, as shown as when she gently teased him. He is defensive over her[6] and does not seem to trust that others will take proper care of her.[7]


Pike expresses kindness and compassion towards Tamarin as shown as when he saved her from dying. He also seems to care about her wellbeing, and reassures her when he politely said that Kinkajou was fine.



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